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  1. Ramzpaul’s predictions were good. However, I disagree with him on Trump losing in 2020. Trump will win 2020, and that will be the last GOP President.

  2. What underpins the U.S. empire at home and abroad is the U.S. dollar. What keeps the dollar valuable is confidence in it. This confidence, whether misplaced or not is the product of inertia from decades past, U.S. military power both real and perceived, petroleum priced in dollars and the U.S. still being the largest, most stable, predictable financial market in the world. A big part of this confidence is also the result of DJT being president rather than Hillary in spite of his manifold shortcomings.

    If DJT loses in 2020 the effects upon the dollar (and all financial instruments) will be immediate and enormous. The stock and bond markets will simply implode; double digit per centage losses in both until the markets are shut down. The dollar and all other currencies will sink like a stone with hyperinflation to follow and a complete disruption of commerce. Gold and silver will soar in quoted prices but none will be available for purchase. The same thing will happen overseas, too. When the dollar dies the current world order dies with it.

    In 2016 when it looked as though Hillary would win, stock indices, bonds and currencies were plunging in the overnight futures markets. The NYSE and NASDAQ were closed so no actual trading could take place. Gold and silver were soaring in price at the same time with some indices trading at or near their down limits. The same thing was happening overseas when it looked like Hillary’s hideous countenance would be gracing the White House, no one was waiting for the inauguration in January, 2017 to panic.

    When TV reported that Trump would win, all of the financial indices turned around immediately and soared higher while gold and silver plummeted. Smart money was betting that DJT would not wreck the country as Hillary would have even though many of them no doubt voted for Hillary. Even though Trump has failed to deliver on his promises, confidence in the U.S. remains intact especially overseas. The U.S. looks like the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper by way of comparison to other countries.

    If Trump loses in 2020 the financial markets will implode, the dollar will be destroyed by hyperinflation, commerce will be disrupted with its attendant violent disorders and the U.S. Government will find it’s pushing on a string when it tries to influence events. All of these things will happen in days and weeks, not years. It will be the end of the U.S. Empire for better or worse. Don’t be in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria when this happens, you may be stranded.

    There will be no gradual slide, no decade for things to decline, no time to prepare, just chaos as the country succumbs to anarchy. It won’t be Civil War II, it will be more like 1919-1920 Germany at the peak of its chaos after WWI without proper government, order or commerce all at the same time. There will be no time for events to play out, disruption will be everywhere and immediate if any Democrat wins. This is not an endorsement of DJT, he failed to deliver and if he gets reelected the gradual slide will continue until the Democrats take over in 2024, then it’s lights out for real. Best to be in a White area when these things happen, political opinions won’t matter then, survival will.

    • If you’re right then, fuck it, bring on the Boogaloo. I’m feeling impish at this point. As much as I disapprove of electoral politics, especially on a “national” level(FUSA not a nation) I’m tempted to vote
      This shitshow has got to end.

        • The Christians don’t realize it madam, but when they say Amen they are invoking the name of the Egyptian god Amon Ra. I think Friar John already knew that.

          • Spahn – I checked this out and it’s true. The Kristards don’t know this – but the Hebes chimp OUT over this. They want to eradicate EVERYTHING about us, including and especially our relationship, our sacred RACIAL connection to our history and OUR Gods.

            We ARE wholly different from the Mud Races of this planet. ALL of OUR Gods and Goddesses, our Foundational Mythos, speak of how we descended from the Heavens. These stories are all over the world. I truly believe, an have for years now, that our origins on this planet begin with the Great Builders, the Caucasians, of Egypt…..not the brown Arabs of today – but thousands of years ago….our Gods are SUPERB.

            Finally, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and whosoever shall know it himself shall find it. Amon!

    • Even if he wins another term, things could still implode. We got the 2008 financial crisis at the tail end of Bush’s 2nd term. There just needs to be some sort of trigger. Perhaps a few more foreign policy failures would do the trick. Other countries are really not taking our sanctions and bluffs seriously anymore.

  3. Where were his predictions for 2019 ?

    I remember him making them, but after diligent searching, I cannot find them.

  4. His predictions are well reasoned and supported by facts. Who can predict the outcome of the election of 2020? So much fraud and so many unforeseeable things can influence it. Either way, WHITES are in trouble. I don’t remember hearing any reference to Jews. Why aren’t they mentioned?

    • Mentioning the Eternal Parasite on JooToob gets your channel demonetized, if not deleted altogether.

  5. The Democrats don’t have a presentable candidate, and, I don’t think the demographic shift will be big enough to beat Trump in 2020.

    Biden the leading Democrat just shot himself in both feet with the big industrial unions (UAW, USW, UMW) with his stupid learn to code comments! Irish blowhards will still blowhard, and some Italians will try to grease along, but, that’s about it, and they will only be going through the motions. Who are Irish Roman Catholic and Italian Roman Catholic labor leaders serving—the Latinos or us?

    The communist-socialist unions like the SEIU, AFSCME (colloquially pronounced AXEME), and the NEA will have a hard time even holding their members for any of the Democratic candidates.

    Trumpo could blow it with his stupid pan-Zionism, Israel our best friend in the whole wide world attitude. But, I don’t think he’s that stupid, at least I hope he’s not. Plus, the Democrats love to kiss Jew ass as much as he does.

    If it starts to look bad for Trumpo, I will be in cash. LOL.

    • Trump will win by default, not because of anything good that he did. The Democrats aren’t even trying to defeat him. Their strategy must be to just keep on hounding him with bullshit allegations and articles of impeachment. Then they’ll be ready to win in 2024 with a strong Get Whitey candidate.

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