Post-Roman Britain: Irish and Germanic Invasions

In this lecture:

  • Frisian is the continental language most closely related to English.
  • Gildas, The Venerable Bede and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle agree on the Anglo-Saxons coming from Denmark and northern Germany.
  • The Saxons came from northern Germany and the Jutes and Angles came from what is now Denmark.
  • The Jutes and Saxons settled in southern Britain below the Thames and the Angles settled in the middle and northern parts of England.
  • Anglo-Saxon pottery and brooches found in England independently confirm the account of migration from these historical sources.
  • The Saxons were invited to come to England by the British king Vortigern to repulse the Picts who had invaded Britain. After defeating the Picts, they invited more of the countrymen to come and settle in Britain and overwhelm the weak Britons.
  • The collapse of Roman civilization in Britain and the conquest and settlement of Britain by the Angles and Saxons was essentially due to a breakdown of border security and mass immigration that spiraled out of control.
  • Gildas was a British monk who wrote in the 6th century and his scathing indictment of his predecessors called On The Ruin of Britain is one of the few historical sources from this turbulent era. It is worth reading again today in light of the Ruin of England.

The Britons lost control of most of their country.

Today we would dismiss that traumatic experience with slogans like “diversity is our strength” and “we are a Nation of Immigrants.” What is happening today is even worse because the non-Whites and Muslims who are settling in England come from radically different cultures and ethnic groups. The Germans and Celts at least had a shared Indo-European background.

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    • Nothing’s over so long as you refuse to give up, stay focused, ignore the buffoons, and keep a long term perspective in mind. Here’s why I’m not pessimistic about our long term chances:

      1. The WWII generation is mostly gone and the Baby Boomers are retiring. This means that the post-war order is losing emotional resonance with young people. IRL, no one under 60 who isn’t German really cares much about Hitler or anti-Semitism. The Jews rode the ‘that sounds like something Hitler would say’ train for a long time and that era is almost over.

      When looking at generational differences, it’s also worth pointing out that America tends to have major crisis in approx 80 year increments (1780s = Independence War, 1860s = Civil War, 1940s = WWII, almost time for another American crisis). This is because the USA, or at least certain regions within the USA, have a Proposition Nation mentality and Proposition Nations undergo crisis when the generation which created the most recent ‘founding myth’ dies off.

      2. The current economic system within the West, led by the Liberal Internationalists likely won’t last more than 10 years. Right now the USA is doing well because of the shale boom (which has turned the USA into the world’s largest oil producer, see this: The shale boom is the #1 reason why logistics, food, etc. are cheaper in the USA than in Western Europe.

      And shale is already starting to plateau. I would guess it will stagnate for a few years before going the way of the Housing Bubble. When that happens, it will have ripple effects throughout the entire world. It will probably be the cause of the recession which will mark the end of the Liberal World Order.

      3. Brexit is polarizing the UK and enhancing anti-Leftist sentiment across England.

      4. The Spaniards are finally starting to question the EU & its politics (this is part of why Vox is growing so fast).

      5. Italians are supporting Salvini in record numbers.

      Going to be some rough obstacles and difficult times ahead, for sure, but all in all we’re finally coming to a point where our challenges don’t appear completely insurmountable.

    • Alpines are very rare in England, even today.

      “In the study of European populations the great and fundamental fact about the British Isles is the absence there to-day of Alpine round skulls. It is the only important state in Europe in which the round skulls play no part, and the only nation of any rank composed solely of Nordic and Mediterranean races in approximately equal numbers. To this fact is undoubtedly due many of the individualities of the English nation.”

      – Madison Grant, The Passing of the Great Race

  1. What Morgoth was saying on shitter really brought it home to me. He said every six months in the UK, there is the equivalent of a WW2 Normady beach landing of these non-White immigrants. He also said more immigrants come each year to the UK, than did between between 1066 and 1960.

    The only hope I have left is for Elon Musk to get his rocket ships in working order, then I’m joining the wagon train to the stars. First get into outer-space and once there keep moving out beyond the reach of the retards.

  2. Brad, Holstein is pronounced “Hall-er-stein”, it is right on the border of Denmark and Germany, and sometimes it has been in Germany and sometimes in Denmark.

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