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  1. Simon Wiesenthal Center is claiming that Jeremy Corbyn is the world’s No #1 Anti-Semitic Menace. (Yes, worse than Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Matt Heimbach!)
    Are these guys for real?

  2. Nothing that is happening with impeachment is real. It is all a bipartisan fundraising scheme to agitiate the bases and get people excited for next election product.

    The long awaited IG report is a perfect example of this. Its inconclusive enough to be construed to mean whatever people want. And its being spun as a victory on both sides.

    Impeachment will be the same way. It will die in the Senate. All of this will be then meaningless. Dems will cry foul at Senate for not convicting and campaign against Bad Orange Man as the existential threat to our deomocracy…Republicans will campaign against Dem Socialism as the existential threat to our democracy, meanwhile the entrenched deepstate will carry on amidst the din of bread and circus.

    Meanwhile, nothing of note is happening in the dissident right. The GenX fedora tippers of TRS are still locked in the echochamber of their sycophants. Anglin is still a weasel pretending to be a white advocate, and nobody is calling him on his bullshit. Cantwells content sucks because I think he genuinely stopped drinking finally. Spencer is still a wholly unappealing Waspy fruit.

    Even the subject matter here on OD is representative of the general malaise. Look at the subjects. Its all over the place. No theme, no narrative. Something something demise of Ireland (spoiler alert: they aren’t white), and something else about a lost continent under Italy (they aren’t white either). Something something Ms. Universe (surprise! not white) and something David French (His wifes son isn’t white either). Jew Coup. Something about Zambia (def not white). Gay libertarian something. Ghostbusters (cast not white)

    Even my favorite vidya games are in content lulls.


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