Kamala Harris Drops Out After Being Destroyed By Tulsi Gabbard

Joy to the world!

The hot takes are pouring in:

Tulsi deserves most of the credit.

It was our support though that got Tulsi on the big stage. This was the knockout blow in July that ended her frontrunner status. Kamala Harris went into a tailspin and never recovered!

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  1. As soon as she talked about banning Trump’s twitter account, I realize (as did others likely) that she has no political sense. It’s like why not raise your hand as the party that is pro corporate censorship. Even Warren was smarter, explicitly rejecting the idea of banning Trump from twitter.

  2. Fkn mulatto whore

    Too bad Gabbard won’t win.

    With a Hindu President we could end cow slaughter & gun control in one sweep.

    Fix the problem with (((industry))) and the “environment” bix nood muhfucca

  3. *tippy-tap-tippity-tap* Dancin’ on the grave of kamelala’s presidential (and maybe senatorial?) ambitions!!

    • BDF,

      In a Warren, Biden, or Sanders administration, kamel toe hair ass will be the United States Attorney General. The retardicans will all vote for her confirmation out f fear of being branded “racist ” and “sexist.”

  4. Damn shame… Harris was the accelerationist chice!!

    Also, Fuck off with this Tulsi worship shit… the bitch is CFR approved….

    • Perhaps “the” accelerationist choice, but I think any dem is an accelerationist choice to a degree. Even if Tulsi wins, we would probably still get gun control, reparations, etc.

      btw we are definitely getting FLOODED with shit no matter what. There is also no guarantee Tulsi will end any wars either. Trump promised the same thing and we are flirting with a new coup every day.

    • I doubt it. Anyway, ’cause she’s anti-Zionist, the ZOG will not let Tulsi G. get anywhere near the demoncrat Prez nomination. Also because:

      she’d slice and dice ZOG-stooge Drumpf in the first 5 minutes of the first debate. Drumpf

      would respond by yelling and waving his arms. And

      the election would be decided then and there.

    • My thoughts exactly. That orange prick is going to win a second term by default. And the boomers, in their abject stupidity, will be waving their chink-made ‘murcan flags and MIGA hats all over again because they will own the libturds and demoncraps.

      Death to jew-mockracy.

  5. Tulsi deserves the most credit for eliminating this shuck & jive ‘ho. She had Hillary’s donors, the Jew entertainment lawyer husband, and was a darling of the MSM. Until Tulsi, everyone was afraid of her “black” female ass.

  6. Glad to see the back of her – I was sure she was the Dem establishment pick, but I guess ordinary Dems didn’t warm to her…guess she put too many of ’em behind bars in CA.

  7. You have to ask yourself: why isn’t the Democratic party promoting Tulsi Gabbard? The female Obama?

    I mean … she’s a woman … of color. She is a doctrinaire liberal on all issues. Anti-gun, anti-white, pro-welfare state, “populist” in her own way. Not “too extreme” but compared to, say, Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren, she checks off all the “liberal” positions.

    So why is Tulsi Gabbard so hated by the Democratic party establishment?

    Well, isn’t it obvious?

    They call her a “Russian shill” and an “Assad apologist.”

    What does that even mean? Why is Tulsi, this establishment, Rockefeller-aligned, globalist, Council on Foreign Relations type attacked by Hillary Clinton?

    Well, figure that out and you get it. It’s because Tulsi Gabbard (and maybe her ‘Rockefeller Atlanticist WASP State Department’) … isn’t completely controlled by Jews? And Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu?

    Wow … a “liberal” … who isn’t a Jew Supremacist?

    They attack her as an “Assad apologist” but didn’t Trump win because he said, hey, let Assad take down ISIS, why do we have to get involved?

    Weren’t regular White people – Americans – sick of all these non-stop wars for Israel?

    Maybe that’s why Tulsi Gabbard – just another liberal – is so attacked by CNN, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc., et al?

    Are we allowed to say it? Nope!

  8. I can’t believe there’s Americans who think either one of these catladies is mentally stable enough to run the U.S.A anywhere but into the ground

  9. Camel Toe couldn’t take the cold in NH. Good. She wouldn’t be able to take the heat in the White House either. She would be even more of a disgrace than BHO.

  10. Just a thought for Democrats. Wouldn’t this be considered racist? She’s a Black Lady that dropped out of the race. That mean she didn’t have enough support? Don’t that sound racist that Democrats didn’t support her? Who’s top of the polls? Joe Biden…..a White Dude. Sanders….a White Dude. Warren….a White Women. Hmmmm don’t that sound racist? Why not come back from the left wing of insanity land and run / support a Moderate Democrat? You know the old Blue Dog Democrats way of thinking? I’m not talking about acting like a Republican. I’m talking about a more FDR style of politics in terms of how the government is run at home. The last thing we need in this country is a 1 party state. We should have numerous political parties with mainstream opinions that compete for our vote. The alternative is less and less people (like me) will be voting in future elections. Yes I have a hardcore / extreme view on Christianity, the South, and White Nationalism. However I (like everyone else) still likes the idea of having mainstream elected officials that represent everybody including White People. Deo Vindice !

  11. Hooray. The Wicked Witch II…. is dead. Now, if she and Hiterly would merely pass this mortal space, I’d be even happier for such a much-wished for Christmas Present.

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