When Camels Roamed North America

I love watching these videos.

This is far more interesting to me than covering how the tranny shit is being shoved down our throats and conservatives are doing nothing to stop it. What do you think?

The American Southwest used to be a tropical rainforest millions of years ago. The camel is native to North America and only later colonized the rest of the world. It has adapted to everything from rainforests to grasslands to the Arctic to the deserts of Africa, Asia and Australia.

Oh … what about Jared Diamond’s book Guns, Germs and Steel which argued that the biodiversity of the Old World compared to the New World was responsible for the relative technological backwardness of American Indians? Both the horse and the camel were native to North America and were wiped out like other large land mammals by American Indians. The llama and alpaca are related to the camel and survived in South America though.

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  1. Brad, if your interested, google “sloth hunt, New Mexico. The first evidence by foot prints of humans hunting ancient ground sloths. Actually a human footprints stepping over a sloth. Also humans walking along side camels mammoths, American lions, horses, etc. the tracks are revealed when conditions are right on the flat playa. There are hundreds of them

  2. So, it’s ok to talk about how camelids could have lived in the frozen arctic, without evolutionary adaptation, but it’s not ok to posit that Caucasoids didn’t ‘devolve’ from Negroids, in their quest to live in the frozen Arctic of Northern Europe?

    Or that more likely, these various ‘family trees’ are merely Post-Christian Whites, trying to draw ‘links and ties’ in order to justify their mongrelization of the White Species, since ‘race is a construct’ and not a taxonomic, biological reality?

    Umm, yeah. HW, why watch this PBS BULLSHIT? Biblical records clearly show that Adamkind was a special creation created somewhere around 10,000-6000 BC, and that His appearance was completely different from all the other hominids on the planet- precisely because WE ARE DIFFERENT from all other hominids on the plane!

  3. A good argument can be made that large land animals were wiped out by a comet or meteor impact on North America. The impact set off the Younger Dryas, which was a return to Ice Age conditions, and wiped out the Clovis Indian culture. The argument is laid out in “Prehistory Decoded” by Martin Sweatman. Sweatman is on the chemistry faculty of the University of Edinburgh and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Chemistry. The argument is laid out as part of the analysis of the paleolithic monuments at Gobekli Tepe.

    • Had the Cretaceous Extinction Event not occurred, it is quite likely that dinosaurs would still rule the earth. Obviously, they’d adapt to climate changes, continental drift, among other evolutionary stimuli, and appear much different in appearance than they looked sixty-five million years ago.

      Birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, while tuataras, coelacanths, and some species of sharks are relics of that era.

    • Nobody was there, but evolutionists like to play make believe. Anything to deny God and the fact that the bible is true. It is easier to believe that life went from molecules to engineers over millions of magical years than to believe that God created life as he said he did, in the book of Genesis. Life from Life.

      • Camel Jockey,

        Yeah, sure, we are the ones making stuff up.

        Are you still butt hurt from the outcome of Tennessee vs Scopes?

  4. We wouldn’t want to “play make believe” when we can believe without evidence and without questioning what some jews wrote about themselves thousands of years ago…

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