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  1. The St Brices Day Massacre was always dear to my heart. The locals butchered the Danish garrisons in a massive outpouring of hate. Hint: Everyone loves a public burning.

  2. Saxons in reality were originally an Italic tribe. Archaeological and historic evidences are showing us the truth that the Jews tried to hide from us
    Saxon runes, religion, skin tone and skull shape are akin to Central Italians.

    Sounds dumb and a ridiculous attempt to bastardize history?

    Now imagine barbaric swampniggers in their mudhuts relentlessly claiming for almost two centuries now that they were in fact Romans, Spartans, Macedonians, Carthaginians, Persians, Egyptians, Aryans, Martians and what not?
    How this sounds?

    • It doesn’t sound as ridiculous as the mongrel mudniggers of Dagoland claiming to be the descendants of ancient Romans.

      • Bert, from your shelter, your mom’s basement you can be whoever you want, right?
        In your mind you can be Spartan, Aryan, Israelite, Viking, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, whatever your imagination create. Be happy ang return to your porn

        • I’m an Anglo-American, proud of that, and I don’t want to be anyone else. Greasy wop skunks like you, on the other hand, clearly unhappy and insecure about your roots, always have this urge to come to our countries and places only to endlessly whinge about us.

          • I have no idea what a ‘wop’ is, I won’t google it, and I never put my feet in ‘your’ countries.
            You’re “Anglo”? Your country is East of Rhine and West of Elbe, every place beyond that in Europe you’re an immigrant, an invader, let alone outside Europe.
            Not even mentioning the absolute fake “America.”
            What the hell are you doing in Syria, Afghanistan, etc right now btw? Leave people alone, Anglo!

            But you’re not even ‘Anglo’, you probably are very Celtic.
            “Anglos” even in England are R1B Celtic Haplopgroup, you delusional ethno-masochists have a thing for worshipping a foreign elite.

            One of the most mongrelized peoples on Earth, Brits, not even considering the last decades, have a mania of calling everyone ‘mongrels.’
            On the other hand, in a place genetically frozen in time like NorthEast Italy, we never call anyone a mongrel.
            How it feels someone totally alien to you writing about your supposed history?

            I read weeks ago about 20 pages of Who We Are from William Pierce, it’s the most grotesque delusional lying insulting crap that I’ve read in my life, so it’s not me who is insecure about roots. Visit Belluno, Verona, Treviso, Venice and then compare with your fake cities.
            It’s much easier to see a deracinated ‘white’ ‘american’ ‘anglo’ claiming Roman/Spartan/whatever genetic heritage that someone around the city of Rome itself, this shows how insane you are.
            You’re so secure about your roots that you have little defense when faced now with an invasion even in Britain itself.

            It’s ONLY you and blacks, who see on TV or comic books some ancient Roman picture and immediately starting fantasizing about an ancient civilisation in which there is a 95% probability they would have been slaves.
            You can continue using the Latin alphabet and all the other imitations (including cities), but leave our past – and Greek, Persian, etc etc – alone, you don’t belong there, “anglo.”

        • As I said, I’m a proud Anglo-American and I don’t give a damn about you Greek Persian and any of your ancient bs. I live in one those countries my ancestors conquered by the force of arms, unlike your people who came by the boats with begging bowls.

          It’s you who are coming to blogs like these, which has fuck-all to do with your country, to obsessively rant about us. If you weren’t so insecure, why would you even come to an article about British history just to vent your spleen? I don’t go around obsessively shitposting in Italian forums.

          English are racially among the purest people in the world: Keltic-Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, North-Atlantic, all of them originated in Northern and Western Europe. Italy is a racial abomination of all sorts of hairy, swarthy Arab-looking shitskins, muds descended from Gallo-Roman slaves mixed with Lombards, Franks, Celts, Slavs with Alpine and Middle Eastern looking Asiatics of every tinge under the sun.

          I don’t want to visit Balluno or any of your stinky cities, thank you. But do tell your countrymen not to visit and infest our countries like rodents. Anglos don’t fantasise about ancient civilizations. In your country though, mongrel Terroni, who beg and steal under the shades of Rome, claim to be ancient Romans.

          You needn’t worry about the invasion of Britain either. We have defeated every attempted invasion of our countries in the last thousand years, and we are quite capable of dealing with any present troubles. So, don’t concern yourself with our problems, don’t speak our language, just be happy with your precious shithole country.

          • Earth to Bert. It’s you, toothless dotards, who obsessively rant about us. I come to this site sometimes to see what’s happening in the freak show called ‘America,’ since it has a huge degenerative impact in the world. I’m surprised I was not banned til now

            You lying fools obsessively write about us for centuries, half of babbonic Shakespeare nonsense is about us, including childish stories about Verona and Venice. Now “Anglos” swarm to Verona to see the house where Juliet lived, I’m not kidding.
            The annoying crowds lack basic notions of behaviour and hygiene, how to dress properly, and harass the unsuspected locals
            Why the baboon didn’t situate his nonsense in Liverpool or other Moslem shithole to spare us from these sad spectacles of barbarism?

            And about the grotesque lies of Gibbon, Chamberlain , William Pierce, Arthur Kemp and hundreds of other demented liars?
            They don’t have a clue about ancient Rome, they don’t have a clue about the Middle Ages, didn’t speak Latin, didn’t speak Italic dialects, nothing. Who are the obsessive liars?
            An author claimed that Da Vinci was a German named Winke, the Medici clan was the Mädicke clan, Giotto was another German Jötte. Mercy!
            You crackpots have no comprehension about history, especially in the Mediterranean basis, not a clue
            If someone says that you were niggers that lived in swamps and mudhuts, swallow with a smile on your face because it’s the truth, because it’s nothing compared with the crap that you have been spewing for 150 years, and because you’re increasingly isolated in a world that hates and despises you.

            Italy is the country in Europe, after Finland, that less changed genetically since the Iron Age, the comparative genetic tests are abundantly available.
            But our origins are undoubtedly in the East, and I’m very proud of that. The East, not autistic Baden Baden. And there are good signs that we are rotating back to the East.

            What to insult people? Don’t use ridiculous “you’re a mongrel lol” “We wuz kangz Spartanz und sheid lol,”
            “We are pure race lol,” grow up!
            You’re ‘pure’ only in your dumb fat head. Want to see ‘racial purity?’ Go to Congo.

            Your true culture died with the Druids, that’s all. Everything else is made up, everything.
            And Italy itself is the main culprit, insult us based on that.
            We messed up with your heads with Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, the Renaissance, civilization, and now there’s the Jews messing even more.
            “your” language? about 50% is Latin originally, and the rest? You’re Celtic R1b

            There are records of blond Anglo children slaves being negotiated in “Roman” markets as late as the 6th century, but this ethnicity is long gone.
            Eventually the ‘Anglos’ became another foreign elite that despised and exploited you ‘British’ plebs.
            Like the current elite despises and exploits you, they aid and cover up in the rapings and abuse of your little girls by Asiatic Moslems that they imported, for example.

            You’re not even ‘British’ since it’s another Roman denomination.
            “Anglo” became just a generic term that your elites pounded into your heads so that they could use you, you simpleton.

            You can blabber your entire life about how Nordish you are, nobody gives a damn, everybody laugh at you, including your women, and (((others))) infinitely more cunning than you use your blabbering to screw you.
            My father is a blond nigger, thank God I was spared of that naive mutation.

            You’re a cannon fodder that now has no value, so you’re being replaced. What is left?
            Bye Bert

        • It’s funny you complain about USA degenerative influence when your country is far more degenerate shithole and a asslicker of USA and EU, begging for their money. There are over hundred US military bases in Italy.

          Gibbon, Dr. Pierce, Kemp were not liars nor were they obsessed about you. They wrote about how ancient Rome, once a formidable military power, degenerated through mongrelization and invaded by enemies. Of the numerous Shakespeare’s works only five were set in his contemporary Italy, and they were comedies, big deal!

          If our true culture died with druids, then your culture died even before that. Even during the time of Cato, Rome was thoroughly Hellenized and became mere a imitation of Greek civilization, complete with faggotry. And where did you get this nonsense about English was 50% Latin? English had no Latin influence whatsoever except in vocabulary, and that from Old French. Modern Italian has literally tons of loanwords from English.

          When I call you mongrel Terroni, you swallow with a smile on your face because you people are really mongrels. That’s why you are very proud of your origins in the East. You are descendants of Gallo-Roman slaves mixed with various Germanic tribes and middle eastern semites. You call your father a blond nigger, I think he is just a sandnigger just like you, Marocchinated turdskins.

          As I already said, don’t concern yourself with our problems, whether it’s Muslim problem or wop problem, we’re quite capable of dealing with them, as you will soon see, and already seeing.

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