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4 Comments on "DW: The Rise of Vladimir Putin"

  1. Oligarchs? (((He))) tossed around and subverted. To the power player’s of Jewish, Slavic deep state communist paid off goys and the power’s to be vs the Kremlin in any major city of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus/Moldavia/Kazakhstan

    It’s a power play that should be analyzed and applied to the center banks of the WEST!

    It’s all about money! Gold and Currency!

    Think why the Bores of South Africa where demonized for finding Gold, Diamonds, and rare earth Metal elementals.

  2. Esoteric Du30ist | December 16, 2019 at 10:19 am |

    Putin, circa 2000: “Debates are fake and gay. And so are you.”

    If only we could somehow combine the based authoritarianism and aspirational sense of national destiny of Putin, the earnest, organic love of the nation and its people of Orban, the ZFG attitude toward correcting society’s problems of my namesake Duterte, the practical economic and social smarts of X, and, yes, the charisma of somebody like Trump.

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