The Search For Another Home

It would be nice to find a superhabitable planet.

I’ve been watching a lot of these documentaries and one of the concepts that has recently emerged from studying exoplanets is that Earth actually might not be that well suited for sustaining a planetary civilization. Much of Earth’s surface is covered by deserts and the polar ice caps and our G-type main-sequence star has maybe only a billion years left before it pushes our planet outside of the habitable zone. Given what we have observed outside of our own solar system, there are likely rocky planets out there that are bigger and better at supporting life.

Note: We aren’t even going to Europa anytime soon.

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  1. OK, three of these damned articles in less than a month. HW, you are entering retreat mode, and AVOIDING THE PROBLEM. This is the only earth where YHWH God created MAN- ADAMIC MAN. This is the only earth where the Son of God (remember, it’s a trinity, and not some Mormon polytheistic cult you profess to believe) incarnated- which means, He came to save THIS PLANE ONLY.

    There is no other ‘heaven and earth’ – SCI FI was a Jewish-led movement to think that another ‘final solution’ lay at hand for (believe it or not, but look at all early Scifi- White, Intelligent, Brilliant, Handsome) Aryan Man.

    This is the White Equivalent of DC Comics, and Superman Jewish fantasies of Kal-El.

    • Josephus, Berenice, Tiberius Alexander, Flavia Domitilla, Titus, Vespasian.

      Hellenistic Jews created Christianity in order to pacify and rehabilitate the Messianic Jews in the aftermath of the Jewish War. After the Bar Kokhba Rebellion, when Judaism essentially became illegal, Jews rebranded as “Christians” and the rest is history…

      …it’s silly for Aryan men to even be discussing this.

  2. Only white people are interested in exploring the galaxy. The Japs too, but to a lesser extent.

    So far the existence of exoplanets can only be inferred by the wobble in light and gravity in front of a given star, so none of those new worlds can be directly observed.
    Assuming they actually do exist! But even if they do how y’all gonna git there? Even the closest Earth like planet would still be tens of trillions of miles away.

  3. I get tired of coons telling us what to think, like the coon in this sci-fi short.

    I had a $10 dollar reflecting telescope when I was a kid, and I had a ton of fun with it. To actually see Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn was too cool.

  4. The Earth we are told has 24 time-zones that are 15 degrees of longitude wide at their greatest at the equator and that SHRINK TO ZERO as they converge at both the North and South poles. Hmmmm? Reallly? I ask then- what time is it at the North/South pole? There is either NO TIME or the poles simultaneously exist at all times which is ludicrous!

    We are told that the Earth spins at its greatest at roughly 1,000 MPH at the Equator and then slows as you approach both the North and South pole again. Why then are direct commercial flights from East-West and West-East virtually identical taking into consideration minor factors such as wind resistance, weather, etc.? Say New York to San Francisco which is roughly 2,900 miles. If the Earth is spinning towards your flight-path from West-to-East at hundreds of mph AND your plane is traveling at roughly 600 MPH in addition to the spinning Earth towards your plane- you would arrive in minutes! If you were travelling WITH the spin of the Earth, your plane would have to travel at enormous speeds to compensate for the Earth spinning AWAY from you and your destination. Would you land your plane on a runway that was built perpendicular to the spin of the Earth? Once the plane hit the Earth spinning underneath it at hundreds of mph, it would be immediately wrecked!

    The reality is that there are many out there who are still extremely resistant to the idea that the Earth IS NOT a spinning sphere! Does that mean the Earth is flat? No! The Earth is unknown in its totality!

    “Earth thus shatters every attempt to penetrate it. It causes every merely calculating importunity upon it to turn into a destruction. This destruction may herald itself under the appearance of mastery and of progress in the form of the
    technical-scientific objectification of nature, but this mastery never the less remains an impotence of will. The earth appears openly cleared as itself only when it is perceived and preserved as that which is essentially undisclosable, that which shrinks from every disclosure and constantly keeps itself closed up” – Heidegger

  5. Twenty some years ago, I read an interesting book by the Physicist Frank Tipler called ‘The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God, and the Resurrection of the Dead’. It’s based on the Omega Point ideas of Jesuit philosopher Teilhard de Chardin fleshed out into a physical theory. Pro-Science Christians should check it out if interested.

    Right now, I’m rereading ‘The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life” by Evan Harris Walker, Ph.D. Physics. Great book and highly informative and inspirational.

    I’d label myself as a mystic. Definitely not a Christian anymore but hold no hostility to it due to having Christians in my family that I love. My only hostility towards it comes when one wants to proselytize its faith based memes in some sort of delusional hierarchy that only exists in their own mind. They’ll get sat down quickly. Likewise for an Atheist, who thinks that their rational superiority to faith based memes means that they can exhaustively explain existence in any metaphysically satisfying way.

    Copernicus showed that Earth is not the center of the Universe. Darwin showed that homosapiens are not the centerpoint of Life. The latest revelations of possible habitable exo-planets just further verifies this. Interesting stuff but we’ll need to work on spacecrafts traveling relatively close to the speed of light before we could ever even think about exploring these worlds and that’s not happening any time soon.

    For now, we’re stuck here on Dearth. Europa, which allowed us to dream these dreams is shrinking and the paradox of Dark Age Idiocracy amidst the Hyper-information Age is here. Christianity led Europa to create the modern scientific age which then began to decay Christianity and Europa.

    And so we return to the Tribal……..

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