Miss Universe Grew Up In A World Where She Was Too Ugly To Win Her Crown

This is so routine now that it is barely worth noticing.

I think this is the first time the winner actually acknowledged that she would have been considered too ugly to win a generation ago.


“(CNN) Miss South Africa rules all.

Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe Sunday night after excelling through rounds of swimsuit and evening gown struts, questions on social issues and one final chance to explain why she was the right choice.

“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me — with my kind of skin and my kind of hair — was never considered to be beautiful,” she said in her last response. “I think it is time that that stops today. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine.”

Look at “Miss Iceland.”

It is Missandei from Game of Thrones.

This is Miss Universe:

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  1. I believe Miss Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Colombia were white. Miss USA is a mulatta. I wonder how many times in the last 20 years that a black has represented the USA?

    Once beauty contests go international and political then there is no reason to have them. Actually, I think they are pretty foolish and vain to begin with.

    By the way there are girls at my school that more than match them in the face. I think Miss Mexico should have won of course.

    • Those Latin American contestants are lovely, miss. Your culture still values femininity and beauty. Ours celebrates everything that’s ugly, revolting and unnatural.

      • spahnranch1969,

        Well, thank you. In the last few months I have come to realize more and more how twisted many aspects of modern society really are.

      • Spahnranch1969,

        Her comment that she grew up where she was ugly seems bizarre. White rule ended around 1994–25 years ago. I do not know her age but she is probably around 25 or younger. Meaning she grew up under black rule in South Africa so her statement sounds bizarre even by today’s standards.

      • Yes and no. Colombian women can be real freaky when it comes to multiple plastic surgeries before age 30. (boob jobs, butt jobs, liposuctions of one part or another of their racks)

    • Christy,

      You know you don’t have to tell me about some if the beauties in Latin America (non-indigenous of course). Sometimes I’ll watch their beauty pageants in Telemundo or Univsion, and I will find myself reaching for my passport. Ha. Ha.

      F.Y.I. OD readers, Uruguay is nearly 88% White.

      • @November

        When in Mexico, I saw a few green eyed blonde bombshells. There is a definite White segment in Mexico. There are also a few German colonial towns in Mexico and a German area in Mexico City.

        How could the country function without some white supervison?

        • Arian,

          Yes, they are still some White hotties in Mexico. The one I was thinking about were from Columbia, Argentina, Uraguay, and even Brazil and Venezuela.

          I recall watching an episode of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice ” show. One of the contestants was a former Miss Universe from Venezuela that was so beautiful that homosexual Clay Aiken found himself attracted to her.

      • November,

        Yet I have read ignorant white nationalists claim Mexico is 99% mixed and South America the same. Do people in the Unites States know anything about the rest of the world?

        When you watch Telemundo you think you are in Spain. When you watch American commercials you sometimes think you are in Brazil.

        • “When you watch Telemundo you think you are in Spain.”– Hasta que abran sus orificios de tacos eruptando aquella cochinada de Spanglish negreado.

        • Christina,

          Tens of millions of Americans are ignorant on so many topics, but if surveyed, they’d say that they’re well informed and knowledgable .

          Not only are
          Most Americans ignorant and stupid about demographics of other nations, but they often cannot find their own state on a map. To add insult to injury, high ranking officials in our government are just as clueless.

          Sophia Vergara who is originally from Columbia and a natural blonde had to dye her hair brown for her role as “Gloria” on the comedy “Modern Family” because Americans believe that all Latinas have dark hair.

          It is this kind embarrassing level of stupidity and ignorance that makes me so aggressive in responding to fools, idiots, and morons.

          There are some Spanish language female news anchors and sports reporters that would put most Miss Americas and Miss Universes to shame.

    • My dear, you are so very prescient in your analysis of the reality of this bizarro world. May God grant you such clarity throughout your life.

  2. The ratings for Miss Galaxy must be infinitesimal. Nobody wants to watch some bonobo in an evening gown win anything.

    • spahnranch1969,

      I checked Yahoo news right before I was heading to bed and it mentioned that Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe are all won by blacks??? All contests created and funded by whites. Amazing.

      Blacks are 12% of US population. For a random choice for the USA alone for each year it would be around 1 chance out of 512. Or half a millenium. Roughly 1 out of 8 for each contest multiplied by 1 out of 8 three times if I did my math correctly. It is my weak subject.

      My conclusion—-Things like this really show me how spineless whites are and how your main enemy are your own people. May I say no country should participate. I am not sure if Moslem countries compete. If not I agree with them on this one.

    • Speaking of Miss Galaxy, she kind of looks like the spare tire I lost from my old Ford Galaxy although I think that was better looking and probably had fewer miles on it than this bonobo.

      • “Miss Universe are all won by blacks??? All contests created and funded by whites. Amazing.”

        Yes, funded, but (who) controls the contests?

        • Arian,

          I only meant this year all 4 contests of Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe were won by blacks. I have no idea who won them in previous years.

          The odds of that just happening by spinning the wheel would be for the 3 American contests roughly once every 512 times or every 512 years since the contest is once a year.

          As for who funds these contests? Probably liberals and Jews.

  3. A woman with a buzz cut, flat chest and stick figure won out against all those buxom ladies with luscious curves and lustrous long hair? Ideology really is inverting the standard of feminine beauty. Were Grace Jones and RuPaul the only judges?

    • All the judges were women this year, and based on the winners chosen I’m sure they were all straight women too. My mom ran a formal wear and pageant dress business while I was in middle school and high school, so I ended up being dragged along to a lot of pageants, and one thing I can tell you is that women make horrible pageant judges. They can’t rein in their envy and spite when there are pretty young ladies present and will often choose worse contestants because they think that is “the right thing to do,” but it is actually that they are intimidated. Women never stop jockeying for power and position amongst themselves using passive aggressive means like that, even when doing something as simple as picking which girl in a lineup is the prettiest.

      • It was Grace Jones, mentioned above, that she looks like. Jones played assassin May Day in “A View To A Kill.”

  4. I don’t bother watching this kind of thing, precisely because it’s PC. I knew before the winner was chosen that they would pick a minority. As Ramzpaul said, who knows how long it will be before they pick some tranny? Why not pick a 6’5 tranny who is 400 pounds with a limp, a beard, and crossed eyes?

    • Patience. Patience.

      We are probably less than a decade away from exactly that.

      Some high schools in America have named a female (transsexual) as homecoming king and male (transsexual ) as homecoming queen.

  5. I think that you would have to be a strange, Ted Danson, sort of White man to have an attraction to Negro women. In re-watching “Zulu” and “Roots,” I was reminded that for much of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Black women would appear topless on film and their nudity wasn’t thought of as being sexually provocative in the same way that a White woman’s bare breasts would have been. So, there was no need to censor the images, even on network television. No one was aroused by Roxie Roker.

    For those that insist that we have been indoctrinated with racist perceptions and standards of beauty: Compare the Swan to the Vulture… the grace and elegance of a Lioness to a snorting, wallowing Sow… the fluttering, floating Butterfly to the buzzing, barnstorming Housefly. It’s quite simple, from a mere cursory observation, to determine which is more aesthetically pleasing without any need for an in-depth, clinical analysis of why one is more appealing than the other.

    • Hello. I have been doing research for HOURS in order to provide links for you – to no avail. Information is disappearing from the ‘Net!

      There was a study done, in China, years ago, replicating the fraudulent Clark Doll Study .Blacks children were shown a black doll and a white doll, and asked which one was nicer, prettier, etc. Most of the the kids picked the White doll, This was replicated years later, in China. Small Chinese children, who had NEVER experienced “racism” in their entire lives, because they NEVER encountered a member of another Race, were shown a series of photos of women of various racial/ethnic types, and were asked to pick the “most beautiful women”. Well – most chose the blue eyed blonde women, even over their own ethny. (This is all about how the brain perceives light). The adults running the study were confounded. I can’t find any data on this. I have to start embedding things….

      This choice of Negroes over all the other women is a joke. Every-one knows it. too. Once the Chinese “take over” – all of this nonsense ends.

      • Sorry for the belated reply. Yes I remember seeing some of those studies when they were first being implemented, but I had forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me.

      • Yes, you’re right. I inadvertently and inconveniently overlooked that fact. Thank you for clarifying. It does make a difference. And, it does seem that the deranged Jew often seeks to copulate with a Negress and then tries to deflect that unnatural desire onto White Men, who are generally much less inclined to have sex with Black women. Even those that the media tries to put forth as being alluring, like Halle Barry or Beyonce, are largely rejected by the majority of White males. Although, too often, I do hear from those who proudly declare, “I’d do her!” Which is usually the end of whatever conversation we were having. What more is there to discuss with someone like that? I just walk away, shaking my head, and sighing… tsk, tsk…

        • Cowtown Rebel,

          Are not Beyonce and Halle Barry watered down with white blood therefore lightening their skin and softening their features making them more desirable to some white men and a lot of black men?

          • Yes, I believe that is true. Eldridge Cleaver, in “Soul on Ice” wrote about an impromptu survey he did among the Black men he was incarcerated with. He asked them if they preferred White women or Black women? Although, some indicated a desire for Hispanic or Asian women, none seemed to want a Black woman. One of the Black men went so far as to say that if money was Black, he wouldn’t want it. While another man claimed that he went limp if he reached up and touched a Black woman’s hair while having intercourse with her.

            Chris Rock did an HBO Special on Black women’s hair that was hilarious. After showing women in India and China shaving their heads and selling their hair, he took a bag full of African hair to wig shops trying to sell it. One of the Chinese men said, in broken English, “No one want… No one want poofy” while arching his hands over his head simulating an Afro.

            The High School I attended was racially balanced, half Black and half Latino. Of a student body of over 2000, there were probably 40 white kids dispersed over grades 9 thru 12. I was literally the only White kid in several of my classes. I generally hung out with some of the Mexicans, but I was always “The White Guy.” I had a couple of White friends, but being as we were often in different classes, I didn’t see them except at lunch and before or after school. And, although, I found many of the Mexican girls to be attractive, most were not interested in me. Much later, I came to appreciate the cultural differences, and I now realize they would have been very difficult to navigate (some of my friends learned this lesson the hard way).

            Interestingly, I never used the term “Wetback,” but many of my “Mexican” classmates did. They were hostile toward them. I rarely heard Spanish being spoken, although some of the graffiti contained words and phrases. They kind of reminded me of Cheech Marin singing “Mexican Americans go to night school, and take Spanish, and get a B.” Barrio Rock Island, or V.R.I. was the oldest gang in the city, and many students were affiliated with them. The Latin Kings, V.S.S. (Barrio South Side), V.E.S. (Barrio East Side) V.N.S. (Barrio North Side) and V. C. (Barrio Central) all had members attending class there. The Blacks surely must have had Gang Affiliations as well. But, they weren’t readily apparent in the way they became only a couple of years after my departure, when that kind of activity literally spread over almost the entire City. After that, the Crips and Bloods were shooting each other on street corners in the old Neighborhood.

            I date exclusively White women. But, I’m certainly no Casanova. There have been a couple of women of other races who have made advances toward me, but I have, graciously, turned away their attentions.

        • Cowtown Rebel,

          You gave a very good and detailed analysis in response to my response.

          It was funny that you were always the white guy at school. I know at school we immediately categorize other students based on sex and race.

          My school is majority latin-American with most being Mexicans–either Mexican Nationals or Mexican Americans. The school is majority girl with some guys. There are no blacks in the school this year that I am aware of. There is also no apparent friction. Probably because most students are girls.

          As for flirting? i will flirt with anglos guys a little but I have no real interest in them. It would take an unusual Anglo to move me. The anglos are careful in their racial speech. You guys have been tamed well. But we are not. We sometimes will kid each other and call ourselves wetbacks or beaners but it is light hearted. No one in my school is illegal as far as I am aware.

          I might add that we wear uniforms. The dresses are a little longer than some schools and with long leggings/stockings attractive and reasonably modest.

          Sounds like you were fortunate to graduate when you did right ahead of troubles. The gangs you mentioned sound like from Los Angeles yet your nickname sounds like Fort Worth. My family has some land and a couple of houses within 50 miles of Fort Worth.

  6. The winner is a beautiful young woman, but that doesn’t change the faked outcome, which is an insult to all women. The MC, if I’m not mistaken, took over Family Feud years ago, and in the show I watched was reading leading questions designed to elicit sexually disgusting responses, doing the bidding of his Jewish masters by making fools of both the contestants and audience.

    Young women of all races are infinitely beautiful and this will not be allowed to stand under the Jews’ inversion of reality and hatred of all things good and decent. Here we have the whole damn thing as grinning mockery of insiders for insiders, using this faked contest to demean the girls’ extraordinary physical beauty by contrasting it with a set-up-to-look-stupid Q&A.

  7. The contest is as fake as the plaster and paint on their faces (euphemistically called ‘makeup’).

    Why Don’t we have contests on merit, intelligence and accomplishment?

    If a woman is indeed beautiful, it’s a credit to her parents and ancestors.

  8. Full black women are fucking gross, including this “winner.” These Jews are trying to meme this ugliness as beauty into reality. I have about had it with their shenanigans.

  9. For Cristina Romana: I was in Mexico City in 1985, and I did note the TV had almost all Spanish people, hardly any meztizos at all. It’s my impression that the castillos pretty much run Mexico, and every once in a while the meztizos start a revolution and rile things up, then after some chaos, order returns.
    I also think beauty contests, such as they are now, are pretty useless, since it’s given to minorities, pretty much like the Nobel prize in the arts is.
    I do think Spanish women are quite attractive. There was a TV show back in 2001 I liked, The Queen of Swords, about a female Zorro, and the actress, Tessie Santiago, was quite beautiful, and Cuban (first gen. from U.S.). Yes, she was blonde, and in order to get the part, she had to dye her hair black. People forget there are blonde Mexicans, Spaniards, Greeks, etc.
    I also liked the people in the series. It was filmed in Spain, and the Spanish are very handsome in many respects.

    A friend in the army was Mexican, and we were in Germany together. He got annoyed when some Germans and Italians thought he was Turkish, as they didn’t like Turks, but once they found out he was Mexican, that all changed.

    It was funny how many American GI’s married women from all over the world, especially the guys from the corn belt…must have been hard up for women, seeing these blonde, blue-eyed cowboy types with every kind of woman from Vietnam to Korea to Central America. One Sergeant, an Irish guy from Boston, married a Turkish woman, and he had no explanation why he did.

    In the 30’s, the military used to forbid soldiers from marrying foreigners, especially non-whites, but that changed after WWII.

    Note how in films after WWII, you had GIs having romances with Japanese women, a sort of early interracial dipping. But also, orientals are kind of considered almost white.

    But also, now you see white men marrying blacks. The military, despite all its supposed super patriotism, is pretty much an arm of the globalists.

    • Dargason,

      An excellent comment from you and very much appreciated. Thank you for your insights.

      As an interesting side note today we had a garage door fall apart on one of our houses. So my older sister called the first repairmen in the phone book. It was called Alamo Doors or something like that. The workers who showed up were Mexican. The invoice even had a picture of the Alamo on it.

      Surprisingly, my grandmother who paid the invoice thought it was funny and joked about it saying she had seen a John Wayne movie on the Alamo a long time ago. It is also indicative how a business with an emphasis on the Alamo has Mexicans dominating it. Kind of like Texas more and more.

    • Dargason,

      I do watch old American films sometimes because my grandmother likes them. I was struck how even in the 1950’s they were pushing interracial propaganda by beginning slowly with some orientals but more along the lines of westerns with white men and Indian girls. Probably their safest approach.

      Films with Kirk Douglas, Victor Mature, Gary Cooper, Robert Wagner etc. Even Elvis Presley once played a half breed in a movie courting the I Dream of Jeannie girl.

      • Trump’s next executive order will be that when the Miss Universe pageant is held in the USA, Miss Israel must be crowned the winner, otherwise it will be prosecuted as an anti-semitic hate crime.

  10. Cristina Romana: I’m not that fond of the Alamo John Wayne movie. Okay, but kind of typical. A better Alamo is one from a few years ago with Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett. Although a lot of ‘real Americans’ hated it, I liked the authenticity, costuming, and also it showed something of the Mexican side, especially what an ass Santa Anna was, and how the Texans were kind of ambiguous and quarrelsome, but brought it together. Have her see that movie.
    Yeah, a lot of indians and white guys in TV and movies. I wrote a novel about the civil war in Guatemala, and in my research noted the racial conflict between the Naturales (Indians) and the Ladinos (meztizos/castillos), and how, in Guatemala, because a larger Naturale population survived then in Mexico, the racial lines followed ideological lines, although the idea that it was simply a war between Coronels and peones is simplistic.

    Noted also, when Guatemalan refugees tried to enter Mexico, the Mexican army gunned them down. Borders were strictly observed. Concepcion, my Naturale heroine, also is conflicted because she was raised by a German planter, and he inculcated a love of music. I was involved in the movement against U.S. intervention, so discovered a lot of ambiguity in that struggle.

    • dargason,

      I have seen the John Wayne Alamo movie. It is a huge spectacle so it was bound to be popular. I have seen one with Sterling Hayden as Davy Crockett but have never seen the Alamo movie with Billy Bob Thornton as Davey Crockett. I will have to look that one up. Thank you for alerting me to it’s presence.

      So you are a writer. Congratulations. I wonder how many countries the United States has intervened in? Guatemala has a lot of Maya.

  11. As my Mexican friend said, ‘the only reason you have no coups in America is because there are no American embassies there.’

    I do think you’d like the Alamo movie I spoke of. It had a nice scene (cut out) of a Mexican dance with candles, and has a good feel of what it must have been like. The costumes are very realistic, not ‘western’.
    But I warned you: a lot of ‘conservatives’ hate it because it isn’t macho enough for Americans.

    Two of my novels have been published, The Green Path (about Guatemala…title taken from the Popol Vuh), and The St. Louisans, about said city. Both are out of print, but I’m starting to get them back into circulation, along with the six other novels I’ve written.

    • dargason,

      A good point about the 1830’s not being western. I have seen American movies covering the 1820’s/1840’s with cowboy hats, six shooters, and winchester repeating rifles instead of muskets and different clothing. I had to laugh at that.

      I am impressed that you have written so many books. You could end up being more well known than anyone on this website.

      I am glad the Billy Bob Thornton movie stressed realism. So the movie was not pro Texan enough according to the conservatives? No John Wayne speeches, no Richard Widmark cutting sarcasm like in the 1960 movie? Oh well.

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