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  1. Considering the poor welcome Germans received in America by Anglo Saxons such as Franklin, Jefferson, and Hamilton among others. The founding Anglo Saxons went as far as to disparage Germans, Swedes, and Russians as “dirty, stupid, and swarthy ” people who wouldn’t assimilate. It’s no wonder that the “German and Scandinavian belt” was as far away from the Anglo Saxon Protestants that clustered in “Dixie.”

    The “German belt” landscape is more reminiscent of the “Old World ” for Germanics and Nordics. Let the descendants of England share the hot and humid South with their former slave livestock.

    • Non-British Protestants should never have been let in. See how they still resent our founding fathers to this day ^

      • EddieK,

        You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        German and Swedish Protestants were disparaged for being German and Swedish by elitist british jagoffs. Both swedes and Germans assimilated into model citizens.

        Why are you defending the founders that went beyond simply white supremacy to Anglo Saxon supremacy? Your attitude is a sticking point for me on whether Anglo Saxons can be trusted to do what’s right and good for ALL Whites or just Whites of British descent.

  2. The kikes even had to corrupt the Amish. But, are we really surprised? They wreak their havoc worldwide with the unbridled support of the Vatican, the Monarchs, Western governments, and the reds and pinkos worldwide.

    They need to keep the Holohoax lie going or they’re toast.

    They need to keep the Ashkenazi lie going, too, or they’re toast.

    The Leuchter Report. It should be required reading for every human.


    I’ve noticed Jim Rizoli’s interview of Fred Leuchter has been scrubbed from the Internet. It was a real goodie.

    You can question your God with no repercussions.

    You can question your parentage with no repercussions.

    You can question anything but don’t you dare question the Holocaust. You’ll be destroyed in every way possible.

    • Jews are NOT Semites. Jews are a race. Jews are liars. Jews killed Christ. They are no longer the Chosen People, the Church is. The Hollow Hoax did not happen. Credo in unum Deum…. it’s all part and parcel of the same Faith. Gott sei Dank.

  3. Many German immigrants also settled in Texas during the mid 19th century. They started there with cattle breeding.
    So the first cowboys were mainly Germans. Probably ‘the cowboy’ was even a german invention…

  4. The British Americans Number 72 million in the USA. German Americans are 50 million. Germany consists of many Smaller States and So does the Britain, England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. The Jews that control the census have divided the British to make there numbers smaller by creating the American ethnicity and dividing the british so it was just English Scottish Welsh and Northern Irish so they say England instead of the U.K. so the numbers look smaller than they actually are. The Brittsh were the ruling WASP elite there were 60 million in 1980 and would have increased with time. The WASPS White Anglo Saxon Protestants ruled the USA from the 15th century to the 1960’s when the Jews with there control of the Federal Reserve and the media gained control of the Congress Senate and Presidency managed to wrestle control off of the WASPS. So the Jews use the census to make the WASPS look like there were less in number than they naturally are.

  5. I’m descended from Germans who settled in central South Carolina in the 1700’s. This area near Columbia is called the Dutch Fork after these Germans (Anglicized from “Deutsch”). Many natives have German surnames and there are tons of Lutheran churches in this area. Newberry County is more Lutheran than any other county in SC. The Germans assimilated into the broader Southern culture and became successful planters, doctors, lawyers, and statesmen in the antebellum and Reconstruction period. Many descendants also moved west to Alabama, Mississippi, etc.

  6. It is sad that Germans went to war with Germans during WWI and WWII. At the end of the day all whites are interrelated in the form of germanic tribes way back in early history (also a very interesting part for me as a layman historian) but have drifted apart over the centuries and formed distinct nations and some came out as the dominating tribes of today. What wil the situation be a century from now on? I once obtained a book on old English in a South African library and was suprised how close it sounded like middle aged German.

    Germans in South Africa:


    Map: Origin fathers of the Boers


    • It is extremely sad. Too much infighting and the gradual loss of identity. The Germanic race currently appears to be headed for dissolution and extermination.

  7. Having lived in the Midwestern North, and now the South (as much South as either I or my family can stand) the difference in social services (Government, trash/leaf gathering, zoning (ZONING!!!!) ) etc. is night and day.

    The Nordic/Germanic North prizes order, cleanliness, civic conformity quite highly. The South, (from what I can tell) mere individuality above all else- even if it means a double-wide with five rusting hulks of autos next to a $300k house, that merely has a fence demarcating itself from its’ trailer trash ‘neighbors.’ Do I exaggerate? I don’t think so.

    If only that corporate culture of the North, did not also mandate a conformity of thought, as well, it might be paradise.

  8. Thanks for this post. Am a first generation American of German heritage. Dad got off the boat pre-WWII; mom post-WWII. Both settled in the Chicago area which already had other relatives who got off the boat around 1906. My godmother ended up first in Texas and eventually came to the Chicago area. There were a lot of German immigrants in Chicago. Many settled in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Speaking of which, get a load of this – the Goethe memorial at the north end of Lincoln Park by sculptor Hermann Hahn. The inscription reads “To Goethe. The Master Mind of the German People. The Germans of Chicago. 1913”. Find it hard to believe it’s ‘allowed’ to remain.

    It’s on quite a heroic scale. Following picture shows the completed bronze before being put in place. That’s the sculptor standing there to give an idea on the scale.

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