This Is Our Land

America belongs to whites

Those who dream of our destruction love to say that we stole America from the Indians. Our history on this continent is no different from a thug mugging people in the streets according to them. We’ve done nothing but forcefully take what belonged to others for centuries. Thus we have no claim to this land.

All of it is complete nonsense. Nothing was ever stolen. We paid for this land not only in blood, sweat and tears; but in the more legalistic ways of treaties, contacts, and cold hard cash. America is a white man’s land by any standard.

Allow me to play devil’s advocate briefly. I’ll indulge our enemies and say, “You’re right! We stole the whole thing!” You know what that means? You have no right to this land either. You’re basically mugging the mugger. You’re keeping what belongs to others instead of returning it to them. You admit it has been stolen and are fine with it becoming yours anyway. You have even less moral legitimacy than us who don’t see it as stolen. The Browning of America is even more immoral than the white conquest of it. Kicking whites back to Europe and returning to the Third World after they’re gone so the red man can reclaim what is his is the only ethical position. But you don’t care about what is the red man’s, only taking what is the white man’s.

And it is ours. We paid for it in various ways. The most obvious is in blood. For centuries we fought the Indians for control. They put up a brave fight, but we won in the end. The spoils of war go to the victor and America is our prize. No one denies this truth to any other group. The Turks don’t have to return Constantinople and Anatolia to the Greeks even though they took it from them after centuries of warfare. Anatolia is somehow their undeniable homeland whereas America isn’t ours. Only our conquests aren’t legitimate.

The Indians weren’t the only ones defeated. Mexico was another loser against us. California and the Southwest were the rewards. They lost any claim to those territories once they surrendered. Blood wasn’t our only payment to Mexico however. Actual money was used. We paid them for what we were taking. Imagine that. Instead of demanding reparations in the treaty ending the war, we financially compensated them. When else in history did a victorious power give those they defeated money rather than extract more out of them? Those parts of America are as much ours as the furniture you paid cash for at a local garage sale.

Move on Mexico. You lost.

Much of this continent’s land became part of America because of similar purchases. Russia sold us Alaska after the Civil War. Even greater was The Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. Czar Alexander II and Napoleon Bonaparte willingly sold us that land. We forked over the dough and treaties were signed legalizing it. No different from you going to a dealership, picking out a car, paying up, and printing your signature on the title deed. Imagine your grandfather going and buying a normal car back in the day. He maintains it and hands it down to your father. It’s now a classic and he wants to hand it down to you. But a stranger from far away moves into the neighborhood and says he can’t do that. The car was never legitimately your family’s because grandpa cheated the dealer by taking advantage of a holiday sale. The stranger screams the car was stolen while also screaming it will one day be his. Anti-white zealots are doing the exact same thing.

Cold hard cash didn’t stand alone. Hot sweat followed closely behind. This land was only that when we bought it: land. The entire infrastructure of America that exists today, from roads and ports to airstrips and buildings, was built by whites. Not to mention the political and financial structures that made it so powerful. Trees and rocks was all there was before we came. We conquered a wilderness and then carved a civilization out of it. By right of creation of and craftsmanship do we own this place. Just as a painter has a right to his pictures and a chef his recipes, we have a right to this country.

Last is longevity. Whites have been on this continent for over 400 years. The idea that someone who just passed through customs is no different from a person whose family has been here for centuries is absurd. How long is it until one is a native? That’s a serious question. 400 years obviously isn’t enough according to those who want us gone. But it’s estimated that the Maori only arrived in New Zealand around 350 years before Captain Cook landed with his English ships. No one dares says the Maori weren’t native despite the fact they were there for a shorter period of time than we’ve been here. How does that fairly work? 350 years is enough time become the native population but 50 years longer isn’t? Either we are the natives at this point or the Maori weren’t when Cook came and therefore have nothing to whine about. I dare any Leftist to make that a cause.

Non-native Kiwi

This is our land. We bought it, built it, fought for it, and have lived on it for almost half a millennium. Those who falsely say we stole it are the actual thieves. They are trying to take it from us without putting in a drop of the blood, sweat, tears, ink, and cents that we did. They are also thieves by their own logic they are thieves since they’re happy to grab stolen goods. They, the brown hordes, have no ethical claim on it either way. The only ones who do are us: whites.

My brethren across the oceans in Europe and Oceania will have to make known their right to their lands as I have made mine here. Though I’m sure they are not much different. This is our land. I’ll say it again and again. This is our land. Whether we retake all of America or extract an ethnostate out of an urban jungle just as our forefathers did a civilization out of an untamed wilderness, we have a right to do so. For every inch of this land is belongs to whites from sea to shining sea.

This is our land. And we aren’t going anywhere.

My book Awesomely White is available here.


  1. when whites came to “America”, there was no America: it was a nameless land

    sparsely populated by 400 tribes of savage Asiatic invasives,

    who were running around naked, shooting arrows at each other,

    and lived in holes in the ground covered with animal skins. And,

    but for the civilizing, America-creating White invasives, the so-called (i.e., Jew-called)

    “native Americans” would be still be running around naked,

    shooting arrows at each other, and living in holes in the ground covered with animal skins.

    • “Shooting arrows at each other” sounds a bit benign. Actually, they actively engaged in tribal warfare.

      We’ve all heard of the human sacrifices of the Central American civilizations and cannibalism of South American tribes. What is not known by most is that the Plains Indians also practiced human sacrifices. I received this revelation many decades ago while spending an afternoon at the Field Museum in Chicago which, at the time, had superb – and honest – displays of Indian cultures, including a diorama of a Plains Indian human sacrificial ritual.

    • There is lots of evidence that some kind of advanced ancient civilization once existed in the New World. Needless to say it wasn’t built by the Injuns.

      • Spahn – oceans are highways. Land is the impediment. All kinds of people were here. The Land Bridge Asians were rather late arrivals. The earliest artifacts found thus far indicate a Caucasian presence on this Continent, 25,000 years ago.

    • The Philadelphia Museum of Art featured an exhibition of artifacts from Colonial America. Furniture, tools, artwork, crockery, surviving articles of clothing; the exhibited detailed almost every imaginable aspect of Colonial life. The objects (tools notwithstanding) were not only useful and functional, but beautiful as well. I was amazed by a large metal bell. I believe the bell was a town bell – I’m not certain the proper term – but the bell was used in a town square, to summon citizens for important events. My memory may be faulty; it wasn’t a church or decorative bell. Nevertheless, the plaque that described the function of the noted that it was…perfectly made. This is going to be a clumsy explanation – forgive me – but the width of the metal was 100% consistent in every part of the bell. There was no variation from one side to another. The means the bell is strong, and produced an excellent tone.

      18th century bell-makers did not possess fancy technological tool to ensure a consistent metal width. The bell, as well as everything else, was hand made. The memory of this bell has remained since then. The bell was not merely a serviceable device – it was a work of the finest art.

      One wall of exhibited was devoted to items belonging to “Native Americans” aka Land Bridge Asians. There were paintings depicting Land Bridge Asians in canoes, done by Whites of the era, LBA’s didn’t create figurative scenes, after all. There were some tools, knives, etc, jewelry, and wampum. The difference in civilizational achievement could not have been more stark.

      I knew nothing of the Marxist poison, already destroying the West, back then. I was a kid. I did notice the extreme difference in utility, craftsmanship, and imagination between the LBA’s and the Whites. I made a few pointed remarks on the subject to my companion. Something along the lines of “Look at all the things our people made, and look at what they made. Wampum. Wampum” We had been oohing and aaahing over the Colonial furniture, before we reached the Indian wall. She was a nicely brought up young lady, and was a bit shocked by my pointed observations. She could not refute the accuracy of my assessments, though.

  2. Every day I leave my apartment into the urban sprawl, I become saddened when comparing it to the photos and videos of a thriving elegant metropolis from fifty years ago.

    BUT the real heartbreak comes when i make the hour trip to my childhood home which was first built by my great great great grandfather in what was an early settlement of what would later become known as the suburbs. The town itself is now almost exclusively Indian and Pakistani, as are the surrounding towns for about a ten mile radius. What was once German, Italian, Irish, Scotch and Dutch is now a amalgamation of the Indian subcontinent and Middle East, replete with Hindu temples and a mosque every few blocks, many in place of the once 19th century churches.

    If you venture a bit beyond, you hit a patch of “the hood”, except the black folks have been mostly replaced and you have Guatemalans, Salvadorans and a mix of Mexicans and Central Americans. At night the streets are packed with these men drinking on the street and engaging in shenanigans before returning to their apartments or homes stuffed with six to fifteen people.

    It really becomes depressing. There isn’t a mall, shopping mart, food store or gym where white folks make up more than 10%. I will say it is impressive that this happened in under 25 years, and to witness the weird bastardization of Globo-Homo culture. Most interesting are the Hindu teens, as they wear their headwrap but dress like rappers and blast the most vulgar of rap songs while speaking in a ghetto slang… Without a black person anywhere in the vicinity.

    God Bless America. We really have let our ancestors down on every level

    • I’ve also noticed that Hindus have this habit of converting old Christian churches into Hindu temples. You see many such temples in Virginia and North Carolina.

    • I’ve noticed that America’s black ghetto “culture” has been adopted by every other ethnic and racial group of yoofs around the world. Chinks, Gooks, Injuns, Arabs, etc…they all want to look and act like our own beloved Tupac.

      • Tupac would be considered quaint by today’s standards, it’s more like 21 Savage and Kodak Black… And I’m sure those are dated. But the rap culture really has gone cross cultural as you see nothing but tattoos, flashy clothes, gold teeth and most notably the horrible broken grammar. It’s strange, as Asian “comedian” and rap superstar, Akwafina is beloved by the media, for her song “My Vagina”.

        Most black over 18 really aren’t as into it as the newer arrivals who eat it up. As I always state, I genuinely do like most people. Not a particularly angry or hateful guy, I just don’t know why it is taboo to notice that the whole region I live looks like a different country, and it is strange to have groups of Pakistani kids flex about you being in their “hood”…. When my family has been here for well over a century.

        For the most part no one bothers me and i chat with all, but again. I remember by childhood and have videos and pictures going back from the 20s which show how much pride my ancestors put into building this place up. Only to see the churches, hardware stores, and small businesses replaced. Who knows.

        • Anthropologist – you are not a “hateful or angry guy”? You “like most people”?

          There’s the problem.

          Most Whites are reasonable, tolerant and even curious and welcoming of foreigners.

          Foreigners aren’t.

          This openness towards “The Other” is what is getting us kilt off.

          You don’t hate to hate or like The Other. You just have to know that The Other IS The Other – and keep them OUT.

          I stand with the North Sentinelese, re: acceptance of outsiders. Their policies are the most sensible, in terms of preservation of self.

    • New Jersey?

      Could be anywhere nowadays, of course. Just reminds me very much of what I’ve heard about Edison, NJ.

      • Silver, Not far off… You’re onto it, figure 30 miles outside of NYC the opposite direction from NJ. Long Island. What was once my Great Grandfathers pride and joy as well as currently one of the ten most expensive places to live in the country [imagine basic smallish homes that around the time of WWII the GIs built for $10k which are now worth well over $650k]… Except these normal, almost basic homes are being replaced left and right with Taj Mahal looking monstrosities to the point every other house is either a throwback normal suburban home or a three family marble mass with pillars, columns and a fountain or statue on the front lawn…

        In my region, everything has changed. The only neighborhoods that have remained somewhat homogenous are the town’s which have historically been known for Jewish folks, like the Five Towns, Roslyn, Great Neck. They have managed to do a good job at keeping their families local as well as avoiding a massive build up of unneccesary mini-marts, shopping centers, etc.

        The Dutch/German, Irish and Italian towns? They simply don’t exist anymore. Too expensive and as the various hoods creep in, it makes the once historically top notch schools a place where 26 year old MS13 members enroll and then extort your kids without mercy

  3. When you think of all the imperialist aggression America is responsible for, then look at all its poverty, blight and desperation, it’s really fucking difficult to portray it in a positive light.

  4. I don’t think these beliefs in the opening posts are necessary prerequisites to being pro-white and I’m not necessarily saying I’m pro-white, but I’m at least against reverse racism. but you can be pro-white and still admit that colonialism happened. I’m probably more race realist than pro-white. I know this point got a lot of drama back in the day.

    • Have we reached a point where saying you are “pro” your own ancestry is a bad thing? I feel the same about all people and would encourage everyone to have pride in their family and culture, no matter their race or ethnicity.

      • “I feel the same about all people and would encourage everyone to have pride in their family”

        That’s the problem.

        Whites have a sense of equity to outsiders, it isn’t reciprocated and it never will be.

        The other races sum it simply, ” you weak, we will destroy you”.

  5. Our people’s right to this land only exists to the extent that, both the will and ability to preserve and defend it exists. Otherwise the “right” to this land is abstract gobbledigook until we get our balls back.

  6. Very powerful and moralizing Op-Ed. Thank you for this. Of course, the Mormons claim that ancient Hebrews were the original natives which might explain Mitt Romney’s shilling for Zion. But, I’m thankful that OD continues to keep things grounded in history and a forceful masculine rationality.

  7. @Hunter Wallace
    “Those who dream of our destruction love to say that we stole America from the Indians. ”

    I like to say this to anti-Whites:

    “If you believe your land is stolen, GET OFF IT and give your part of it back!!!”

    Anti-Whites are fond of saying they are in receipt of stolen property. Well the first duty of any person who thinks they are in possession of stolen property, is to go to their local police and hand it in. They should also hand in their citizenship papers and leave the country immediately, because that is also STOLEN according to their own admission.

    So why haven’t the anti-Whites left the country already? If they haven’t already done so, they are committing a crime.

    • Andy Coulter,

      That is not true at all. Most land has been conquered, frequently unjustly throughout history. Once land has been conquered and the treaties signed then it is usually a done deal. But not to admit when land was stolen is to be devoid of reason and morality.

      Examples abound like——Northwestern Spain was conquered by the German Suebi 1500 years ago. Should they leave?
      Spain was conquered unjustly by the Romans 2000 years ago should Spaniards with latin blood have to leave. And what if they are part Iberian and part Latin. Where would they go?
      India was conquered by white tribes when others were there first. Should they leave?

      Gaul was invaded by the Franks unjustly 1500 years ago and gave the name France to the land. Should anyone with part Frankish blood have to go?

      I could go on forever. Even on the individual level there are statues of limitations on property rights. No one is required to leave land their ancestors conquered a long time ago rather justly or not.

      YOU are making up your own immoral standards. One can admit when their ancestors did wrong without being morally obligated to give away everything their ancestors built and conquered.

      Great Britain was invaded unjustly many times by Vikings etc. So should anyone in England with Viking blood have to leave and go where?

      To say that whites in America did not sometimes unjustly conquer others is insane. Some of you say that blacks always claim they did nothing wrong. Will you are the white equivalent.

      Of course the Indians had conquered other Indians before whites arrived and so forth.

      Still it is a sin to covet what is not yours and there is a divine Law called “Thou shall not Steal”. That applies to whites as well as others. When it occurs it is wrong. When the dust settles it is another matter.

      • That wall of text does not concern this:

        “If you BELIEVE your land is STOLEN, GET OFF IT!!!”

        If you believe you are in possession of stolen propery, then you are required by law to surrender it to the authorities and leave it. If you keep property that you say is stolen, then you are by your own admission, a thief.

        White anti-White liberals and SJWs say every day, that Whites stole America from the Indians. So they admit they are knowingly in possession of property they believe is stolen.

        Mexcian and non-White invaders from other countries also say, Whites stole America from the Indians. So they admit they are knowingly in possession of property they believe is stolen.

        Anti-White Jews, Hollwood and the elites of the education system say, Whites stole America from the Indians. So they also admit they are knowingly in possession of property they believe is stolen.

        Hunter says he believes this land is his land, so he has more legal right to it than any of the admitted thieves above.

        So simple even a 3 year old can understand it.

        “If you BELIEVE your land is STOLEN, GET OFF IT!!!”

        • coulter,

          I have already addressed these concerns. It is obvious that most land has been stolen/conquered throughout history whether one believes that or not. And no one who is a citizen is obliged to leave the USA of any race.

        • andy coulter,

          What Hunter or anyone believes does not equal or change law, logic, or morality. To say that what someone believes makes it so is strange.

          By that criteria anyone who believes the US belongs to them or to the world makes it so. I strongly believe in national boundaries. If people can not have national property then no one could have private property either.

          I have already frequently addressed the fact that no one is obliged to get off land conquered unjustly many years ago. Which is actually probably all or most of the land in the world either individually or collectively.

          The issue of Peace, Possession, Law and Justice was brought up in a Religious Class of mine a couple of years ago. Our belief is that when the conquering is over and peace is established then the land changes ownership regardless of what people think or who was right originally. Official treaties etc.

          So my hopefully final statement is this—-obviously much land was stolen/unjustly conquered in the US in how it was acquired. But this was done by both Indians and Whites. But it is irrelevant. I AGREE that the land belongs to the USA.

          And I am strongly against illegal immigration everywhere. It is possible our views overlap. There may be subtleties of your argument I am not grasping or vice versa due to language understanding.

          I have no use for the United States but I agree your land that was conquered is your land. And I have no use for liberals in any country.

        • Andy – some people do not comprehend, either innocently or willfully, that you are presenting a counter argument to be used against the Marxist canard that “Whites stole this _____” Fill in the blank.

          By the way – do you have any idea of what “unjustly conquered” means? I don’t. Conquered is conquered.

        • Virtus,

          Thank you for this information. I normally would have missed your comment but I saw your name on a side bar before it got buried in a sea of other comments.

      • An interesting, contemporary perspective on the almost caste-like ethnic and social-class system that was historically imposed on England and Britain by a very numerically small, privileged ruling elite — whose legacy to this very day that is still evident and felt by many common, average people in Britain today:

        High house prices? Inequality? I blame the Normans | Paul Kingsnorth | Opinion | The Guardian

    • Ann Coulter,

      I might add that unless you are giving infallibility to the white race and every square foot that whites conquered in the USA then somewhere in the States of the Union many whites would have to leave by your standards since saying that no whites anywhere in the United States ever stole or took land not theirs is beyond bizarre.

      This is the worse case of racial idolatry I have yet encountered. Congratulations.

      Remember. I agree this land currently belongs to the United States but not to admit some wrong is incredible.

      In Mexico and elsewhere Catholics sometimes, perhaps frequently took land belonging to Indians. I can own up to our sins why cannot you?

      Indians took it from others before we came as well. Now Mexico belongs to all of it’s current citizens. And there is nothing in Catholic Theology that teaches different ever. We also agree that no one has the right to steal rather centuries ago or now.

  8. Every nation, country, or territory on planet Earth has been home, and has born witness, to conquers — and the conquered.

    Virtually EVERY race, ethny, tribe, or people, hence all individuals, are descendants of conquers **AND** the conquered, in whatever ways, great or small, throughout all recorded history.

  9. Mr. Wallace,

    The results of the Texas War of 1836 and the Mexican American War do irritate me. But every Mexican I know agrees that the land is now yours and we have no right to retake it solely for the fact we owned it almost 200 years ago. Rather we will retake it is another matter.

    So who are the people that think the United States belongs to everyone? Are they white liberals?

    The right of conquest is recognized by my religion since our belief is that the laws of man have to be obeyed unless they directly are in defiance of the laws of God. Signing treaties in a fair deal are long accepted by civilized peoples or there would be more wars than have actually occurred. It is the peaceful way.

    If the conquest was unjust in a situation? Then Jesus did say to a conquered people “To render unto God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s”.

    I can not add nor detract from such a ruling. So if I was ruler of Mexico and we were more powerful than you I would still not invade you because of the 19th century affairs.

    • “So who are the people that think the United States belongs to everyone? Are they white liberals?”

      Every anti-White bastard in this country that I named above. Also the Republican Party and their donors support it with their policies, while running for office against it.

      I just watched an anti-White movie about his very thing. It is called Knives Out.

      “A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. ”

      The subtext is how Whites are going to have everything taken from them and given to the Mexicans. And not only do the makers side with the Mexicans, they think that Whites are evil and deserve anything bad that happens to them.

      One fine day, all of Hollywood will be tried for treason.

      • coulter,

        I was not addressing you. And no Hollywood is not going to be tried for treason.

        You brought this on yourself with your Statue of Liberty and your Immigration Law of the 1960’s.

        • A jew wrote the poem on the Statue of Liberty and another jew wrote the 1965 immigration law. The fatal and foolish mistake of our predecessors was allowing these subversive people into our country.

          • Powell,

            That is true. But did not the white christian senators and congressmen pass that law? Was it considered controversial at the time?

            Of course I agree that allowing Jews free access to the riches of the United States is like allowing a tiger to play with your children. They operate as a team and can out think most non Jews very easily.

    • “So who are the people that think the United States belongs to everyone? Are they white liberals?”

      The anti-White meme repeated to infinity goes:

      “Because Whites stole America from the Indians, it belongs to the whole world now.”

      No. If you believe this land is stolen, then give your part of it back, and GET OFF IT!

      • Coulter,

        A lot of the land was stolen from Indians who stole/conquered it from other Indians. When other people are living on land and a people take it from them that is called Stealing. I know that simple task is hard to grasp but that is what stealing is. Much land was uninhabited but some was not.

        No one is obliged to give back conquered land and to whom would they give it back to anyway. And where would they go?

        You have not refuted or even addressed my arguments above.

        Even with individuals there is something called Adverse Possession. That means when someone deliberately or otherwise take other’s land that after a certain time that land becomes theirs. The time frame varies from country to country and state to state. But it is usually 10-20 years in many instances. And no they are not obliged to give it back by law.

        And no one who inherits Adverse Possession land is obliged legally or morally to give it away.

        So not admitting most land in the world was stolen and saying everyone should leave and go somewhere is so ridiculous there is no reason to address you further. Stolen or unjustly conquering a land is a fact whether you admit it or not. Self delusion does not change that.

      • Andy Coulter,

        One more comment before I leave for school. And it is a good thing my first class is either PE or Study Hall. I am not going to say which one.

        Last year an African immigrant in one of our classes brought this up from the opposite viewpoint you have on the Indians. So I let him have it. I told him that since it was white people who conquered, built, developed, and brought their civilization to the US it now belongs to them. That whites did not do this for the world. And that whites deserve to reap what they have sown.

        I told him saying that everyone could come to the USA because of the Indian question would mean that anyone could go anywhere including his home African country. That anyone could then conquer America because the USA was conquered long ago. He got the point faster than a white liberal.

        To his credit the The African said I was right and that I defended my position quite well.

        I will take up for whites when you are correct and I will condemn you when I believe you are wrong.

        • Cristina,

          Again, you are one of the most insightful, intelligent commentators on this blog.. and one of the most intelligent, thoughtful people I have ever come across in general. Bravo.

          • Virtus,

            Thank you for such a compliment. It was strange that none of the Anglos spoke up. I had to speak up for the WASP people.

      • You can not fight religious madness with reason and education. Current mess is the product of the people who got old school classic education.

        Usual suspects are mostly innocent. In the witch hunt era we did not had the TV or pornography or Jews or public school or whatever popular bad asses.

        We had only genetic white liberals and that was enough to make witch hunt and later French revolution and Russian revolution and 1968 cultural revolution and so on.

  10. One of the things to remember is that the colonies in which Europeans are today a majority, were sparsely populated by the “natives” beforehand. This was the case with America, Canada, the “ Southern Cone”, South Africa, Australia, and Siberia. This idea that whites had to kill a lot of people to live in these areas is greatly blown out of proportion. Good article!

    • Courtney,

      The “idea” that Whites killed masses and masses of innocent Nature loving “indigenous” angels si not “blown out of proportion”. This is a stratagem created BY Jewry Inc – think the Frankfurt Shul – to twist historic facts against Whites. It’s a ruthless, malicious, remorseless stratagem specifically designed to foment hatred against Whites, divert attention from the wonderful miraculous things we’ve wrought, and as a justification to destroy us.

        • Not sure how we are really disagreeing here. We are saying the same thing but going about it in a different way, or perhaps you took it a step further, I should say, which is fine, but it doesn’t make what I said false. We both agree that the idea of the “racist white man committing massive genocide around the world” is greatly exaggerated. That is what matters.

      • @ Denise

        “This is a stratagem created BY Jewry Inc – think the Frankfurt Shul”

        Actually, this concept far predates the Frankfurt School.

        These are torah mitzvoh.

        457 Never stop blaming the idolater.

        456 Never say anything in an idolater’s defense.

        Straight out of the book of Deuteronomy.
        ( Yes, we are idolaters, according to judaism.)

  11. What we need to ask people who say we stole this land is this: How does bringing in Chinese, Africans, Guatemalans, etc. onto this land help the Indians? How will this allow the Indians to get this land?

    Also, if an anti-white truly believes this is Indian land, what is he doing living on it? He has a legal obligation to get off it no matter what any other person is doing in this situation.

    Indians were conquering other Indians and taking their land. I remember reading a Comanche Indian’s words in which he stated that his people came down from the plains and genocided any tribe in its way, so it wasn’t just whites who were conquering and winning the land.

    The anti-whites don’t give a care about the Indians. They just want to destroy whites. Any white who is anti-white is a traitor to his race.

  12. This concept is just jews trowelling on a thick layer of guilt.

    They know that Whites are gullible fools and will tolerate it.

  13. In this fantasy narrative, they fail to mention the ‘noble savage’ had continuous wars of extermination and enslavement. Also, cannibalism on a massive scale, like the Four Corners area, with its massive piles of butchered skeletons.

  14. This land is our Land? Or Sky?

    A high rise building over ten stories is the sky and keeps going vertical with no end in sight bearing square footage with cuck architecture!

    How many millionaires/billionaires own luxury high rise apartments in NYC, London, and Pairs.

    Not the white working class of America, The UK, And France.

    Israel/ International Jews, China, Russia and the supper rich Sunni Arabs call the real estate shoots in those decrepit cities.

    Once Called the WEST

    Go west young cuck

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