Tony Blair: Labour’s Historic Challenge

I needed a good laugh this morning.

I was feeling really bad yesterday and was too sick to even crawl of the bed.

In his speech on Labour’s collapse this morning, Tony Blair didn’t once mention immigration, neoliberalism, political correctness or multiculturalism. He briefly mentioned Iraq, but didn’t dwell on the subject for obvious reasons. Instead, he blamed it all on Jeremy Corbyn and the Far Left, as if it was Corbyn who had created all the resentments that led to Brexit in the first place. This was the fourth general election that Labour has lost to the Conservatives. The demise of the Labour Party had more to do with what it became under Blair and the consequences playing out over the past 20 years than what it ever so briefly was under Corbyn.

The last thing the Labour Party needs to do now is to listen to the advice of this neoliberal centrist globalist who plunged Britain into Iraq, flung open the borders, nurtured the toxic political correctness and multiculturalism which gave us the present generation of middle class woke scolds and whose policies deindustrialized the old Labour heartlands. Here in the United States, it was his counterpart Bill Clinton who deregulated finance and who brought China into the WTO and who celebrated America becoming a majority non-White country. In the process, Bill Clinton lost the Upper South to the GOP and Hillary Clinton lost the Rust Belt to Trump.

Sound familiar?

The working class in both countries is and always has been socially conservative and economically populist. The toxic social liberalism of urban middle class professionals and students in the universities killed the Labour Party. The Labour Party needs to go back to its roots instead of having Jeremy Corbyn making videos about his pronouns.

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  1. “New Labour…[will] sweep away those forces of conservatism to set the people free…

    And it is us, the new radicals, the Labour Party modernised, that must undertake this historic mission. To liberate Britain from the old class divisions, old structures, old prejudices, old ways of working and of doing things, that will not do in this world of change.

    To be the progressive force that defeats the forces of conservatism.

    For the 21st century will not be about the battle between capitalism and socialism but between the forces of progress and the forces of conservatism.

    They are what hold our nation back. Not just in the Conservative Party but within us, within our nation.

    hey are what hold our nation back. Not just in the Conservative Party but within us, within our nation.

    The forces that do not understand that creating a new Britain of true equality is no more a betrayal of Britain’s history than New Labour is of Labour’s values.

    The old prejudices, where foreign means bad.

    Where multi-culturalism is not something to celebrate, but a left-wing conspiracy to destroy their way of life.”

    Well Hunter, we know how that worked out. That was Blair in 1999. You can read more at And Hunter, see here on how Labour expanded the state in Britain.

  2. The first Labour pol to come out and say that Enoch Powell was right will probably win election as PM in a landslide. After he gets out of prison for violating hate speech laws, of course.

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