Kanye West Only Eats The White Man’s Chicken

I’m not going to hate on Kanye for this.

White women are objectively more attractive than black women.

The White Man’s Chicken and The Lord’s Chicken is also objectively better than Popeyes too. Kanye is getting some pushback from Burger King though.

True story about Chick-fil-A.

In this month alone, we have ate at Chick-fil-A at least twice and have had random strangers pay for our meals. It is a high social capital fast food chain. Who cares if Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday? Has anyone ever bought you free food at Popeyes?

We have a new Chick-fil-A opening in my hometown. Life is good.

Note: Chick-fil-A may have retreated from Cuck Island, but it is winning the war for the hearts and minds of the American people.

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  1. A friendly reminder from the folks at the Fried Chicken Insurance Corporation of America: If ya gonna gamble wid dah chickin, don’t fahrget about dah lickin’– Phil Austin, Roller Maidens From Outer Space

  2. The most disgusting chicken chain that black people love is Church’s chicken.

    Those places are always so filthy and the one time I ordered food, I took only 2 bites before throwing the rest in the trash.

    Church’s is the total opposite of chick-fil-a.

    • Bo Pilgrim will not sell a fat, yellow chicken, but Church’s will. Still, I think William’s Chicken may be even worse, I don’t know. I never have and never will eat there. It is a Negroid owned chain and only hires Negroids. I would have to be on a suicide mission to patronize an establishment like that.

      However, I have long had an affinity for Chick-Fil-A. Before they had the stand alone locations, they were a fixture at many of the local malls, and a Chick-Fil-A sandwich accompanied by a Banana Julius (acquired at the neighboring “Orange Julius” franchise) was often part of a delightful shopping excursion. Alas, I have not completely forgiven Chick-Fil-A for discontinuing their deliciously creamy coleslaw, which I found to be the ideal accompaniment to their chicken entrees. I always ordered a large and it almost invariably came in two small containers.

  3. The British won’t even get a chick fil a because of all the wacky lgbtq groups harassing them There was big plans to expand in the uk millions to be made and it looks like that won’t happen now.

    You can ironically still eat halal, kosher slaughter animal meat lgbtq groups are a okay with that and imams tell their radical followers to kill homos but a chicken sandwich from a christian produced fast-food company that doesn’t agree with gay marriage? no sir get that delicious hate sandwich out of england m8

  4. I loves de white maynes chiggen! But deys closed on Sunday, cause dats when de baby jesus wuz kilt by dem jooz.

  5. Kayne doing free church services/concerts in Wyoming, Salt Lake City etc is more damaging than any gangster rapper.

    They want to build up those states non-white population in those states. Kayne being a black super star that’s nominally “right wing” and Christian can reach crowds of conservative whites who would orridinarly be resistant if not hostile to the idea of both mass migration (of any kind, urbanite carpet baggers or 3rd world immigrants) and diversity.

    Kayne’s had all generation showing up to his pysop tour. Boomers love him because it validates their DR3 copes, millennials and zoomers love him as a celebrity. All generations and white families showed up accepting him as a spiritual authority. People skipped their own church to hear kayne preach/perform.

    Jesus is King is either a gayop or functions as one to trick the last reluctant whites into believing they’re being represented in a minority white America. While rationally they know immigrants won’t be Christian conservatives it emotional fools them by having a non-white with so much social power/celebrity supporting trump and Christianity allows them to momentarily touch the promise land.

    Who knows, maybe after all Christian conservative immigrants Wyoming will become based & red pilled and finally stand up to those special darn sjw’s

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