Donald Trump: We Will Cut a Deal To Save DACA!

UPDATE: Check out the Drudge Report:

Queen Ann says Blompf has to go.

I’m highly disappointed with our King.

If I remember correctly, the great outrages of the Barack Obama presidency were DACA, Obamacare and gay marriage. I recall how the GOP needed to seize control of the Senate in the 2014 midterms to stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. I didn’t vote in that election and dismissed it as just more of the same backlash politics messaging.

The GOP only objected to the constitutionality of Obama’s amnesty. Mainstream conservatives didn’t object to the amnesty itself. They only want them to be here … LEGALLY!

Note: I agree with Ann Coulter that the DREAMers should be deported first for being the most obnoxious group of illegal aliens.

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  1. I understanding the view that you bought a product and got the wrong product shipped.

    Personally, I prefer a candidate who admits they are pro daca to a crypto daca supporter. Trump doesn’t just lie about Daca he lies about everything. He was going to raise the minimum wage too, he was going to make a better plan than obamacare.

    I am somewhat sympathetic to the argument that it’s so fucked up now that we can’t really send everyone back. To be perfectly honest, what bothers me more isn’t a daca type thing, but it’s whites throwing other whites under the bus to show that they aren’t racist. It’s probably fair to say that I’ve dropped out of any demographic race.

    • Ultimately Trump is a salesman with the ethos of a salesman: Make the sale!!
      Afterwards just move on to the next sale. That’s all there is to life; money money money and the baubles money can buy. Trump gets his opinions, such as they are, from TV just like most boomers, that is part of his appeal to MAGA types.

      Unfortunately he is in a position where a knowledge and interest in history, politics, philosophy, religion, a nodding acquaintance with science and the liberal arts in general really are needed to be a successful leader. Trump, like Sarah Palin or George Bush II doesn’t have a natural interest in those subjects. He does seem a faster learner than typical Republicans like the Bushes. His acid personality and fearless mockery of the Left are points in his favor though.

      The Democrats and the Left have been successful because they actually believe in something and something beats nothing. What the Left believes in is all bad. They are vicious monsters and on some level insane but the “conservatives” are such obvious frauds who believe in nothing that they get bowled over by the Left easily.

      Trump was successful at getting elected because he knew what to say that resonated with justifiably fearful whites. He may have actually believed the things he said at the time he said them but he is most influenced by his daughter and no good son in law. Once he was in the White House his business instincts kicked in and that was that, goodbye 2016 agenda.

  2. This guy (Trumptard) is the biggest liar that I’ve ever seen in politics. What makes no sense is how brainwashed his supporters really are. Some people have no common sense or moral direction. Deo Vindice !

  3. We need to start doing the groyper thing at blump’s own rallies. We need to turn the blumpkushner campaign into a disaster. We want blump utterly humiliated.

  4. Goy, what were you thinking in 2016?

    It’s all bread and circuses and the next presidential election will be the same as the last. They’ll pick one for us and hide him or her in a group of 20 or so. Then, they’ll slowly chip away at the integrity of the other 19 (stop laughing). Then we pick the only one we deem as halfway viable and that’s the one they chose for us. Okay, I admit it, they always have a backup because we all know they control all sides.

    We don’t elect anyone and it’s as plain and the humongous nose on Blompf’s face.

    I often wonder why any of the electorate pays any attention to any of the laws on the books. I’m betting every politician and every other prostitute in DC is a corporation sole which is why they don’t have to follow the same laws we do. In fact, they are mostly – if not totally – shielded from the laws we must abide by. Then, you have the sleazebag monarchs over in Europe who are sovereigns like the Pope.

    Commerce and contracts rule the world.

    Goy, get your act together and don’t do as they say, do as they do.

  5. Is that even what he means, though? The Tweet is garbled beyond comprehension and you’re just reading into it what you want to see.

  6. Agreed Spahnranch1969! I am still astounded by the sheep that attend his rallies and believe that the system can be fixed within the system! Even though I was taken back a bit for a few weeks when he was allowed to win, I was never a Trump fanatic and expected these type of results eventually. Trump is a self-centered meathead who educates himself politically vis-à-vis Fox News and makes his decisions according to what his advisors have to say. This portends much darker shadows to come!

  7. People forget that Trump never actually challenged the Jewish vision of America as multiracial soup of degenerate consumers, he just wanted to reach that outcome LEGALLY and with a veneer of phony patriotism. We must come to terms with the fact that he is not stupid or incompetent; he cynically appealed to our more primitive instincts in order to get votes. We lost all perspective and reason because some billionaire liberal from New York promised to enforce existing immigration laws. He wanted to become president for his ego, and he saw exploiting white racial anxiety as his ticket to the white house. He is a turd and a traitor but his election was actually the best of all possible outcomes because if Hillary had won everyone would be saying “we almost saved America” and “We could have stopped it”. Now it is crystal clear that the current system is rigged and is nothing but the illusion of choice.

    David Duke and Don Black keep saying that Trump supporters are essentially our people who just happen to be misguided, personally I’m sick of making excuses for them. They are useless contemptible sheep. How is it that we were able to find the truth and they can not? If they dislike the changing demographics of their nation how hard is it to sit down at a computer and find out (((who))) pushed for those changes? They accept the leftist moral worldview by acknowledging the sin of “racism” as a valid concept. So deep is their conditioning that they fetishize the handful of Negroes who attend their events. Trump supporters are an obstacle in that path of real change. They deserve the dismay they are going to feel when Trump gets thrashed next year.

    • I’m aware this sounds hippy dippy, but I don’t judge people on ideology. If they’re making of it an issue then sure. I’ve known girls who looked, dressed and identified as a feminist and maybe occasionally said something a bitchy feminists would say but rarely, they were very submissive and when men were talking they would take a backseat role.

      That was my girl squad in SF. Who were very feminine but because of societal programing identified as feminist.

      I’ve also lived in rural America in multiple states, and meet “cow girls” who were probably the worst girls I’ve meet outside of black schools I went to. They claimed they could cook but if did it was non-organic processed garbage from a Kruger’s/king scooper or some other black grocery store?

      They were so out of pocket. They voted red, they shot guns and they “hated feminists” which to them meant… ????

      They acted more manly and masculine than feminists I knew in SF. (Obviously I’ve meet great country girls, even if I didn’t date them I could see they were quality, and there’s a lot of shitty girls in SF).

      Normies are semi-concious of themselves. Most people never actually examine themselves. Which is why I could meet super feminine, male respecting feminists in SF and super manly cowgirls who thought they were traditional. Neither of them were living ANY where close to where they saw themselves in their head.

      That’s one reason why I’m heavier on the environmentalism/socialism. Peoples actions and what theyre thinking inside of their head is so wildly disconnected. Normies will swear they’re good people but will do insanely destructive things (even in white socities)

      Like a guy in this thing said he didn’t understand why people wouldn’t raise elephants in cages for their ivory, or didn’t care if people hunted out animals in Africa.

      When I hear shit like that it’s like either Mike is total psychopath, maybe but he seems more normal than other people in this thing. So it has to be something else. Enoch seems like a compassionate guy to his friends, and even people he only loosely knows. Maybe if he was face to face with an elephant he’d feel different but he’s expressed this emotionaless and soulless attitude towards animals/nature in the past. Unlike mike I actually grew up in the city (not the burbs) and we could only have a cat because of the size of our place, and none of my city friends who all grew up disconnected from nature didn’t have that attitude

      People have a lot of blindspots, most people spend most of their life running from who they are to protect the mental image they’ve given themselves.

      I go through different phases with normies sometimes I’m understanding and forgiving and other times I think they’re terrible people. What you should never do is over estimate them, and know that if a normie agrees with half way it’s not because he’s thought through any thing. It’s most likely a default position of being in a red state/distract.

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