BBC: On Stage With Buttmitzvah

Chick-fil-A was recently hounded out of the UK.

Contrast with Buttmitzvah which is featured in the BBC and is flourishing amid the vibrancy of liberal democracy in Sadiq Khan’s London while Britain’s finest hunt down and arrest transphobes and shy, awkward boys while hundreds of White girls are gang raped by Muslims. Why are native born White Christians losing faith in liberalism?


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8 Comments on "BBC: On Stage With Buttmitzvah"

  1. As degeneracy is being constantly promoted on corporate and major social media, those of us disgusted by such garbage are hungry for alternatives. If such people are willing to go down the rabbit holes of historical and cultural truth, they could end up at websites like this one.

  2. Robert Browning | October 23, 2019 at 6:46 pm |

    You have to understand the reasons behind all the sick twisted disgusting filthy Jew perversions. Jewish men have been producing children with their sisters and cousins for centuries to keep their blood Jewish. This has lead to many many inbred mental, emotional and physical maladies. They are sick people, very very sick. Not well and not normal.

    • As a race, they have been divinely cursed, for NOT believing in Christ as Messiah. THAT is all you need to know. THEY ARE ACCURSED.

  3. Damn I thought you made up the Buttmitzvah part. Those kikes really called it that!

  4. Celebrate your Jewish queerness in Haifa. And take all your creepy friends with benefits with you.

  5. All of this degeneracy and rampant homosexuality will come to an abrupt stop by mid century when the English Boomers are gone and the Moslems inevitably take full control of Cuck Island. Rivers of blood will certainly flow.

  6. Strawman Akkad | October 24, 2019 at 1:47 am |

    *click on the story*

    *Immediately clicks the back button*

    *Throws phone across the room*

    *Picks up phone with plastic gloves and washes phone with rubbing alcohol*

  7. We are reaching levels of clownworld that shouldn’t even be honking possible buttmitzvah?! lol wow

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