Live Thread: Seventh 2020 Democratic Debate

It is Bernie Sanders turn in the spotlight.

The seventh 2020 Democratic Debate will be on CNN tonight at 9 PM ET.

In the previous Democratic debates, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris have all been perceived as the frontrunner or the surging candidate and were the target of attacks by their rivals. Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Kamala Harris on stage. She never recovered.

In the November debate, Butt-mentum came to Georgia, but much of the progressive Left has decided since then that it hates Pete Buttigieg who is a former McKinsey consultant who is feted by billionaire donors in wine caves. Black people have also never liked him. Butt-mentum was based on Buttigieg’s surge with Wine Track liberals in Iowa and New Hampshire. The worm has turned dramatically in the last few weeks.

Bernie Sanders has been surging in Iowa and New Hampshire while Buttigieg has faded since Trump scrambled the Democratic race and elevated foreign policy ahead of domestic issues by assassinating Qasem Soleimani and pushing us to the brink of war with Iran. Suddenly, Bernie is gaining traction because of his non-interventionist record. He opposed the Vietnam War, voted against both Iraq Wars and has credibly blasted Trump for his Iran policy. It also helps Bernie Sanders that he can contrast his record on foreign policy with Joe Biden who voted for the Iraq War and publicly defended George W. Bush’s decision to take out Saddam Hussein.

What is going to happen in Iraq now that Trump and Pompeo have refused to withdraw American troops from the country? If some kind of Iranian-backed resistance movement breaks out in Iraq and Trump is plunged into a new Iraq quagmire in an election year, what happens then? Surely, Iran would never stir up the Shiites in Iraq to f*** Trump and elect Bernie Sanders?

A few months ago, Woke Bernie was finished and seemed poised to come in third place and lose the progressive lane to Elizabeth Warren. Donald Trump has bailed him out.

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  1. Bernie is a weak vessel, compromised in too many ways to mention here. However, some in our circles have admitted that in the sense of electoral politics, Bernie is the strongest candidate the Left has. And he is pushing all the right buttons. We shall see…meanwhile, it’s four more days ’till Lobby Day in Richmond.

    • Does anyone find the timing of James O’Keefe’s newest report to be remarkably perfect? Bernie is still dealing with “women can’t win in 2020” comment. Now it is the Bernie Bro gulags for those on the right perceived to be Trump supporters. Wonder if CNN asks Bernie about the report? And if they do, why?

    • There is what Bernie says, what Bernie has done and what Bernie would do if he were elected President. Bernie’s record does show votes opposing the Iraq war, twice, and further statements against a future Iran war, if it came to that. That is not good enough to predict Bernie’s future actions regarding foreign policy, especially regarding Iran and the Near East in general.

      Bernie’s votes against the Iraq war were throw aways because there were enough pro-war votes anyway to guarantee war against Iraq in both cases. Likewise, regarding Iran, Bernie has the luxury of being a heckler in the back row against an Iran war because he knows Trump is inclined to confront Iran diplomatically, economically and militarily. Bernie can vote for peace policies and claim to be a peace candidate all day long because the decision, war or peace, is out of his hands and the decision is overwhelmingly for war.

      If Bernie were President and the decision were his and his alone (ultimately) Bernie Bros would learn right quick that blood is thicker than water as Bernie decided for war against Iran for “our most important ally evah”. He would be full of his usual bullshit bluster about exceptional cases, didn’t want to do it, forced by circumstances, etc. Ultimately, he would choose war for “our greatest ally” because; blood is thicker than water.

      Bernie has never had to pull the trigger before, someone else did the dirty work. If there were no one else but Bernie he would pull the trigger for war against Iran faster than Trump. Bernie is a peace candidate but would be a war president.

  2. Sanders is a complete fraud. He is a Zionist, first and foremost. He certainly has never been anti-war and in fact has a long and solid track record of supporting sending massive military aid to the Zionist entity.

    If anything, he is there to let Trump win, preventing any real opposition from the Democrats.

    Sanders just promises pie-in-the-sky welfare state programs that have no chance of ever being implemented and it will be easy to paint him as a crazy anti-American communist. He has zero chance of winning a general election.

    • “Sanders is a complete fraud. He is a Zionist, first and foremost.”

      The same could be said of, effectively, all the candidates and potential future candidates in either party. Given how little effective policy changed in the last couple of decades, Americans could be forgiven thinking that party or candidate in power were irrelevant. A record low turnout for 2020 is not being forecast, but it very well could be.

  3. It’s more than that although that’s a factor. Bernie is also doing well with latinos and while he’s losing blacks to biden, it’s closer than it was to clinton. For blacks under 35 he’s winning. Importantly as well, Bernie is bringing in more donations from regular average people than everyone else including Trump. But Trump is in second place, not another Democrat. Bernie needs to convince people that he’s not for open borders and it’s a no brainer. I do believe Biden was mislead on Iraq. In the Obama administration, Biden was more cautious than Clinton. Biden believed Bush would investigate to see if there was WMD and Bush didn’t investigation.

    • Bernie is a chameleon on plaid. He has been mostly pro 2nd Amendment because Vermont is overwhelmingly rural, agricultural (dairy farming) and has a huge hunting culture. Everyone owns firearms and recent laws limiting magazine size and other restrictions are under legal challenge as being unconstitutional under Vermont’s State Constitution. Open and concealed carry is allowed in Vermont without a permit. Bernie as Prez would work to end the 2nd amendment.

      Farmers in Vermont are subsidized by the Federal Government (as all U.S. farmers are) and hire illegal Mexicans (as all U.S. farmers do) and Bernie is silent about that. Bernie’s talk about illegal aliens in the past was based upon communism’s antipathy to the “reserve army of labor” Karl Marx wrote about that capitalists use to drive down wages. Bernie as candidate for Prez now finds the vibrants are wonderful. The white, working class he supposedly championed can just swallow 20 grains of OxyContin and be done with it for all he cares now.

      Bernie as Prez would have the country at war with Iran for the benefit of “our greatest ally” and flood the country with diversity worse than Trump who has failed in that regard.

      • “and hire illegal Mexicans (as all U.S. farmers do)”

        A very untrue statement. I am surrounded by midwestern grain, beef, and pork farmers and none of them have any illegal Mexican labor. Some large corporate farms do, and packing plants in the region certainly do.

        • I’m glad to be corrected. I applaud those farmers and other employers who don’t hire illegals and I go out of my way to try to patronize businessmen who won’t hire illegals, even when I have to pay more, it’s worth it. The corporate types should be in jail for hiring illegals, that would put an immediate stop to the practice.

          Unfortunately, I have seen dairy farmers as far north as Vermont with illegal Mexicans although New England winters tend to thin out the herd of illegals. I have also seen illegals in the south and west on farms and orchards although robots are now displacing some farm labor in the Central Valley in California picking crops. I am willing to pay more, have farmers earn more and imprison those who hire illegals to stop the invasion of our country.

          • “The corporate types should be in jail for hiring illegals, that would put an immediate stop to the practice.”

            Agreed. I guess the thing about midwestern agriculture is that most of it is highly mechanized and does not require the amount of manual labor that it used to. It’s mainly the large processing outfits that are guilty.

  4. Bernie’s a stand up national socialist—he won’t fire the guy. Chances are the dude will get a promotion. Sanders is no candy ass conservative. Boo-hoo please forgive, you won’t here that from Bernie!

  5. Trump’s closing song at his Milwaukee MAGApede rally tonight was The Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – he plays that song a lot – there is some weird, whole-nother-level sh*t that Trump and his puppermasters are into.

    • Blompf should replace it with “Sympathy for the Devil.” It would be much more appropriate being in league with the synagogue of satan and all.

    • You can’t always get what you want – unless you’re a billionaire Zionist jew, like the ones financing Trump’s campaign.

  6. Whether it’s the highly-politicized FBI, DoJ, “intelligence community” and the bureaucracy’s “inter-agency consensus” calling the shots, or federal judges substituting their own political preferences for anything in the constitution or law and writing tortuous opinions to promote them, or these absolute clowns on stage or at the desk for “journalists,” it is clear to me that we are ruled by corrupt, dishonest scumbags and traitors. What a shame.

  7. Demographic Engineering Party.

    Will it be Warren or will it Bernie?

    If either one gets in they’ll flood you with third world scum and tax you to pay for it all.

  8. Isn’t sympathy for the devil a thinny veiled Antisemitic song? Czar killing, Christ crucifying, tank riding…guess muh name goys…

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