Paul Ryan Launches The America Idea Foundation

This is a timely video.

Paul Ryan defines the Right as classical liberalism and free-market capitalism. Conservative liberalism is the Open Society. It has no essential racial, ethnic, cultural or religious foundation. Instead, it exists to conserve the liberal order and its materialist values. America is one big shopping mall based on an idea and its pulse is GDP growth.

In contrast to Paul Ryan, we define the Right as authoritarian organic nationalism. Nationalism is the Closed Society. The state exists to conserve the White Christian social order which is the bedrock foundation of the nation. In order to do that, it is necessary to completely reject the liberal order and its materialist values, which should take a backseat to these concerns. Also, the Jews who the mainstream Right are subservient to must be hurled from power.

Note: Paul Ryan’s vision of the Right is Drag Queen Story Hour with Charlie Kirk and Lady MAGA. Freedom is the victor!

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  1. In ‘The Leviathan in the State Theory of Thomas Hobbes,’ Carl Schmitt- whom I consider to be THE most formidable philosophers of the Right- addresses precisely just how the Jew has succeeded in infiltrating the State over time, beginning with the likes of Spinoza, and planting the poisonous seed of liberalism. Another book that goes into greater detail on Schmitt’s views toward the Jews is Raphael Gross’ ‘Carl Schmitt and the Jews: The ‘Jewish Question,’ the Holocaust, and German Legal Theory.’ Now Gross is a jew and the book is entirely a hit job against Schmitt, however, much of the material is a must read and gives one an idea of how serious the situation was during the Weimar period as it is for us today.

    • Ed in Salt Lake City – I think the best book on this important subject is Grimstad’s “Anti Zion” it presents the views of the greatest minds Gentiles and Jews on the JQ. Some of my favorite quotes were: Winston Churchill on J Communism, Mark Twain in the J history of “getting $ money”, Nietzsche on the lies and intrigues of St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, true White socialists understanding that J Communism and J finance usury Communism were two sides of the same J coin. Here’s a link:

      • “Nietzsche on the lies and intrigues of St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus…”

        God, you Damned sons of bitches just don’t stop damning yourself to hell, do you?

  2. Ryan is a retarded liberal.

    As pertains to the vulnerability inherent to Mr. Ryan’s pet “open society” vs the security inherent to our preferred closed society, Russian KGB operative, Yuri Beznenov, had quite a lot to say on the subject many years ago. Here is a link to a video of one of his presentations to an American audience back in 1983, for anyone interested who hasn’t already seen it.:

  3. Let the cucks get their grant money for giving a “respectable” intellectual veneer to their (((masters))) desires for more money and control. Their views are becoming less relevant with every passing moment. Identity politics for pale folk is coming, because everyone can see that tribalism is not only natural, it benefits the tribes that stick together.

    European Americans are slower to catch onto this than their counterparts in the ancestral homelands, but even the most blindly civic nationalist normie must notice that every other group gets catered to except Whites. Everyone must also be noticing that Whites are being subjected to blatant “racism,” as well, unless they’re unusually stupid. The natural home for a White-friendly populism is on the right, but the gatekeepers are too compromised by the US C of C, the Kochs, and (((others))) to look beyond their fat bank accounts to care about anyone but themselves. There needs to be an uprising from people that hate the current Recuck PTB enough to throw out the old, pussified guard, and soon, or we’ll have to work on our own parallel track to save ourselves and our progeny’s future. I think the latter is what will happen anyway, but it would be nice to not have to start completely from scratch.

  4. I don’t see “Christian” values coming to the rescue of this floundering Republic, HW. I’m sure you’ve seen the Social Marxist faggotry that is taking place in many if not most of America’s churches today. There is not one Christian denomination that I know of which is pro-White / pro-American and anti-Zionist / anti-homo.

    • I have no good knowledge of other Christian denominations, but I can speak of Orthodox Christians .

      Orthodox Christianity recognizes the Ethnicity of the church and in many ways it is itself ethnocentric.

      Historically, our priests, archbishops, patriarchs throughout orthodox Christianity whether in Bulgaria, Romania, Hellas, Russia, Serbia, Armenia, Ethiopia and others took up arms themselves & blessed canons arms and Christian fighters before they went out to KILL & SLAUGHTER the invaders and the Mohammedans/muslims .

      Just like Christianity throughout Europe USED to do in the early Crusades expeditions.

      In fact you need to research, what the following saying/motto/maxim means – used in the Byzantine expeditions against the muslims by Constantine the Great Emperor:

      “?? ????? ???? – in hoc signo vinces – In this Conquer “

      that was the sign of the Cross !!

      We believe in “thou shall NOT murder” – virtues killing is ALLOWED !

      orthodox Christianity is NOT pacifist and is NOT cuck Christianity.

      • (Did you notice how Spawn, (like the christophobic coward that he is) didn’t even give your reasoned response the time of day? Typical….

  5. The American Idea Foundation – another focus-group grift from the cuckservative Right. Excerpts from Reagan speeches, waving flags, black guy standing at attention with hand over heart, arial views of that Masonic statue in New York harbor….every cliche they could think of.

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