The Whitest Ethnocentrism

Whites do it differently

Our people can be maddening. White Advocates could have invented the skin head look from all the hair they’ve pulled out in frustration. Why won’t they take their own side? Where’s their ethnocentrism? Another hunk is ripped out with another question asked.

That apparent lack of ethnocentrism is what I want to address. White Advocates grumble that our people aren’t ethnocentric. But they are. White Advocates also grumble that our people are universalistic. They’re that too. The mixing of those 2 things is key to understanding white people. For universalism is how our ethnocentrism is manifested.

Too many mistakenly think that universalism is a contemporary malaise affecting us. It has always defined us. One need only look at our history of empire building.

When Alexander the Great marched his armies out of Greece, he did so to spread the superiority of Greek culture. Roman rulers following in his footsteps did the same thing with the ways of the Eternal City. Christian countries such as Spain set out to convert the natives. The British took up the White Man’s Burden. And Americans justify their military adventures today by saying they’re setting people free so they can shop and vote.

Compare this to when non-whites conquered others. The Aztecs simply desired a steady supply of human sacrifices. The Mongols didn’t want to make others horse lords. In fact, they became new Middle Kingdom emperors of China. For Muslims it was more profitable to let those conquered stay who they were because of the money made from the Dhimmi tax. And Jews aren’t bulldozing into the West Bank to make Palestinians kosher.

Only whites go abroad to convert others to their ways.

It is an expression of who we are. It is not a poison of Christianity or Communism. Those things have a hold on us because they touch something innate in us. Unlike Buddhism or Sikhism, Christianity and its doctrine of all souls equal before God would be lapped up by a naturally universalistic people. It shouldn’t be surprising that it became our dominant faith at the time of an already culturally and politically universalistic empire (Rome).

As for Communism, it always takes two forms with us. Either the One-World, everyone made the same tyranny or the everyone should share everything with everyone else ninnydom. Whereas with non-white, from Ho Ji Min to AOC, it’s always a form of get from whitey what he owes us racial revenge. Communism didn’t make us universal. It twisted something already inside us into a ugly and suicidal knot.

Our universalism is our ethnocentrism. The ethnocentrism of other groups is that only they are them. But ours is that everybody is like us or should be. We see ourselves as the standard for humanity. What could be more ethnocentric than that? This is why taking the Red Pill on race is so devastating for so many: it contradicts an innate part of our mindset.

Whites as the epitome of mankind is also displayed by our distaste for those who go native. Railing against Cultural Appropriation is nothing new. Alexander’s generals saw him as losing his Greekness when he appeared to be becoming too Persian. Many viewed Caesar with suspicion after hooking up with Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Kurtz in Heart of Darkness must be stopped because he’s become as savage as the natives. And women out West were no longer seen as white if under injun captivity for too long. Just check out the great John Wayne film The Searchers. If whiteness is the natural way then there’s nothing more unnatural than a white person not being so.

What better example of this is there than the wigger? No creature has garnered more snickering since I was a teenager in the 90’s then the white boy acting like he’s black. Everyone is disgusted by him. Whites see him as pathetically trying too hard and blacks see him as downright pathetic. At my job this past fall there was a white teen who fancied himself a rapper. I nicknamed him Slim Lazy (a play on Eminem’s Slim Shady). The majority of my coworkers are black and all laughed at him behind his back. “Fake rapper” was what they said most about him. One incident in particular stands out. He was talking about his black girlfriend and how he didn’t like white girls while we were all working and suddenly blurted out, “I hate being white!”

Everyone stopped.

In my head I silently wrote him off as a lost cause. My black coworkers weren’t so quiet. “No! No! Don’t say that!” “You shouldn’t hate yourself!” “You’re white!” He wasn’t one of them and never will be no matter how hard he tries. Their mockery of him when he wasn’t around and protests against his racial self-hatred give testimony to the fact that they weren’t touched by some skinny white boy trying to be a thug. Their ethnocentrism isn’t universal. Their Blackness isn’t abstract.

Wiggers are never held up to show we all bleed red. Whites point to Colin Powell or Obama as examples of how we are all the same. They never point to Eminem. Only non-whites acting white touch our universalism. The reverse never does.

Doesn’t prove we’re the same

Universalism and ethnocentrism can’t be separated in us. They are one and the same. Our race isn’t without ethnocentrism. Our race does do it differently from others however. Maybe it’s because we needed to assume others were like us so we could work together in order to survive the last Ice Age. Who knows. A much longer piece is needed to analyze where it come from and how to use it to save us. My goal is only to recognize it. Most White Advocates don’t. It’s time they did.

My book Awesomely White is available here.

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  1. Cristina Romana Alva. H. | January 18, 2020 at 4:38 pm |

    A good article but strange. The Spanish believed in converting the heathen as a moral duty and out of spiritual love. They did NOT break down individual and racial barriers. They quite clearly kept and classified non whites into many different categories racially. The Spanish also quite clearly traditionally support class differences as well.

    Spiritual unity in a Catholic sense does not mean destroying God made Temporal differences.

    There is also the Racial Purity laws we had. In Church as well as State. As I am fond of writing the Church had racial purity for the Jesuits from 1593-1946. We had the 8 generation rule for centuries where a Pope could not be elected if he had even one drop of Jewish blood. As recently as the 1960’s a priest in Spain could not say a mass publicly in a cathedral because he had some Jewish blood in him from long ago.

    Making all people Catholic is a lot different than Alexander the Great forcing some of his generals to marry Persian women. Some of the Macedonians even had Greek wives at home.

    The idea of making everyone in the white image culturally and politically is disgusting. i wish to be Mexican not a western European or American clone.

    As it is almost everyone in the world dresses, acts, and listens to music that comes from America. That is the wrong kind of universalism. The only acceptable universalism is just basic moral standards that everyone must abide by rather based on religion, reason, or natural law.

    By the way —-to hell with the United Nations

    • @Cristina Romana Alva. H. Exactly Catholicism is universal in it’s view that God judges and accepts or denies individuals not groups based upon their relationship with Jesus Christ and their overall actions however never does it say anywhere in Catholicism that different racial groups of humans are the exact same and should be forced to live together and commingle while on earth. The modern Catholic church and many modern followers of the religion have let Jews subvert the original meaning of universal. Yes it is possible for non-whites to have a relationship with Christ and go to Heaven however this has nothing to do with their place here on this earth.

      • Cristina Romana Alva. H. | January 19, 2020 at 4:51 pm |


        Yes. Everything you said is correct.

      • Umm, no. God chose ONE people in the OT, and NEVER rescinded that choice in the N.T.

        If you understand that, the issue is not, ‘Why did Christianity appear to become a ‘universal faith,’ but instead (and rightly) WHO ARE THE PEOPLE for whom Christianity is the fulfillment of O.T. prophecy?

        Part of Rome’s problem was that it confused the PAGAN EMPIRE’s world domination schema, with the Papal rule of that failed Roman Empire! When the Empire Split, and Constantinople became New Rome, the Orthodox didn’t go into the African continent to ‘convert the savages’ nor did it go to the New World. What it did was what Christ said to do, ‘go into all the ECUMENE- the ‘inhabited world and HER RACIAL PEOPLES’ of that day, and convert THEM. That is why the WHITE Rus, Bulgars, etc. became Christian. THEY WERE THE PROMISED RACE that st. Peter talks about, and St. James points out as those ‘for whom Christ died.’

        Read some of the posts over at, listed on the right sidebar of this site.

        With the conversion of the Norse in the 11th Century, that commission was done. As Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc once penned, “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”And ONLY European Whites are the Elect of God, or (if you will) the Elect for whom the Gospel must be preached. Any other race being given the gospel, literally is ‘PBS’ – pearls before swine.

        It was the PERVERSION of the Gospel by the schismatic Romans, that led to Papal Rome trying to convert the ‘heathens’ in America, China, and Africa, and the Protestants followed suit, because their theology is based on Rome’s aberrant theology, post-schism!

    • “The idea of making everyone in the white image culturally and politically is disgusting. i wish to be Mexican not a western European or American clone.”

      I agree. It is disgusting, and foolish, and evil. Whites are fools to think that everyone is the same, just with different paint jobs. Also, American culture is absolutely toxic, and I say that as an American. Too bad you Catholics have mostly abandoned your wisdom regarding the jews. I have a Catholic friend and he is clueless about your religion’s historic view of the jews.

      • Cristina Romana Alva. H | January 20, 2020 at 2:00 am |


        That was a nice comment you wrote me. I thank you. Yes, we have abandoned officially a lot of what made us Catholics. All 3 priests I know are aware of the Jewish problem. But then I usually have attended conservative and Traditional churches and schools.

        My family also possesses an uncensored Talmud in our main family library. I have been allowed to read it. It was like reading a handbook written by the Devil.

  2. Cleopatra was of pure Greek blood. She was suspicious because of her foreign ways, not her blood.

    • I should inform you all that I got this phrase about Cleopatra’s lineage (“was of pure Greek blood”) from a literary text (an edition of Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra,” edited by Horace Furness), but I did not provide attribution. I should have been more careful. I had been remembering the original text differently and mistakenly thought I was using different phrasing, until a moment ago, when I looked up the original. I should have looked it up at the time of commenting and avoided the mistake. Mea culpa.

  3. Perhaps it’s time to admit, they will never be like us, they will never view the gifts they’ve received from us as gifts, they will only come to love and respect us when we are gone and they are forced to live in their own blood and excrement..kinda like Zimbabwe. These people hate us and want to steal everything we created, in a way, its like a child stealing an F18, they would immediately crash it..just like they will crash society.
    Maybe its time to say fuck them and fuck trying to help them and only take care of our own by making a concious effort not to do ANY kind of business with them and only care for our own. If you cant find a White man to do business with…FIND ONE!

    • tripadytrip | January 19, 2020 at 1:25 am |

      not gonna work no one will ever hire you

      • Thousands of completed contracts say otherwise Moshe! the streets, online, in the offices you all creep around like bubonic rats spreading your poison upon good men..and in your mind you feel 10 feet tall when thousands of you gang up on one good man…until you pick on so many good men that an army of good men forms and puts your pussy asses in cages.

    • Cowtown Rebel | January 19, 2020 at 8:54 am |

      “Whites Helping Whites!” Precisely! I’ve been bouncing the exact same phrase around in my head for months now.

      As the author points out, as did Kipling, we cannot expect for our altruism to be appreciated, only expected and demanded. And, the benefactors always see themselves as uplifting those that are not “as privileged” as they are. They simultaneously claim that the recipients of their philanthropic aid are equally competent and capable, while taking obscene pride in posing for pictures in the midst of their beneficiaries.
      How is it any less patronizing to say they need our help to dig a well, pass a test, or balance a budget, than it is to say that they need to be held in bondage, or contained, because they can’t manage their own affairs?

      I have started trying to give more assistance to friends and family that are in need. But, my own means are limited, so there is only so much that I can do.

      • @CowtownRebel…every little thing you do with your people in mind helps…I’ve been boycotting Haji Restaurants & Pizza shops for a long time now..its almost impossible to get a pizza without dealing with them now, so, on rare occasions I will buy from them, but I’ve gone from spending 5k a year in restaurants to a few hundred dollars..I make better food at home anyway.
        Sometimes I hire labourers and I do my best to hire our guys and pay them really well…there’s all kinds of small decisions we can make that will result in #WhitesHelpingWhites

        • Well good for you. Nobody should be spending 5k per year on restaurants, but I suppose many do.

    • Canadian – I like your commentary. The one thing I disagree with is not “maybe it’s time…” – it’s WAY past time to tell the rest of the leeching orcs to bugger off. Centuries past due. I don’t CARE about the plight of other Races. Whites for Whites is the only thing that matters.

  4. Sorta half on topic. Hunter, I thought you’d like this one:

    I think a local accent is wonderful; no need to give it a derogatory label. The world would be boring indeed if we were all the same and that applies to white people too. I don’t hate anyone (no, not even Blacks or Jews) but you’d think white people could stick together even a little bit. It makes me sad when a fellow from the South calls me a ‘yankee’ in a derogatory sense. The first time that happened to me was on a business trip to Texas (first time to the state) almost 4 decades ago. We all worked for the same company and one of the employees there asked me where I was from. I replied ‘Chicago’. She responded, “Oh, a yankee!”, not jokingly but in a derogatory way. It ticked me off and I replied, “No, my parents got off the boat in this century; you can’t blame any of that on me.” That was the end of the conversation. At least she could have called me a stinkin’ immigrant which would have been closer to the truth. Our corners of the world, our subcultures, have so much to offer. We should relish are differences as much as we should celebrate are similarities.

    In that vein, here’s a video celebrating my current (northern) neck of the woods.

    • Carnivore,

      I really enjoyed your “Yooper ” video. Unfortunately, I could never be an authentic Yooper not being born and raised there, but I could find joy in their way of life.

      Places like that have two seasons. Mosquito bite and frostbite. Haha.

    • I could really see myself as a ‘Yooper”….. that “saonner” looks very inviting….

      Yooper is pronounced as “yioupee” or as “yiouper” ?

    • Cowtown Rebel | January 19, 2020 at 9:07 am |

      So, you’re not a “Yankee.” Fine. We will just call you “Johnny Come Lately.”

      If you knew anything at all about the War to Prevent Southern Independence, then you would understand why many people here in Texas still refer to Northerners in the way that we do. The lady you encountered may not have been well enough versed to continue the conversation with you, but I surely am.

      If you don’t like how we talk or act, then you certainly don’t have to come back, ever.

      Welcome to Texas, glad that you came down.
      You got lots of friends here, take a look around.
      They come from California, they come from Ohio.
      They come from Minnesota to get out of the snow.
      You don’t like our drivin’; you don’t like our roads.
      You make fun of the way we talk, make fun of our clothes.
      But you clog up our highways, been pourin’ in for years;
      If you don’t like the way we do it, what are you doin’ here?

      Welcome to Texas,
      Don’t anybody get me wrong;
      We’re glad y’all came to see us,
      Just don’t forget to go back home.

      Looka here:
      We don’t need your politics, we don’t need your prayers.
      We don’t need your moral compass leadin’ us anywhere.
      We don’t need your business, we don’t need your art.
      We don’t really give a damn what it was you did up north.

      Welcome to Texas,
      Don’t anybody get me wrong; uh uh.
      We’re glad y’all came to see us,
      Just don’t forget to go back home.

      You gripe about our music; gripe about our food.
      Gripe about the weather here, say it’s way too hot for you.
      We hear all your whinin’, and it starts wearin’ thin,
      When we see our milk and honey runnin’ down your chin.
      So come on down to Texas, have yourself a ball.
      Take the kids to Six Flags, and the wife out to the mall.
      Have a good vacation, but then don’t hesitate,
      To point your car back up the road to that outbound interstate.

      Welcome to Texas,
      Don’t anybody get me wrong; Don’t get me wrong.
      We’re glad y’all came to see us,
      Now don’t forget to go back home.
      Get on gone, ha ha.

      Play “Welcome To Texas”
      on Amazon Music (ad)
      Submit lyrics correction ?

  5. we’ll just have to purge ourselves of all

    humanist Judeo-universalist crap.

  6. This is a superb meditation on our predicament and a thesis very much worth reiterating and elaborating further upon.

  7. “Universalism and ethnocentrism can’t be separated in us. They are one and the same. Our race isn’t without ethnocentrism. Our race does do it differently from others however. Maybe it’s because we needed to assume others were like us so we could work together in order to survive the last Ice Age. Who knows. A much longer piece is needed to analyze where it come from and how to use it to save us. My goal is only to recognize it. Most White Advocates don’t. It’s time they did. “

    I think you’re on to something.

    Like the so called modern father of anarchism, Mikhail Bakunin, stated, that he is an anarchist because he is first and foremost a Nationalist.
    ” . Nationality, as Bakunin noted, is a “natural and social fact,” as “every people and the smallest folk-unit has its own character, its own specific mode of existence, its own way of speaking, feeling, thinking, and acting; and it is this idiosyncrasy that constitutes the essence of nationality.” [The Political Philosophy of Bakunin, p. 325] “

    Like so many others he understood that you cannot love or value another group of people if you do not love and value your own people first.

    In the Hellenic nationalists circles we have this as a given, as a second nature.

    To respect and consider any other people’s nation you must first respect and show affection for your own nation before any else.
    It does not mean you hate other races or Nations – that is the product of CHAUVINISM, which is a different cattle of fish all together.

    So to Love and respect one’s people, one’s race one’s nation is as natural as breathing.
    And it is a BETRAYAL of the worst kind not to be one with your own people !

    For the Christians, I must make it a point to say that in the Old Testament as well in the New Testament, it is CLEARLY written that God made the Nations of Men !

    Genesis 10:32
    These are the families of the sons of Noah, according to their genealogies, by their nations; and out of these the nations were separated on the earth after the flood.

    Genesis 17:4-6
    “As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, And you will be the father of a multitude of nations. “No longer shall your name be called Abram, But your name shall be Abraham; For I have made you the father of a multitude of nations. “I will make you exceedingly fruitful, and I will make nations of you, and kings will come forth from you.

    Psalm 33:12
    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

    Matthew 28:19
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

    Revelation 7:9
    After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands; “

    Clearly, God appears to favor Nations of men rather then an ecumenical melting pot of swamp dwellers !!

  8. spahnranch1969 | January 19, 2020 at 6:46 am |

    Good point about how Negroes who act white (Thomas Sowell, Colin Powell, Julian Bond) are universally praised while whites who act black (Vanilla Ice, Marshall Mathers, Rachel Dolezal) are mercilessly ridiculed. Oy, so much institutionalized racism to overcome!

    • Strawman akkad | January 21, 2020 at 3:12 am |

      Speak for yourself.

      Every white male teen over the past 30 years listened to rap.

      All the cool white kids listen to rap, even those who don’t sag their pants or talk black still listen to rap.

      The only white men who are under 35 who didn’t listen rap were misfits, and losers.

      You’re not going to find a chad white kid whos under 25 who listen to rap, its just a fact. The white kids who don’t listen to rap are not alpha, they’re simply undatable and so their hot topic furries instead.

      I have a huge amount of respect for Rachel, she’s a hero and actually brave. She simply over exaggerated official narratives to the point of it actually challenged legitimacy of the narratives. She didn’t back down and owned the centrists “by their own logic”

      If we are going to have trans, there’s no reason Rachel can’t be black. If race is truly just skin color theres even less of a transition.

      In all seriousness the only reason they wont accept trans racialism is because they don’t want whites to have any outs from anti white discrimination, even it means humiliating themselves.

      • I’d rather be what’s considered a misfit and a loser by faggots like you and the rest of the masses than a wigger faggot.

        Fuck you and fuck your cucked negrofied society.

  9. Just a correction if I may….

    Cleopatra was the heiress of the Pharaoh Ptolemaic Dynasty in the Egyptian Pantheon of Pharaohs.

    And as History teaches us, The Ptolemaic dynasty of Pharaohs was a Hellenic dynasty that was initiated by one of Alexander’s Generals Ptolemy.

    So Cleopatra was of Hellenic genealogy.

  10. Tony Martel | January 19, 2020 at 3:37 pm |

    I’m aware that Cleopatra was of Greek descend. But her family could be considered the epitome of going native since they seemed to completely adopt Egyptian ways (sibling marriage for example). The Romans looking suspiciously at Caesar, and later Mark Antony, for hooking up with such a queen makes sense. Just as you would look suspiciously at someone who started dating someone who completely adopted Islamic ways.

    • Of course she went “native” as you say.

      She followed the Alexandrian tradition, then one that Alexander the Great initiated where ever he conquered a foreign a non-Hellenic race.

      Which was to “marry” where possible common traditions and cultural idiosyncratic traits.
      Where possible this would happen if something destructive and antagonistic to a Hellenic cultural value appeared then that native tradition would be transformed or abolished.

      He actually married literally a Persian Princess Roxane – NOT pf the Persian empire.

      She was a Princes of one of the Satrap Provinces of the Persian Empire.

      Lets not forget that when Alexander the Great first entered Ancient Egypt he did so not as a Conqueror but as a a God King, thus he was initiated by the priests of Egypt as one of their gods in their pantheon of gods. He is still recognised by the Ancient Egyptian polytheistic religion as “Zeus Ammon Rah”

      It was the teaching he received from Aristotle, to act and behave, as a Liberator to the low civilizations not as a an oppressor and a despot.

      As far as the Romans seeing this suspiciously – which is very true – allow me to offer a slightly different view point then yours.

      The Romans – Especially the powerful then Roman Senate – saw a strong probability of losing power becoming irrelevant by having the Egyptian Royal line enter the political life and political powers of Rome, via, an official union between living Egyptian Kings/Queens and the Roman Emperor himself, a Caesar.

      The real probability of such a fate scared the sht, the very foundations of Rome and the elite of that Empire.

  11. That apparent lack of ethnocentrism is what I want to address. White Advocates grumble that our people aren’t ethnocentric. But they are. White Advocates also grumble that our people are universalistic. They’re that too. The mixing of those 2 things is key to understanding white people. For universalism is how our ethnocentrism is manifested.

    Too many mistakenly think that universalism is a contemporary malaise affecting us. It has always defined us. One need only look at our history of empire building.


    This is possibly one of the absolute best articles that I have ever read on this very poorly understood subject, both on this blog, and in life in general.

    Martel, this was an absolute out-of-the-park home run of yours.

    I’ve always intuited what you said – that “universalism is how our ethnocentrism is manifested”, and tried explaining it to others — with your allusion to ‘another chunk [of hair] is ripped out with another question asked’ for those Whites on the (genuine) Right;

    …with those Whites on, or more to, the Left feeling genuinely hurt or bewildered, that perhaps their behavior is deep-down really is a manifestation of White ethnocentrism (ie, “Dems/liberals are the real racists”, lol).

    Nowhere is this attitude more blatantly apparent than with Nordic Whites, who take the latter attitude to an utterly sickening and nauseating extreme, particularly in Scandinavia (ie, the erstwhile “nation” of what used to be “Sweden” claiming it’s mandate, it’s mission!!! to be a “moral superpower”).

  12. It is an expression of who we are. It is not a poison of Christianity or Communism. Those things have a hold on us because they touch something innate in us. Unlike Buddhism or Sikhism, Christianity and its doctrine of all souls equal before God would be lapped up by a naturally universalistic people. …

    …This is why taking the Red Pill on race is so devastating for so many: it contradicts an innate part of our mindset.



    This is also why Martel that so many Nordish Whites today fell so devastatingly “guilty” about their history – not so much how, but why it all happened – particularly what you touched upon in your last article regarding heritage America, and the indisputable, indispensable role that the historic, founding-stock, Anglo-Northern Europeans had in being the primary & principal pioneers and builders of historic America… ESPECIALLY in regards to the slavery and aboriginal peoples question.

    They are told since nursery school that this was possibly the most horrible thing that ever happened in human history … as if no other nation, race, tribe or religion has ever done that before … (of course EVERY RACE, NATION AND TRIBE HAS TAKEN SLAVES, AND CONQUERED ABORIGINAL PEOPLES)
    … but that, somehow, when Teutonic Whites did it, it was the Epitome of all Evil™

    Because of this, the message is that not only is America (and increasingly the whole West) illegitimate — but the very lives and personal being of Whites’ themselves. White Guilt 101.

    This racial psychos must change – if there is is to be any self-respect and genuine humility (yes, h*u*m*i*l*i*t*y) on the part of Northern European (“Hajnal”) Whites – when they finally, hopefully, rid themselves of this cucky (and very narcissistic) false humility, this puerile “pride of pridelessness” that so many of them wear on their sleeves like a badge of honor (…which, when you think about it, is a VERY childlike, maladaptive way to deal, and attempt to psychologically cope with the hate and malevolence that is thrown their way on a daily basis. It’s one thing when you are hated – but when you start to sincerely hate yourself, and your tribe and heritage – it’s truly over).

    If Nordish Whites started genuinely understanding and assimilating these psychological truths, not only would they begin to emotionally heal, and like themselves — so will most non-Whites start to respect, and genuinely begin, to like Whites as well.

    A proverbial win-win situation.

  13. Strawman akkad | January 21, 2020 at 2:57 am |

    bad mouthing wiggers is a bold move.

    wiggers are selfless beings and probably the future for the white race.

    Wiggers throw their lives away to hold a mirror up to all white americans, and show them a slightly exaggerated version of themselves.

    The fact is, all americans are wiggers.

    Nothing brought this into sharper focus from traveling overseas, and when ever there’s a bunch of americans in the hotel lobby its apparent before you can even get close. They’re loud, they’re rude and they think their ignorant disrespect is funny.

    From preppies, to jocks/frat bros, to our artists and to our educated. It doesn’t how perfectly you articulate your words, or never listen rap music. All white americans act like n____rs.

    Pointing and laughing at the wigger is like laughing at an artists because he painted your portrait like a clown. He isn’t a bad painter, he simply painted what’s inside you.

    wiggers have also internalized blacks brutal tribalism. I would argue wiggers are more ethnocentric than the average white.

    When eminem first came in the rap game he was calling blacks gorillas and beefing with Lauren hill for dissing white people when she had the best selling CD in america. No country singer stood up said fuck Lauren hill, they all let their daughters listen to her anti-white tirades. Everyone knew eminem was racist when he first came in the rap game, he had underground tapes dropping hard R’s, dissing black girls and telling white kids to only date white girls.

    As emiem aged and got sober he became a big pussy, but what made eminem different from previous white rappers was the fact he wasn’t trying to act black. To people who don’t listen rap would think, he’s rapping of course he’s acting black. Which in a boomer sense yes, but considering the fact EVERY white kid who isn’t a hot topic furry listens to rap music. It’s the dominate music for the past 2 generations(millennial and zoomers) and eminem was the first to do white rap. They way he dressed, the subjects he talked about etc it was all directed towards white kids. He didn’t make the appeal “I’m down with the blacks”

    Instead on eminems brain damage he rapped about being bullied for being white, and he talked about how the principle didn’t care/helped his bullies. That song was based off of a true story where he was beaten in the bathroom of junior high and was left in a puddle of his own blood for hours and nobody from his school cared. Brain damage was on his slim shady ep, the last independent album before signing with dre. On the mainstream version its explicitly racial song but the underground version had even more racial overtones.

    Wiggers are whites on the frontlines of diversity and are reflections of where you or your children will be in a few years.

    Wiggers are wiggerdom is the product of two things, one the erasure of white working class in mainstream media. The 90’s and the grunge scene was entirely suburban. Despite wearing flannels, there was nothing working class about the scene.

    White working class, especially urban white working class had zero cultural representation

    and the second reason for the all encompassing wiggerdom is that lazy racist puritian whites externalized so many behaviors onto blacks. Externalizing sexuality as a black thing was one of the most destructive legacy’s of historic america. Which was all done as a way shame whites into being “good Christians” but they also chose to hand over sexual urges to blackness. This did more to produce wigger culture (which existed long before rap) than rap music itself.

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