Poll: More Than 8 In 10 Blacks Say Trump Is a Racist

Unfortunately, KAG Gang seems to have fizzled.

The Hill:

“More than 8 in 10 black Americans believe President Trump is a racist and say the president has made racism a bigger issue in the country, according to a new Washington Post–Ipsos poll published Friday.

The president’s approval rating among black Americans was even worse, with 9 in 10 black Americans saying they disapprove of the job he has done as president so far. …

Trump has regularly touted his accomplishments with the black community since taking office. He points to historically low unemployment numbers for black Americans and claims he has done more for black Americans than any other president.

Despite his boasts, 56 percent of those surveyed rated the national economy negatively, and 77 percent believed that the president deserves “only some” or “hardly any” credit for the current 5.5 percent unemployment rate among black adults. …”

Look on the bright side.

After firmly embracing Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA and black identity politics, Trump has successfully alienated the Alt-Right and White Nationalists who were among his biggest supporters in 2016 in the online space and who unlike all of these blacks actually voted for him.

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  1. Basketball-American unemployment is set to go even lower with the low-efficiency dishwasher factories that Trump has promised are going to be built in Detroit and Cleveland!

  2. Criminal justice reform and the lowest unemployment evah hasn’t helped Blompf with the ooga-booga tribes. It’s a shock to those unaware of human nature, which seems to be the CivNat dumbass crowd on the American right. I expect it of the cosmopolitan left, to pretend our nature can be molded and changed by the will of the “enlightened” elites, but for the supposedly reality-based right to think that simply standing on American dirt makes an African into a European is self-delusion of the highest order.

  3. The Country Club Republicans, which runs the party nationally, have been pulling the same crap since at least the 1960s. Outsider candidates run to the right to get elected, then when in office the GOP bigwigs gets them to ignore Whites for the minority vote, and then the party goes back to losing again.

    But next time will be different!

  4. I have to give the jews and the coloreds credit for never having embraced that orange sleazebag. They knew he was a bum! Too bad there were no decent candidates to vote for in 2016 – except Dr. Jill Stein. But that jewess never had a realistic chance of winning anyway.

  5. The cuckservatives just never learn. They keep thinking that blacks will vote for them in droves if they just pander hard enough to them.

    There are 2 real facts about this that have been said repeatedly by others, but is instructive to mention again:

    1) Blacks perceive the GOP as racist. This is based on Jewish brainwashing of course and it doesn’t matter if the black unemployment rate were 0. Conversely, they will continue to view the Democrats as good, even White Democrats, even if the black unemployment rate under Democrats is high.
    2) The GOP doesn’t govern as a Pro White party. They go out of their way to avoid WN. If they governed as pro white, they would hardly lose an election.

    Therefore, since the blacks and most Hispanics will think the GOP is racist no matter what and will not vote for them under any circumstance, then I say just go full 1488.

    But we all know they won’t do that.

    • When you think about it the colored folk are voting rationally when they vote Democrat. The Democrats are the party of gibs and the colored folks are the takers of gibs. The colored people are voting more gibs for themselves when voting Democrat, liberal/conservatives are doing nothing while Whitey gets taxed to death for the colored folk’s gibs. Who is acting irrationally here?

      White people are producers and don’t want the gibs but the colored folks have no scruples or honor, they will take whatever they can and they don’t care what anyone thinks. Given those premises the coloreds and Democrats are both acting rationally, it’s the Republicans/conservatives who are acting irrationally, in the long term. The Republicans have played out the string with DJT, he is probably their last viable presidential candidate because of demographic changes they could have prevented.

      When the country comes apart look for the Democrats/Republicans to try to loot what’s left like their (((friends))) in the USSR when that country failed.

  6. Black people are literally stupid, this is a scientific fact.

    No surprise that most of them aren’t smart enough to understand their (((TV))) constantly lies to them. Your average garbage tier suburban white normie falls for the same stuff, what hope do Tyrone and Shaniqua have? A shame really.

    Just shows (as if more evidence was needed) what an absolutely garbage idea universal suffrage is and how unsuitable it is for populations that can’t be civilized

  7. Kushner/Trump screwed his White base because they believe that we have nowhere else to go, so they pandered to POC with the Orwellian named “criminal justice reform,” DACA remaining in place, not ending anchor baby loopholes, et cetera. All of that won’t garner more than 10% of the negro vote and 15% of the chicano vote. We all know that 90% of his beloved and most favored jews will vote for the demoncrat. Boomercons will still turn out for home, but he’ll still lose bigly. Winning!!!

  8. Once again, this goes back to the JQ which some non-Americans in the Dissident Right constellation think it’s important to move beyond because it’s ‘stagnating’.

    Why do these Black Americans feel this way when Zlimpf has passed Criminal Justice Reform and their unemployment rate is at record low levels while he tweets about it all the time?

    The Jewish Lugenpresse/Mainstream Media which wants to incite racial hostility/tension and has for decades.

    This has real life consequences for White Americans out in the real world which can sometimes mean life or death situations.

    Discussing and explicating the JQ and all its ramifications is never going to be ‘stagnating’. It’s a matter of survival.

    I appreciate all new content to stimulate new avenues of thought and inspiration but……..

    You snooze you lose and you lax’ you might be on your back or jacked or medivaced.

  9. Lol. Blacks will never vote for any Republican in real numbers because they love their pretend victim status. It’s easier than accepting you are a mess. Remember Measly Mitt Romney got a whopping four percent from blacks because he ran against Queen Obama. Trump actually doubled that in 16. So 10 to 12% is a good goal from the black children in this election.

    Plus we have a mostly Jewish run media from cities pumping all kinds of sick propaganda and dem po blacks always be da victim…..despite heavily being the perpetrators in truth. This is the same media now pushing bitter waaahmenzz to hate white men and pretend biological differences have nothing to do with earning power.

    I think the greatest disappointment about becoming an adult many years back is the absolute fact adults constantly lie and push false garbage and that is a huge reason true change in a positive way is rare. Most things today are simply a lie and those lies are promoted like 110 pound female super cops, blacks earning their way into the Ivy League and diversity being a strength. I can list many other things but will stop there. So most blacks hating Trump? Just shocking I tell ya…Not!. Still Trump should shoot for that 10 to 12% of black kag!

    • Yeah….revenge for being the most “well off” population of blacks on the planet! It’s just not enough. It will never be enough.

      • Powell,

        You have spoken the truth. It does not matter how much you give people ( in this case blacks) they hate you. It is human nature to take what you can, to not feel gratitude for what is received, but to hate for certain things done in the past. Real, exaggerated, or imaginary. The more apologies given the more non whites will believe that you owe them more and more.

        Individuals are like that also. Give a person favors and kindness but wrong them once and they remember the insult and forget the rest.

        So whites should just press on and support yourself and not care about what others think of you.

        My grandmother born in Texas in the 1930’s has stories of Anglo prejudice that is incredible. But you know what? She still liked you people better then than now. Why? Because you had cojones and you gave more than you received and you did not care what the “Other” thought about you.

        I must own to liking the 19th century Anglo better than the 21st century Anglo as well.

    • I believe the line from the movie Tombstone puts it concisely:

      ” Oh, make no mistake; it’s not revenge he’s looking for. It’s a reckoning.'”

  10. The Jews in the Jew House couldn’t care less about facts and truth and polls thay haven’t manufactured. They simply pursue their agendas. As long as Gubmint Gibs keep flowing to Black hands Sambo and Samqueesha will vote Democrat. “Cuz Republikanz beez rayciss”. And Whites will STILL try to find the Magick Mojo Words that will FINALLY tunr Negroes into Jefersonian Republicans, and mow their lawns like Whiry does.

    It’s going to continue until there’s nothing left…

    • Once we get the coloreds reading Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative they will become fiscally responsible, free market conservatives who can date our white daughters, madam.

    • Thomas Sowell said that Walter Williams, another right-wing black economist, once told him they should never fly on the same plane. If that plane crashed, Williams joked, the entire black conservative movement would be gone. There’s a lesson in that quip most Whites don’t seem to ever learn.

  11. 8 in 10 blacks think any white person is a racist. it’s why blacks bore the hell out of me. They’re completely predictable.

    • Lol..So true. Look at ” no prince” Harry now. He marries part black Megan Markle and the snooze media goes crazy with joy as well as Oprah, Be yawn ce, Jay Z , etc.

      Megan’s white side of the family hardly deals with her. The white half brother sent a warning signal to Harry that he picked the wrong one in his sister. And now they have just lost their titles and probably some cash that goes with it. I mean how do you mess up the easiest and best paying welfare gig in the world being fake royalty? Cause Harry picked a bitter, part black lemon!

  12. They’re right. He isn’t raising the minimum wage. He’s cutting food stamps. His criminal justice reform has no impact on state criminal justice, which is the majority of people. Most people don’t go to federal prison. Many people are employed in lousy jobs. we’re simply in a relative upturn, but Trump didn’t do anything for Blacks.

    • Bernie proved that you can improve with Blacks if you play your cards right. But Trump not only played his cards wrong but he picked the wrong party.

  13. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  14. I assume 10/10 blacks have overt or covert animosity towards all whites regardless of ancestral participation in slavery or lack thereof. Calling a black an American is like calling a mule deer an American because it has lived here for generations.

    Why do we have to continue pretending that a 70 I.Q. African-American is any different than a 70 I.Q. African?

    • Our niggras are slightly more intelligent than their African counterparts, because many of ’em have a little white ancestry. Cassius Clay and Malcolm Little, for example.

  15. So the photo ops in the Oval Office with closeted homosexual Kanye West didn’t raise Trump’s bona fides with hood rats and welfare queens in da hood. Jungle bunnies have been on the demoncratic plantation long enough to not fall in behind for a ‘house nigga ‘ like Kanye. Anyway, who knows if it will be the next ‘baby momma drama,’ hit of crack cocaine, 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor, or bag of Flamin’ hot Cheetos, until the jigaboos of America create their Xanadu/Wakanda.

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