Putin Mocks Trump’s Impeachment

For two and a half years, the Democrat narrative was that Trump had colluded with Putin in the Russia conspiracy to win the 2016 election. He was said to be a puppet of Putin. When that came crashing down in the Mueller Report, the narrative shifted and the accusation became that Putin’s enemy was a puppet of Trump and that he had temporarily delayed military aid to Ukraine in order to pull strings for political gain at the expense of Joe Biden.

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  1. This country has become a laughingstock. No one fears or respects it anymore. Nor should they. The Russians, Europeans and Chinese are probably already preparing for the transition to a post-American world.

  2. I have a side issue to offer…..

    Could anyone in here imagine, just imagine if America and Russia, had sat down and worked out, what common issues in the political economic and strategic sphere throughout Earth, they shared?

    What national interests the US and Russia might be able to achieve/fulfil – each for their own sakes – in co ventures around the world?

    What conclusions the US & the Russian Federation might come to agree upon, within a shared vision in matters such as geopolitics, such as common economic practices/goals, such as common cultural values to promote through out the world?

    Can you imagine a world where the most powerful two Eurocentric Nations define and shape the rules the norms and the values of world commerce, cultural norms, politics, education ??

    Can anyone imagine how the world might look like if America & Russia where sharing common world view points and acted where possible as partners through out the globe???

    rhetorical question:
    In such a (not so fantastic) future, who do you reckon would be the losers and who the winners in such a world ??

      • Yes.

        May I suggest a better punishment for these anti-God and anti-Order never ending revolutionaries:

        Imagine a world, where they would be contained in their little region with NO possibility to exercise their “gifts” pederasty/usury/revolution/subversive politics/deception and murder.

        A sort of human zoo made JUST for them, enclosed in their little “chosen” state, where the rest of Humanity will see them as nothing more then the lepers of Humanity, something that is unclean, something that is to be avoided.

        In my above scenario relating to America & Russia having mutual understandings about the World, in such a world the biggest losers would be, without a doubt, the Jews.

        That is why Russia is portrayed from time immemorial in the West/Europe, even when Russia assisted the American Settlers the then British Colony to throw off the yoke of the British Crown from America.

  3. When Nadler (Jew-NY) calls a speech by Gohmert (R-TX) “Russian propaganda” you know this has become a ridiculous country.

    When you’ll certainly go to jail if the FBI accuses you of lying to them, but when the FBI lies, misleads and deceives the FISA court that’s called “mistakes” and “errors,” you know you live in a tyranny.

    When the US military ship out of occupied Syria hundreds of truckloads of oil you know they’ve now become pirates.

  4. People who had no business talking about politics were speaking if the impeachment in angry, betrayed tones. Working class people.

    For some low information types this reveals that they indeed have Enemies and that Dream Time (post war America) is over.

  5. Leftists and liberals LOVED Russia when its people were being controlled by talmudic communism. Not so much anymore!

    Slava Novorossiya, God save the South, and Merry Christmas to all

  6. With their deranged hatred of Russia, the Jews are putting us at risk of a nuclear war. One miscalculation on either side, and the missiles will fly. The Jews believe they are superior beings, but do they think they are so superior that they’re immune to radioactive fallout?

  7. There is a story that was floated around in the eighties (if I recall correctly) than when Margret Thatcher went to the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev took her aside and proposed that the United States and the Soviet Union get together and nuke China before she becomes too powerful because as he pointed out we are the two most powerful white nations in the world.

    • That particular story cannot be verified…for obvious reasons.
      Though I would not discount it either !!

      Nikita Khrushchev was, one of the minorities within the politburo that wanted the cold war to end , on an amicable terms with the West and the so called “iron curtain” do disappear.

      He was looking for a way out of the economic/productivity and trade COMPLETE FAILURES of the sioviet union.

      He denounced the stalinist methods, policies and all of the stalinist era. He was NOT a friend of the jews he shared the same distaste for them, with stalin .

      But different to stalin, he saw him self as a champion a protector of Russian/Slavic (European heritage).

      It was Nikita Khrushchev who backed away from the Cuban Missile crisis. J F Kennedy was a hero in those days.

      Ike Eisenhower saw a way to end the cold war as well, with attempting to bring the USSR leader/G Secretary in to talks that would de escalate the paranoia of those days.

      Note the Cuban missile crisis was the manipulation and doing of that Cuban(???) family of WORMS the castros.

      there is a reason why Che Guevara, began to hate and clash with that DEAD commie filth, fidel, and had to leave Cuba because castro was plotting to end him!

  8. Putin knows who rules amerika, and he’s very good at destroying shitlib jewsmedia shiksas and shabbos goy’s questions with ease.

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