Laura Ingraham Interviews Donald Trump

From foreign policy to immigration, the Trump presidency has been George W. Bush’s third term in everything but tweets. It is different in the sense that George W. Bush ran in 2004 on the Federal Marriage Amendment whereas Trump is running in 2020 on forcing every country in the world to decriminalize homosexuality. Trump also hasn’t plunged us into war yet with Iran but that is almost certainly coming in his second term.

It is amazing how little has changed. Trump wants to continue to keep American troops in Iraq. He has increased the number of troops in the Middle East. We have the highest trade deficit with Mexico ever in spite of his rebranding of the previous thirty years of free trade deals. Illegal immigration surged after Trump became president. He has squandered billions on the military instead of investing in our infrastructure which he promised to do in the campaign. He has catered to Big Tech which wants cheap labor and has given them a bigger tax cut than George W. Bush. Also, Donald Trump has built fewer miles of his border fence than George W. Bush.

Of course, none of this will ever break through to his cult followers. As far as they know, Trump is MAGAing. They don’t care about his policies. Check out the awful Deplorable Choir video below. Now imagine how cringe MAGA will become during a war with Iran.


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    • If that is your main takeaway from her interviews with Trump, where she at least tries to challenge somewhat on a truly vital issue, you need help.

  1. I didn’t think Laura had it in her to ask tough questions of Trumpo.

    Btw, little scandal brewing in a key Republican state: Is the Ohio Lottery insolvent?

  2. The “white peoples party” is more anti-white than the party of “the coalition of the ascended”

    Can anyone tell me what trump has done that has benefited whites? I fail to think of anything.

    I could even forgive some of trumps failures as nativity but when trump didn’t separate himself from con inc after the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare and still stuck with the GOP it was clear he was total loss.

    The GOP has fucked trump at every turn but im completely unsympathetic because of trumps unwillingness to call out the gop publicly.

    Amnats are the biggest simple and speak of trump as if they’re trying to save a battered wife from her husband. It’s honorable enough of endeavor but if the women only calls you to vent after being beaten, ignores your calls all other times, and would even sick her husband on you to beat you up after trying to help her. Well there’s not much you can do about it.

    Trump is unfortunately not even a battered wife, he’s a gypsy woman running a cheap scam with her husband (Israel) pretending to be beaten up by her husband to scam a few dollars off of passer-byes

    • *amnats are the biggest SIMPS

      also trumps abusive husband in this context would be the deep state. Trump loves posting gofundme links begging for money so she can finally get the help she needs to stick up to her big bad husband. But instead of fighting the deep state she takes amnats money and goes on a trip with the deep state.

    • With the Senate impeachment vote looming, Trump can do nothing — zero, nada, nil — to defy his party. if he does, they’ll remove him and install Pence without blinking. He knows it, and they know it.

      That’s what the impeachment nonsense has been all about from the beginning: holding a metaphorical gun to Trump’s head and insisting, “Do what we say, or you’re out.”

      Until the impeachment business is over (if it ever is), there is no President Trump. He’s just a hostage.

  3. If voting actually made a difference do you think they’d let you do it?
    – paraphrased, incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain.

    Trump is a piece of shit, just like every President who has preceded him. Even if they wanted to be better in their heart of hearts’ – they can’t. The ruin of the world and everyone in it is enriching a mighty few. Whether Democrat or Republican they answer to the same exact campaign finance contributions doled out from different shell corporations, PAC’s, “private donors,” and honorariums.

    Bread and circuses man, same shit different millennia.

    • All presidents were pieces of shit? Kind of harsh. Just today I read that Grant as pres dealt with a corrupt Haitian to buy Hispaniola as a place to send the recently freed Southern slaves. When he told his cabinet and some congressmen what he had done, naturally expecting praise, instead they looked at him like he had taken a dump on the floor in front of them. They were extremely offended that he had done this WITHOUT CONSULTING THEM. That’s all it was. He violated protocol and their colossal vanity and pride of place. It was Deep State back then too.

      I read this in Edmund Wilson’s classic Patriotic Gore, not a fly by night website.

  4. She goes to Guatemala periodically to forge American/Guatemalan solidarity. All she cares about is keeping Muslims out. She was for the Iraq war, against the JCPOA.Now her thinking is; if we can’t kill em all or convert them all then we should not be there. She is an anti Muslim genocidist and supported Trump primarily if not solely for his strong anti Muslim rhetoric and policies.

  5. ” . . . he’s a gypsy woman running a cheap scam with her husband (Israel) pretending to be beaten up by her husband to scam a few dollars off of passer-byes.” That is a great analogy.

  6. Hooray for Laura, not backing down from a bullying Trump over the displacement of American tech workers. The unmentionable premise is that it’s Americans who built all the technology we’re talking about in the first place. But now we’re supposed to believe Americans are incompetent to compete with the Indians or Chinese who, but for our culture and technology, would be living in the Stone Age, morally as well as materially.

    The displacement of Americans at both the top and bottom of the labor market with foreigners and the ongoing cultural genocide against us means nothing to the Republicans. In fact, they’re responsible for it. How long are we going to give these paid-for jackasses a free pass for wringing their hands before the kosher cameras on Fox News and then doing nothing? Let’s take our chances. Life, if it is to be good, as Spengler pointed out, must be hard. Turning our backs on the Republicans and Conservatism Inc will be like a breath of fresh air.

    • Trump’s reply to Laura was that companies like Foxcon wouldn’t open a plant in the U.S. without foreign labor because there were not enough Americans to do the work. Businessmen are the biggest complainers in the world. Their single biggest expense is usually labor. They want to pay $0.00 in wages and charge a fortune for what they’re offering. The purpose of foreign labor is to drive the price of U.S. labor to as close to zero as possible.

      Trump is a businessman, he naturally sympathizes with the bitching and moaning of other businessmen. He hired illegal aliens on his projects and stiffed contractors too to save money while charging premium prices to his customers. Trump looks at the world as one big business, another deal to be done.

      Matters of state are not business deals, they deal potentially with life and death, both of individuals and nations. A governing ideology, good or bad (such as multi-culturalism) transcends money and is therefore incomprehensible to men like Trump. He can’t understand why Iran wants nukes when it’s costing them a fortune and there is a deal to be made.

      The fact that they want to survive as a nation, not as part of a globo-homo shopping mall makes no sense to him. This is a fundamental source of problems with the U.S. political establishment and why it’s always ready to sell out the country. A good deal can be had now for them, pennies for the suckers who vote for them and the Devil take the hindmost.

      That is the essence of the Republican Party, the Chamber of Commerce mentality that is killing us. The Left is motivated by their hatred for white civilization, not mammon, giving them an enormous ideological advantage over the corrupt businessmen who buy and sell politicians like cheap whores. The Left actually believes in something, something vile and evil but it is something and you can’t beat something with nothing.

      • And that’s why we stay in the ME and want regime change. Those countries there dare to reject being turned into the globo homo shopping mall.

  7. Laura, being the good respectable conservative she is, wouldn’t reach for the brass ring as it hangs there within grasp. “Mr. President, why do you pursue economic policies damaging to the White majority working class? Under UN Genocide Treaty Resolution 260, Article II c: ‘Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring its physical destruction in whole or in part’ is Genocide. Well, Mr. President?”

    Of course respectables never ask questions like this. That’s why I pay no attention to them.

  8. ALL questions are prescreened in advance so that this camel-brained puppet can show some modicum of competence when he responds to them. Of course you’ll never see FOX report which questions were rejected by him and his staff. Even some of the rehearsed answers show what an ignoramus he is:

    “We’ve gotten(great grammar)rid of ISIS,…now they come back,…other people should take care of it…

    “I left the troops to take the oil…I’ve taken the oil…the only troops I have are taking the oil…they’re PROTECTING the oil”

    “Indiana’s doing unbelievably well,…the state has had the best year its ever had thank you very much!”

    Unfortunately most sheep can’t see how our troops are uninvited or occupiers in the first place or that the whole ‘war on terror’ is a Zionist fraud to begin with. And everything with Trump is economics. He constantly preaches to the people how wonderful our economy is when it couldn’t be further from the truth.This is a man who confesses to acquiring much of his information from FOX news and it shows.

    This was your typical weak big-media interview! The best question was when Ingraham confronted him on others accusing him of being responsible for the downing of flight 752. Otherwise, nothing of value. As if Trump is running the show anyways.

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