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  1. Yes. It’s because of the Jew. And because of millions of White men, through the centuries, too weak and greedy and cowardly to REMOVE them once and for all.

    • Exactly.

      And that is one of their greatest strengths.
      To get non jews, goy to fight their wars.

      Jews NEVER EVER fight directly, they know what the outcome will be.

      So they convince, pay-off, trick in to, convert and manipulate and all tricks under the sun, so as to get goy, non jews to fight their PROXY WARS.

  2. Every Jewish question is a banking question and vice versa. Why would a German Jew (Khazar), by the name of Paul Warburg be tasked with building the United State’s central bank?

    From Kuhn & Loeb New York and Jacob Schiff. To Nathan Rotschild and The Bank of England. Not to mention the fact that the Rothschilds and Schiffs occupied the same home in Frankfurt. The very first American central bank as proposed by the very first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was directly tied to Nathan Rothschild’s Bank of England.

    The Jewish Century, closer to three. From fiat currency, to fractional reserve lending, to credit cards, to BitCoin. Banking is more Jewish than Hanukkah, and the root of every financial problem in the world.

  3. I don’t know why, but the look on that ladies face while he’s answering the questions made me LOL.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure this professor has tenure at his University but can he technically be fired now after Trump signed that executive order?

  4. “People resent the Jews because they are successful.” What is this? The 1980s? I remember that talking point from the 1980s. It would only fool Boomers.

    People resent them because whenever they get power, the elites turn traitor.

  5. I love RT lately.

    And the good people in ‘Tru News’ are following the same line of truth telling.
    That is the true meaning of being a Witness for Him !.

    God bless anyone that speaks Truth. Believer and non believer alike !

  6. What this professor of Russian history said was correct, except for his pandering to the holy hoax lobby. The most amusing thing to me is that he teaches at UC-Berkeley.

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