Nuts or Nukes: America Roasting on an Open Fire

I’m currently watching TruNews on my laptop and the impeachment vote in the House live on FOX News on television. The Jew Adam Schiff is speaking on the floor of the House right now.

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  1. I didn’t like him in 2016, but I voted for him. I voted red for many years. It wasn’t until clinton that I started voting independent. I don’t like the idea of the presidency passing to pence. But I could live with that for one reason alone. If they can flip twenty blue senators, so be it, and the FUSA be damned. Maybe, just maybe this will wake-up the normies. It’ll be a real shit show for a bit, then perhaps some of us will move on to something better.
    I don’t care what happens to the rest. They are my enemies.

  2. If it looks like I’m confusing ‘reds’ and ‘blues’ I’m not. I’m putting them in their generally accepted orientation, not the fucked-up yankee one.

  3. Rick Wiles is a poor political pundit. On tonight’s show, Wiles said that the only two things that bothers him about Blompf’s first term was that he was a super zionist and the debt being racked up. That makes him look quite simpleminded.

    Is Mr. Wiles fine with “criminal justice reform/first step program,” Blompf’s globohomo campaign, providing lethal military assistance to Ukraine, attempted coup in Venezuela, not building a mm of new border fencing or and of the “wall,” freeing illegal immigrants into the interior of the country where they disappear and do not show up for their immigration hearings, not sighing and executive order ending “anchor babies ” from becoming automatic citizens, no investigation into Epstein’s pedophile blackmail ring, ……….

    Outside of naming ‘the jews’ for their leading role in Blompf’s impeachment, Mr. Wiles us a typical boomertard.

    • Perhaps we should cut Pastor Wiles a little slack, Comrade. He is pretty brave for a contemporary Christian.

      • Spahn,

        It there was a way of splicing Jared Taylor with Rick Wiles, we’d have a bad ass boomer who knows and understands what’s really going on and not afraid to speak its name.

  4. Wiles has attacked the Trump regime for every single one of the issues you mention and for much more that you aren’t even aware about.

    • Austrofascist,

      Listen to the first 30 minutes or so of this video. My Wiles said he believes that Blompf’s presidency has been a success, except for his virulent zionism and budget deficits.

      I wish his view was otherwise. I like the entire TruNews team, but I am not going to turn a blind eye when they’re in error.

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