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  1. One of the great religious scholars from a Traditionalist perspective- Mircea Eliade! This man was very prolific and should be read and re-read. Excellent starter for those unfamiliar with Eliade’s work:




  2. That’s a nice theory, but the most important thing, is to confront EVERY single DEICIDE, and Say, “Sorry, YOUR RELIGION is not Mine. I don’t need to believe your False Creed. Including the Hollow Hoax!

  3. who’s this guy? In 9:26 minutes he says nothing. The guy tried to tell very carefully to his audience to doubt historic official narrative.
    The West, the West, the West, what the “West” means?
    In most “Western” nations, it’s not “West ” it’s just Anglo-Jewish culture.
    In the Anglo-Jewish culture, history began about 2 centuries ago, and its central point is the Holocaust.
    He was trying to mention the Holocaust but didn’t have the courage to do it.

  4. ‘Ramzpaul’, is doing good work.

    He’s exposing the logical fallacy of believing in to a historical event rather then filtering it through a well meaning revisionist enquiry using the tools that we find in science.

    By critiquing the given narrative of any historical presented event, is an obligation, to Humanity.

    Having said that.
    What’s happening with all those cookies ?? Will the wooden ovens be able to hold up to the ‘job’ ???

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