Donald Trump Arrives In Triumph At Davos

Donald Trump has a point.

What does the Davos crowd really have to complain about? The stock market is at a record high. He has delivered the biggest tax cut in a generation. He has delivered historic deregulation. The trade war with China is over. NAFTA has been rebranded as USMCA.

New York Times:

“With the stock market at record highs, two trade deals announced and the possibility that Mr. Trump may be in office for another four years, there is an increasing sense that he will be accepted, if not embraced (although some attendees may roll their eyes behind his back) when he arrives on Tuesday, even as he faces an impeachment trial. …

Will you say, ‘Thank you, Mr. President’ at least? Huh?” Mr. Trump asked Mary Erdoes, the chief executive of JPMorgan’s asset and wealth management division and a Davos regular, along with Jamie Dimon, the bank’s C.E.O. “They just announced earnings, and they were incredible,” Mr. Trump said about JPMorgan. “They were very substantial. I made a lot of bankers look very good. But you’re doing a great job. Say hello to Jamie.”

Stephen Schwarzman, the co-founder of Blackstone, who often gets calls from global C.E.O.s seeking advice on how to manage relations with Mr. Trump because of his close relationship with him, said there has been a shift among the C-suite crowd.

“The attitude of the business community toward the Trump Administration appears quite positive,” said Mr. Schwarzman, who runs one of the world’s biggest investment funds. Among the reasons for the warm feelings, he said, are the strength of the economy, trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada, the tax bill and the elimination of regulations. …”

In 2016, Donald Trump fooled even us into believing that he was challenging neoliberalism. We swallowed what he said during his campaign about tax cuts and deregulation mainly because the scope of what he said about trade, infrastructure and immigration. We all naively bought into the idea that Donald Trump was “moving the Overton Window.”

It was possible to believe in the fantasy that Trump was going to get rid of free trade deals, end outsourcing, secure the border, cut legal immigration and spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure and that he wasn’t just going to cut taxes for the wealthy and regulations for corporations because he was self financing his campaign and was independent of all of those people.

We didn’t think he was duping us by loaning money to his own campaign so that he could cut in the Republican donor class after winning the election. We didn’t think he was just going to tweak and rebrand the existing free trade deals and declare victory or that infrastructure which had bipartisan support would be a dead letter in a Republican Congress or that Trump would punt on building his big, beautiful wall for years which was the defining issue of his campaign, actually expand the H-2B visa program and preside over a surge in illegal immigration.

The current Trump-Kushner plan is to increase legal immigration while changing the composition of it to bring in more high skilled immigrants. In the fourth year of the Trump presidency, he has presided over an increase in the trade deficit with China, Mexico and South Korea, built three miles of border fence and admitted around 3 million more legal immigrants to the United States while around 2 million were “apprehended” at the border. There has been zero change in immigration levels over the Obama administration.

Donald Trump hasn’t done anything to dismantle neoliberalism. Instead, he has intensified the current system over his predecessor with deeper tax cuts and deregulation which has ballooned income inequality while labeling and marketing this as “nationalism” and “populism.” Whereas Obama significantly reduced the number of American troops in the Middle East over George W. Bush, Trump has increased the American military footprint in the region.

The MAGA agenda was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Trump identified populist and nationalist resentments and divisions in the GOP, harnessed and exploited them with his rhetoric and baited and switched us while in office. This wasn’t a case of being thwarted by the Deep State or the federal courts or the Republican Congress. He sold out to the donors during the transition before he was sworn in as president. He surrounded himself with neocons and hired the CEO of Goldman Sachs as his top economic adviser. He has expanded guest worker programs. He is even pushing an immigration plan for the business community that doesn’t cut legal immigration. He has made all kinds of moves that has revealed what he is really doing in office like when he invited Sheldon Adelson to the White House to watch the 2018 midterm results.

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  1. During the 2016 campaign, Blompf correctly called Obama’s employment and GDP numbers false. But then Bad Orange Man used those same phony numbers from the Labor and Treasury Depts. to proclaim the strength of his economic programs. The Fed has been pumping money nonstop into banks and the markets to keep everything looking healthy. The great economy is, like everything else Blompf brags about, based on lies.

    • Boomer X,

      Are you familiar with John Williams of Shadow Stats? He knows that the (((government and msm))) numbers are a heaping pile of BS.

      I’ve noticed that you have a pretty good take on economic issues.

      Here’s a link to his website.

      Tell me what you think.

      BTW, the site posts a lot of pertinent information without needing the subscription service.

      • Thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve heard of the site. I looked at some Williams’ recent info, and some of it scared the crap out of me. Like the stuff about manufacturing not actually recovering since late 2007, Blompf’s lies notwithstanding. The elites are getting their pump primed via the Fed; elsewhere, I’ve mentioned that smart market watchers think that elites are walling off the majority of S&P 500 stocks for themselves. That’s why I recommended a friend invest in a S&P 500 index fund. The Plunge Protection Team (a market fail-safe for those too big to fail) will pour Fed money into those stocks like the Hoover Dam burst if there’s an economic downtown.

        What scared me was not what might happen to the elites. They’ll be bailed out on our dime no matter what. I’m worried for us peons. Manufacturing, housing, savings, you name it, has never recovered since the last economic f-up by the market wizards and their moronic housing debt repackaging. I knew some of the stuff Williams had at his site, but forgot about it. Even sites that are honest about market fragility, like Zero Hedge, concentrate on what’s happening at the top or overall. Looking at the stats relating to us is a black pill. That’s probably why I don’t look at the data too much anymore. I hope that there will be widespread community economic enterprises in the future, so that we aren’t tied into corporate wage slavery forever.

        • Boomer X,

          From 2000-2007, I stayed on top of the markets, but the after 2007-2008 meltdown, I bailed on keeping up with it.

          Even a rusty novice such as myself can read Williams’ page, and see the writing on the wall. It’s not good.

          Tom Luongo was did a video with Rick Wiles of TruNews yesterday. Luongo predicted that in America, the federal debt will finally catch up with us. He also believes that the European Central Bank will the first to crumble.

          China and Russia are tired of the American dollar being the global reserve, so they’re going their own way.

          Yes, we need these multinational corporations and their elites to know what cat food tastes like.

          Racial and class warfare revolutions are on the horizon.

        • Silver,

          Just trust the hymies at the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, eh? They’d never lied or skewed statistics. How very kosher of you to want us trust ZOG’s numbers.

        • The manufacturing numbers from Shadow Stats were taken from revised Fed Reserve Board stats, Silver. The revised ones are where the Fed tells the truth about the numbers. I always wait for revised numbers on GDP, unemployment, whatever it is. Gov’t projections and initial data reports are often lies. There’s no conspiracy involved here, in other words, just better data to look at.

          Here’s an example of what I mean by better data: Go into the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, and you’ll see that the US gov’t has multiple ways of calculating unemployment. The U-3 rate is the “adjusted” b.s. rate the public hears, while the U-6 is the more realistic one. Although I notice under Blompf, the U-6 rate has been adjusted down in various ways, as well. He lies through stats worse than did Obama or Dubya.

      • I like the German Shepherd in the thumbnail.

        Have you lined up those billionaire donors yet for that Confederacy 2.0 for White Christians only?

      • 1) I don’t trust any MAN who goes to a manicurist and has his nails buffed/polished
        2) I am NOT of the same ilk of the Wal-Mart deplorables; they are not ‘my people;’ and that suit on him, clearly indicated that Hageman is not, either. Disingenuous….
        3) A person talking about the Socratic Method, clearly has no connection to the EBT White Trash, he pretends to talk to as an equal.
        4) Justice only comes to those who are morally Righteous. If we are unrighteous, we only deserve God’s wrath.
        5) Any schmuck who hawks an author [McGuire] whose previous books are titled, a) “Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon (Babylon Code)” or b) “The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End-Times Mystery.”

        is not worthy of ONE SECOND of my time. This is Glenn Beck tier crap.

        Dispensationalism is a HERESY. A Damnable, Judaizing, BULLSHIT heresy. Leave it. Leave Hageman, leave your theology in the dumpster, and become a Christian- a REAL Christian.

        And THEN, maybe I’d believe your idea about a sovereign Confederate States of America.

        • Fr., what is the best version of the bible to read?
          This is a genuine question.
          Most people in my family read the KJV but was wondering what your take on this is.

          • Since John didn’t answer, I’ll tell you that according to Jooish scholars I’ve read, the RSV has the best translation of the OT. Which is based on ancient Joo sources, of course. For the NT, any number of translations would serve you well.

            For readability (easier-to-understand language that’s not linguistically “wrong”, according to scholars) and accuracy (also according to scholars, as I’m not one), I like the HCSB for the whole Bible. The Southern Baptists did that version after the NIV was offered to them for a king’s ransom. It was cheaper for them to do their own Bible translation.

  2. And if you read normie Twitter and all of FB, millions of his devotees are lathering him up with praise and comments like “GREATEST POTUS EVER… #KAGA”… It is both sad and sickening, but i will admit it does make me care alot less about these masses in general. Sure it is bringing about the doom of all my ancestors and people bled and worked for…. But in the present, let these dupes celebrate their own moronics

  3. I think its important to consider the long game, as an Irishman, I reflect on how Ireland was able to war for 500 years to fend off England, while England took over India and China in less than 20 years…there’s a reason why world leaders fear your President and it isn’t because he’s a cocksucker…and even if I’m wrong and he is a cocksucker, how does it make sense to publicly smear him and say you won’t vote for him when full on Bolshevik communists who want gulags is your other option…if anything he’s the best available right now.

    • (((bolshevik comunists))) will bring the Civil War2 while there’s still a few whites around to fight it.

      Drumpf’s shabbtaz-goy Jew stoogery brings nothing but slow white extinction. But

      you already know that. You

      silly cuck.

      • Silly cuck?…that’s hilarious, when we move we shut down entire cities with the largest non military convoys in history while the politicians in our capital think we’re coming to raid their offices..don’t give me your new age cat boy right wing slurs..If Bolshevik communists want to bring war, there’s 400 million guns, 10 trillion rounds of ammo and millions of active. and inactive cybernetically trained soldiers and patriots who would be happy to oblige..we’re not Russian or Chinese peasants or cat boys princess!

    • “how does it make sense to publicly smear him and say you won’t vote for him when full on Bolshevik communists who want gulags is your other option”

      Because indolent, superficial, middle-class white sheep who wouldn’t piss on us if we were afire need to feel The Bern and join us in the Gulag? Works for me.

      • @oldtradesman the commies aren’t going to go after the superficial, middle class white sheep..they are objects of peak communist control.
        They are going to go after the guys who fight them, as is evident by Virginia and everywhere else… I’m in Ottawa Canada and the beady eyed rats follow and harass me everyday hoping to stick me with a criminal assault charge or whatever…and reports are coming in from all over the Western world of White men being attacked like this…they are already attacking people who they feel are a threat, so, its war that hasn’t gone hot yet..yet being the key word, a few more years of preparation might be a good idea IMHO

  4. What a coincidence!

    A Jewish financier controlling access to a U.S. President. I’m beginning to think there may be some sort of conspiracy in which Jewish bankers are trying to manipulate financial markets using social engineering.

    But that wouldn’t make sense, the Rothschilds were staunch German patriots as Sigismund Schlomo Freud was an Austrian patriot. I assume Stephen Schwarzman is also a patriot.

    P.S. I shit you not, Sigmund Freud’s actual middle name was Schlomo!

      • Spahnranch1969,

        Sometimes I think that Fr. John and you would make a great comedy team. He is the straight man and you are the funny one.

        • As usual you’re too kind, miss. Fr. John can be Dan Rowan and I’ll be Dick Martin. (They were a little bit before your time).

          • Spahnranch1969,

            I looked them up. It does fit.

            You two are sometimes enemies and sometimes not. You can make each other mad yet you both can comment with each other on a civil level most of the time.

            Strange. When girls get mad at each other it is usually on petty issues or jealousy and it is hard to make up;. Yet men can more easily work through it.

          • Spahnranch1969,

            That was supposed to be a period after up and before Yet. I have long fingernails and typing on a computer can be difficult,

  5. Someone unwisely said, the only option to Trump is the socialists. Short sighted low IQ thinking will not lead us to victory.

    The demographics point to Republican implosion in this decade. It cannot be stopped.

    Disengage from the Satanic Republican Party, and begon to think as adults. ZUS is an objectively failed state. The text of this artucle proves it.

    Stop being beta-orbiter conservatives and become alpha-dissidents. Wr have good options after ZUS expires. Down that path leads us to the awe inspiring fulfillment of the 14 words.

    • “Short sighted low IQ thinking will not lead us to victory”… You’re right about that!
      White men as a whole are starting to put together the pieces of this shit show, a few more years of Trump and relative freedom to prepare is a fk of alot better than ” The Bern” unleashing the commissars on you next year..anybody with any kind of foresight sees armed conflict or some kind of serious course correction in our future..positioning oneself for conflict is a process that goes beyond “shock, awe and 14 words” memes..but shock, awe and 14 words are still very good concepts..I like them a lot!

    • What’s good for Big Business is bad for white middle and working-class Americans. But conservatives will never understand that, because they are block-heads. Neither capitalism nor socialism can save us. Hence the Third Way/Third Position.

  6. deeper tax cuts and deregulation which has ballooned income inequality while labeling and marketing this as “nationalism” and “populism.”

    What an absurd exaggeration. (As if you’ve even seen any data on it in the first place.)

  7. Not that anyone is paying attention to the “dog and pony show” of Drumpf’s impeachment trial, but Mike Enoch wants to see how many sheeple notice that Drumpf’s defense team is the same team used by Jeffrey Epstein. Cohenicidence?

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