Groyper Assault On Charlie Cuck Exposes Conservatism, Inc.

I’m loving this.

Here is the co-founder of The Daily Wire admitting on Twitter that mainstream conservatism, which is conservative liberalism, is actually just trying to conserve liberalism rather than the social norms that the Republican base truly cares about:

No, we fully understand what American conservatives want to conserve, and the point of these questions is to illustrate that as a philosophy it is incapable of conserving anything else and doesn’t advance our interests, which is why it must be abandoned by the Right.

True Conservatism is opposed to disgusting homophobia and those who object to it are as retrograde as the Westboro Baptist Church:

Benny Johnson on how *real* conservatism is liberalism which is opposed by “hate-filled Gremlins” who want to conserve the White Christian social order and reassert its norms rather than the “free market” or “limited government”:

OANN on Ayatollah Fuentes:

More on Charlie Cuck’s based black homosexual co-host:

Will Chamberlain warns of rising anti-Semitism!

Reminder that Will Chamberlain is the Jewish gatekeeper of a dead conservative mag:

More on anti-Semitism:

Next up, Seb Gorka on anti-Semitism:

As a Jewish lackey, Seb is mostly outraged by our lack of reverence for his Holocaust obsession.

Don’t forget that slavish subservience to Israel and “fighting anti-Semitism” is the only thing that Conservatism, Inc. truly cares about aside from preserving the American Empire, homosexuality, tax cuts and liberalism. Everything else is just boob bait.

Brad Polumbo, the homosexual chickenhawk who writes for The Washington Examiner, has waded into the battle to wrist flap about virulent homophobia:

It’s David French!

The remnants of the Alt-Lite are chiming in now:

Even President Blompf is monitoring the situation on Twitter:

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  1. This Charlie Kirk character seemed to just come out of nowhere. Who are his backers? Let me guess, does their last names end in stein or berg? I hope Charlie Cuck gets fried in every Q&A because sodomites, Israeli firsters and endless immigration are not my conservative values.

  2. When did conservatives *hide* that they’re liberals? Tucker Carlson says it nightly “Im a classical liberal”

    Also how do you call yourself “American Identity Movement” and deny liberalism? No doubt liberalism has changed sense the revolutionary war but America is a liberal project from the start, and con inc has a greater claim to americaness than poor confused Patrick Casey.

    America was founded for and by big business, the founders would resonate more with needs of captains of indusrty than with a pleb like Casey- who wouldn’t of even had the right to vote at the start of America (lol)

    This commotion is not a sign of cons getting owned, it’s them telling their janissaries that these people are as dead to the conservative movement. Welcome to wignat land amnats.

    • It’s wrong to say America was a “liberal project from the start”. Wiker, Thomas Woods, and Patrick Allitt (among others – like the Abbeville Institute fellows), argue America was a “conservative” revolution from the start, with Woods, especially, suggesting preservation of traditional rights and dignities with appropriate and time-honored restrictions on the king was a Burkean-type conservatism. Allitt, also, has an interesting case for different types of conservative ideology in America, and argues that while the Declaration of Independence was radically liberal, the Constitution, itself, is a triumph of conservatism (see his TTC course on the history of conservatism)

      As for this article, I’ve long disagreed with Hunter’s flippant use of the words “conservative” and “conservatism”.

      Are we distinguishing between conservatism (as an ideology) and “American Conservative Liberalism” (as a particular habit and practice of those calling themselves “conservatives” in America)?? Or, are those two simply to be equated now? It’s unclear if Wallace recognizes a distinction or if he actually believes Charlie and Russel Kirk have the same worldview. Or maybe he recognizes they have different worldviews, but thinks both are impractical?

      That’d be an interesting case to make: an ill-defined, ambiguous, notion of “populism” in contest with Burkean-styled conservative political philosophy…

    • Strawman Akkad,

      You made a good suggestion about what questions “groypers ” should ask charlie cuck on his culture wars tour.

      Have you thought to post your list of questions sure to make lil’ face squirm under one of Nick Fuentes’ videos, Twitter account, or Telegram account?

      Nick and/or his “Nickers” may or may not be avid readers of OD, and it would be a shame for an opportunity to inflict political damage to conservative. inc. and its shills.

  3. “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.” G.K Chesterton

    • Weird that you’re worshipping a jewish rabbi leading a death-cult of obnoxious Semite-imitating corpse-fumblers and proto-SJWs who said that there is “neither Greek nor jew, slave nor free, male nor female.”

      • Believe in Christ or not, fable or not, but the jews must laugh their asses off, and believe me, the jews are laughing a lot, at those anti-semite goyim who don’t understand the simple fact that, as illustrated in the bible, whoever wrote it, that the entire story of the New Testament is basically an anti-semitic diatribe. So at least, get your shit straight. Many wise men spent hundreds of years retelling this story so that future generations could be warned about a dishonest race of people who tortured and killed an innocent man because he represented a threat to their tribe, a tribe that Jesus Christ revealed to us, were “the children of the devil”. So, no. Christ, whether he ever existed or not, or was just a figment of someone’s imagination, was not a jew, just as Adolf Hitler, who certainly did exist, was not a jew.

  4. Keep this in mind, Charlie Kirk isn’t reaching “The Kids”. Rather, he is pandering to Boomer Conservatives who still WANT to believe they matter.

  5. BOOM

    Homosexuality is our NUMBER 1 American conservative value (well 2nd, behind financial support for Israell).
    Don’t worry, we’ll bring in so many BASED, LEGAL immigrants who share our love of buttsex that we’ll outnumber these “gropers”!

    My donors- I mean corporations- I mean… uh… TAX CUTS folks! Socialism is responsible for the Holocaust! Especially if you’re a white man, don’t take any handout from the government or expect any help from anyone because Capitalism NOT Socialism, OK? Except for Israel, we need to fund that country with socialized health care that hates Jesus because they’re the only democracy other than the US, our greatest ally, enemy of those SOCIALIST Germans (we don’t want them, only free-market loving Ghanians)!

  6. I thought conservatives were all about “freedom” – but apparently not the freedom to criticize the disproportionate wealth and power of the jews, their Zionist state or the mythical “holocaust” that is constantly invoked as the justification for the establishment of that state.

  7. Ryan Dawson posted a video two days ago, and he’s pissed that Fuentes isn’t giving him credit for all the anti-Zionist research he has conducted for nearly 20 years.

    Ryan has been at the leading edge of connecting the mossad (“dancing Israelis) to 9/11. Dawson can’t claim being the preeminent expert on the USS Liberty fiasco though.

  8. It’s funny watching the usual suspects going hysterical over muh Holoco$st denial. Expect them to continue doubling down on the alt right for fear of losing their power. Time is not on their side.

  9. So.
    According to seb gorka & c Kirk and gay veteran, and MAGA “lady” conservatism is all about conserving liberalism, liberal economics, ‘muh’ ideas and lgbtqp “rights”, yeah ??????

    Well what we have here people, is ANOTHER FLAVOR of Libertine “values”. Another “flavor” of the internationalist neocon left’s liberal globalism – all packaged in different colors!

    In other words we have two sides appearing to be at war with one another – liberals vs koshervatives – but BOTH BELONG to the SAME COIN! COIN = LIBERALISM

    Conservatism without acknowledgement of the Traditional family, without acknowledgement of social Conservatism and Christian & paleoEuropean based morality, without conserving our cultural racial traditions, this type of “koshervatisnm” is liberalism with another name.

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