Julian Castro Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race

It seems that America isn’t ready for a Woke Mexican president. Julian Castro has been forced by his dismal poll numbers to suspend his presidential campaign.


“Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro announced Thursday he is ending his campaign for president.

“I’ve determined that it simply isn’t our time,” Castro said in a video, citing “the circumstances of this campaign season.”

In a tweet announcing his decision, he added: “It’s with profound gratitude to all of our supporters that I suspend my campaign for president today. I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together. I’m going to keep fighting for an America where everyone counts—I hope you’ll join me in that fight.”

Castro ending his bid leaves the Democratic primary field without a Latino candidate, and his exit comes one month before the Iowa caucuses. …”

As with blacks and Kamala Harris, Hispanic voters showed little interest in rallying behind Julian Castro on the basis of identity politics. He tried and failed to gain traction as the most woke candidate and as the non-White candidate and for being more authentically Hispanic than Beto. Progressive voters prefer Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

In hindsight, Julian Castro’s push to decriminalize illegal immigration will be remembered as a turning point in the campaign. It seemed like Democrats had the momentum coming out of the 2018 midterms until all the candidates got on stage in the first debate and endorsed giving free healthcare to illegal aliens and decriminalizing the border. I clearly remember that moment because it was when I finally washed my hands of supporting the Yang Gang. Both Beto and Julian Castro staked out extreme positions on guns, gender and immigration that pushed the Democratic field further to the left and made Trump’s reelection more likely in November.

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  1. Wow, that spic has a lot of Indio blood in him, he almost looks like an Oriental!

    OK Juan, now that your so-called campaign is over how about getting back to work with that leaf-blower? I’m not paying you to stand around.

    • spahnranch1969,

      You are probably the funniest person on this website. My family has people like Juan working for us. I have overseed them at times when my parents were elsewhere. It is true I do not put up with workers taking too many breaks. We pay in cash and expect work.

      My grandmother calls a Mexican that looks like that a Chino.

  2. Science fiction is full of scenarios whereby time travelers from the future have to travel back to Earth to change the timeline because it leads to some horrific event in the future. Had Hillary won Juilan Castro was going to be head of Housing and Urban Development and plans were formulated to establish massive Section 8 housing in red state America to dilute its racial homogeneity and make it blue and diverse and hence majority non-white. To accomplish this each individual in Section 8 housing was to be given a stipend making his or her income equal or higher than the average income( so that local business would court them) of whatever community they were established in. We dodged that bullet, at least temporarily, but do you realize how utterly Soviet in nature this policy was?

    • Democrats have time on their side. This little monster is done for now but the entire Democrat Party is anti white. The absurd Joe Biden is even staking out anti white positions.

      No doubt the whole wall has to go up and all that. However that is just part of the issue. Until America focuses on bringing in White immigrants then it’s all a side show. Until America forces welfare slugs to have less babies, it’s all over.

      The dumb and worthless get rewarded. They also have all the kids. This is a massive problem that flag waving and tax cuts will not defeat.

      The Democrat lunatic in Virginia spoke of ending single family housing calling it racist. After the giggles, an increasing non white America will support it and any measure to turn us into Haiti or Guatemala.

      If someone in the Republican Party does not get very racial as in ending diversitard, we then become like sludge in Detroit or the Bronx or Newark or take your pick. The Democrats are incredibly racial and Republican cowards never counter it.

      Castro is a communist dirtbag who is trying to end White America. The fact he is considered normal by the press and by the political establishment along with the entire stupid black and Hispanic caucus who are nothing but treasonous scum, shows just how deep these vermin have gotten with alien Jewish defense in the media, Hollywood and academia. America’s problems run deep as the enemies are truly within and just voted to impeach Trump and White America.

    • The Soviets never imported millions of hostile inferiors to replace the existing population in the USSR.

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