Elizabeth Warren Has Been Endorsed By Black Womxn

Do you know who is not the backbone of our democracy anymore?

The cisgendered, heterosexual White Christian men who settled the country, won its independence, who exclusively created the Constitution for their posterity, who created the Democratic Party and who have bled and died for it in the vast majority of its wars are no longer “the backbone of our democracy.” Those people have been discredited as “racists.” Elizabeth Warren has pledged to decriminalize illegal immigration and to declare war on White Naitonalism which would make her presidency … interesting.

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  1. With these kind of candidates running for the Democratic nomination one can be an accelerationist without having to endorse violence. Just endorsing Warren and her ilk will also further the radicalization of this country.

    • Alas Bloomberg the JEW is entering the POTUS Race. Dem strategerists are afraid that none of the Dem front runners can win against Bad Orange Man – which is pathetic beyond words, on the part of the Dems. Apparently the Heebs are already working on the IA rubes.

  2. I think that one of the many reasons that so many veterans have committed suicide lately is due to them fundamentally realizing that America is a dying country and that they were brainwashed into believing and fighting for an empty lie.

    At this point, not even the grandest of Zionist and Deep State schemes akin to 9/11 will be able to drag us into the next war.

    I saw an interesting article on mintpressnews.com about how the Deep State is using these latest mass shootings to justify ever expansive surveillance of the populace.

    The JBI fabricated the entire Russian Witch Hunt and destroyed lives in the process based on a fairy tale. The most powerful law enforcement agency in the country is a crime syndicate with unchecked power.

    The latest impeachent debacle is actually a coup started right after the Nov 2016 election. Zaid, the whistleblower lawyer, is a Jewish pedophile with links to Epstein. Ciaramella, the whistleblower, looks Jewish as well. Victoria Nuland is Jewish. Vindman is Jewish. Schiff. Nadler. Yavonovitch, former Ukrainian ambassador, is Jewish. I’m sure there are plenty more up in the mix.

    The corrupt Obama appointed judge who oversaw the Manafort trial and now the Stone trial is Jewish. This corrupt fraud represents the deep rot of the American government. The DC judge who dismissed all the Antifa indictments from the inauguration rioting was also Jewish.

    There is no reason any longer to be patriotic with regards to this Great Satan. Wave the flag if one wishes to commerate something noble in the imagination of yesteryear. Wave it to be loyal to your ancestors.

    I would think that we as Dissidents should disavow military service. Hopefully, we can motivate the enlisted to get discharged. There is no saving America. It’s just a matter of how long, how ugly, and how brutal and bloody it will be before the curtain closes.

    • If veterans are committing suicide because they’ve been USED – then good riddance! I despise them even MORE. They have military training. Why don’t they network and organize? Instead of abandoning EVERY-ONE?

      I HATE cowards.

      • The Brownshirts and Blackshirts were formed by patriotic WWI vets who wanted to save their countries from becoming judaized and bolshevized, madam. Why can’t ZOG vets do the same?

        • Spahn,

          Some of those Zog veterans served multiple combat tours for Israel. They’re suffers from everything from TBI (Traumatic brain injury) to extreme PTSD.

          Do you recall that former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was murdered by a former marine corps veteran suffering from PYSD, schizophrenia, and psychosis who he and another veteran were trying to help?

          These guys are in bad shape. Not all of them but a lot of them. Some that aren’t fucked up mentally or physically go into working as mercenaries for private military contractors.

          The ones that are killing themselves (which is about 22 per day) aren’t doing so out of cowardice but out of hopelessness and despair.

          By the way, I am talking about “down range” war fighters, and not Goober in the rear with the gear.

          Personally, I am extremely surprised that more of these damaged veterans aren’t becoming accelerationists against the government that sent them to hell and then threw them away like a used facial tissue.

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