White Suckerism

“I love this book! I love it so much!” I boomed as an audio recording of Rudyard Kipling’s Kim finished the penultimate chapter.

My arms in the air, head back, and a cigar between my fingers, I stretched out relaxed for I was in the hands of the Bard of the Empire as firmly as his resourceful orphan was the masseuse in the tale. For over 2 years he held that grip. From the heartbreaking pathos of Baa, Baa Black Sheep and The Gardner to the enthralling excitement of Kaa’s Hunting and The Man Who Would Be King, Kipling was one of the greatest storytellers in the English language. And I didn’t want him to let go.

Of course I desired to know about the man himself. Various biographies were consumed along with his works. One of them, The Long Recessional, focused on his politics. I wished I hadn’t picked it up. His fingers loosened more and more with every page turned.

Kipling’s imperial politics disgusted me. I wanted no part of the White Man’s Burden. Not for any bleeding heart reasons concerning the poor natives; but the waste of white lives. Why did boys from Birmingham die to keep peace between Muslims and Hindus? Just as why should young men from Idaho fight in Iraq to stop Sunnis and Shias from slaughtering each other? Such endeavors should be done for the glory and adventure tasted by his would be kings Dan and Peachy. Not for the “blame of those ye better, the hate of those ye guard” in his words.

History however never ends and the White Man’s Burden didn’t pass on with the British Empire and its great herald. It’s more alive than ever. Kipling’s time could be considered its infancy and our own its full adulthood. The concept permeates every aspect of our current society. All of this dawned on me with the recent hysteria over white supremacy.

Liberals say the threat is surging thanks to Donald Trump. Conservatives say it is a hoax for political gain. Both are right and both our wrong. White supremacy has completely taken over Western Civilization. Just not in the way they imagine. It’s not the Hollywood nightmare of bald men hunting down non-whites for laughs. It’s the historically real version epitomized by Kipling’s contemporaries. And both sides are guilty of it.

That ideal was a paternalistic one of backwards non-whites needing advanced whites to bring them to a civilized level. It was about unruly children needing grown-ups to prepare them for adult standards in other words. It was a righteous ideal. One that many white men were proud to take part in. Just as so many are rightfully proud of their time as fathers. Many critics said it was merely a ploy for political gain. Many more believed in it.

In my book, Awesomely White, I covered the political (and financial) gain to be had today. What I didn’t touch on were those who actually believe. This piece will do so. Back then they believed in imperialism and spreading civilization. Today it is diversity and multiculturalism. Both are based on a paternalistic white supremacy.

Little has differed since “the winds of change” blew away the old European empires. All they did was blow the ideal into our lands. The men of yore would go abroad to raise up non-whites in their native lands. Today they bring them into our own. The location has changed. The ideal is the same.

Coming to our countries is the first part. This Magic Dirt Theory convinces itself that non-whites will become white people in all but melanin levels simply by reaching our shores. Conservatives are especially fond of this. They may not admit that’s what is it, but it can’t be denied. Such assimilation amounts to non-whites tearing off their old culture and customs to put on those of Western society. Think of the token blacks Conservatives love to trot out because they act like William F. Buckley instead of will.i.am. How are they any different from the Babus of Kipling’s India that adopted English speech and dress?

American Babu

Liberals will shriek at the top of their lungs that they don’t believe in such cultural annihilation. They believe in Multiculturalism wherein non-whites come here to improve their lives while staying who they are. Kipling beat them to the punch. He was against missionaries because he believed the British should be there to “save bodies and leave souls alone”. Whether they assimilate or not, both sides believe non-white lives are improved by bringing them to white society, just as the old imperialists believed non-white lives were improved by bringing white society to them.

Now do you understand why both sides can’t get enough of immigration? Non-whites can’t be improved if they aren’t here. This also explains why no one makes a big deal about white immigrants. They can’t be improved. They don’t need to be exposed to Western society and standards. Think of why an Englishman going to India or Africa was such a moral duty, whereas no one gave a rat’s ass about a man from London becoming an expat in Paris. Paris didn’t need Western exposure like the Punjab did.

Them being here is the full maturation of the White Man’s Burden. For every aspect of Western society is dedicated to it. At the height of the Empire only a few departments such as the Colonial Office headed by the likes of Joseph Chamberlain were concerned with such issues. Today every governmental department and every official heading them is concerned with the welfare of non-whites. At the height of the Empire only those most adventurous and hardy went out to “search your manhood through all the thankless years…” Today every white person, no matter how sick or poor, mustn’t do anything that might offend or disadvantage those of a darker pigmentation who hate them. And at its height only a few policies were aimed at helping the natives abroad. Today every policy is crafted with the intent of helping minorities here.

Conservatives celebrating historically low black and Hispanic unemployment comes from the same place as Liberals celebrating historically high minority college enrollment. Both are about the improvement of non-whites. Imperialists celebrated the lowering cases of cholera in obscure provinces. Liberals and Conservatives celebrate lowering cases of HIV in inner-cities. How many policies and celebrations can you think of today that don’t revolve around non-white betterment?

A White Supremacist

Racism is thus the worst crime imaginable. Nothing can be done to the detriment of those darker than us. We are supposed to sacrifice everything for them, them nothing for us. Making them do so is racist. It goes against the grain of the White Man’s Burden. Hence why our heroes of the past must be forgotten since they fought for our interests against theirs. Why those who stand up for whites today must be silenced as racists. Everything we do must be done for their good.

White advocates are constantly asking the question of what happened to our people. How did they go from ruling the world to groveling before it? This is the answer. There’s nothing new under the sun, especially in politics. Most policies grow from the seeds of others planted in the past. The current ethnomasochism we suffer from is the full bloom of the White Man’s Burden. It is no longer the honor of a few whites to sacrifice their lives for its ideal, but the duty of every white person.

Its blooming also includes its justification. Whites had to help non-whites in the past because they couldn’t help themselves. They couldn’t reach the same standards as us on their own and thus we had to help them do so. Their condition was their fault. Non-whites had agency but just needed a little extra push. They don’t even have that today. Not only are we supposed to help them, but must do so because their plight is our fault. We have total power over them like mythical gods. Only we can make their lives miserable, and only we can make them happy. They are at our total mercy.

Why else would they need a white person from one side of the political spectrum to save them from a white person on the other? Both sides play this game. Only white Liberals can save non-whites from the racism and bigotry of Conservatives. While only white Conservatives can save them from the welfare plantation and low expectations of white Liberals. Only a god can save a lesser being from another God.

Many may be saying this is offensive. Why would non-whites put up with being treated like helpless children? Well, why wouldn’t they? They’re being told nothing is ever their fault. Because of this they don’t have to help themselves. The white man will take care of it. He might as well since it’s his fault anyway. He’ll give you free money in terms of welfare. He’ll give you the good job and college slots because of Affirmative Action. He’ll police his language so nothing ever offends you. He’ll replace his history and heroes with yours. And he’ll applauded and celebrate you at every turn simply for being you.

Didn’t fight for non-whites.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

The whole thing is a con game; a giant swindle to rob whites of what is theirs. A handful of whites at least got some adventure and glory out of the infant White Man’s Burden while the non-white natives got societal improvements. With the fully adult version, whites don’t even get those while non-whites still get improved societies (namely ours). We’ve abandoned the glory but kept the burden.

Make no mistake about it. The loss of our societies is the ultimate outcome. Go back and read Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. It talks about binding your sons to exile in foreign lands. Today they are exiles in their own lands. It talks of making the ports and roads you can’t enter with the living and marking them with the dead. Today we make the ghettos, barrios, and no-go zones we can’t enter with the living and mark them with the dead of non-white homicides and white suicides. If giving up everything to help non-whites is the greatest good, wouldn’t giving up your country (and your life) be the greatest way to do so?

Our societies are overrun with white supremacy. But it’s one few white people get anything out of. The only ones who do so are the traitorous con-men picking our civilizational pocket with a moral bait and switch. It’s for suckers. White Suckerism is a more fitting term.

Liberals are right. Conservatives are white supremacists. But Conservatives are also right. Liberals are also white supremacists. There’s only one group who aren’t. You know who they are? White Nationalists.

White Nationalists are the only ones who don’t see it as their mission to raise up non-whites. White Nationalists are the only ones who don’t see the plight of non-whites as their fault. White Nationalists are the only ones who don’t see themselves as gods with the absolute power of poverty or prosperity over them. They’re the only ones treating non-whites as adults and telling them, “You’re responsible for what happens to you see so deal with it and leave us alone!”

Only they aren’t suckers.

That is why they are so hated. They are the only ones not falling for the con. Their goal exposes the lemon for the rotten fruit it is. You can’t be supreme over non-whites in an all-white country. If Leftists always project then it makes sense that their greatest smear is a projection of their greatest believe. The only person they should be shouting white supremacist at is the one in the mirror.

Kipling’s tales should still be read today. They are among the best in the English language. But his belief in the White Man’s Burden shouldn’t live on with them. It should have been buried with the empire that justified it. If we don’t shovel on the final scoop of dirt then are children’s children will be quoting his most poignant lines:
“If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.”


    • Another hit by Hunter. I wish other alt rights would do half as well. Just finished wasting 1 1/2 hours listening to blah blah intellectual banter on McSpencers latest “grifter” podcast. It’s like they’re all on shrooms or at least pot on most recent bantercasts. You just want to grab and shake them out of their cloud of disconnect. WHAT IS “YOUR ETHNO STATE VISION” SPENCER ET AL ??? Good friggin grief. We unwashed masses of sheeple, only have X amount of free time. We need Confederacy 2.0. We need serious people talking about the creation of The Confederate Party, and a very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only. Oh … what ? Don’t like Christians ? Not into it or whatever ? Then get the F out of our face and stop wasting our time. ANY non Christian white nationalist movement will fail unless it’s got the right angels on it’s side. Put the weed and shrooms down and study history, then look in the mirror. You’re not getting younger and stronger. You 3 ( or 4, ) with the uppity intellectual banter, Duke with “bad Jew, bad Jew, bad Jew, ( and he’s right 99 % of the time, ) and all the others …. never mentioning a PLAN, VISION, MANIFESTO, ETC.

      If Lee were alive he’d tell you to drop down and give him 50, then he’d march your asses for 3 hours.

      Now get on the F’ing ball and save the south.

      You talk about changing the “world ?” Aint happenin. These are the end times and prophecy will happen. Focus on Balkanizing America, ( a Utopia for everyone, ) and our enlarged Confederacy 2.0. Stop wasting the little bit of free time we have with BS.

      • I don’t think resurrecting the Confederacy has much appeal. The Confederate leaders wanted to resume importation of Africans and also wanted to annex large parts of Central America. The Confederates were not white nationalists, they wanted a white minority, cheap labor based society similar to South Africa.

  1. Imperialism and multiculturalism are policies of the elites. Most common people don’t want strangers in their midst, so the CivNat propaganda had to be programmed into us from an early age. But even in the progressive Minneapolis area, I keep encountering White people that get disgusted and angry when another Somali mosque opens up in their neighborhood…or when urban blacks pour into their suburbs, bringing crime and violence into formerly good schools and neighborhoods.

    Most of us peasants are polite and docile, and don’t fight back against the power structure. Yet, I’ve recently come across White normies that have woken up to the fact that they are surrounded by people and forces that truly hate them. Some of those people are their own kind, which is galling. Whites used to just move to greener pastures when the dusky criminals moved into their neighborhoods, but that option is being taken away by demographics, public policy and urban planning. I wonder what White normies will do when a majority comes to understand that they can’t quietly partition themselves off in suburban enclaves, no matter how far they move out from the city. Can we shake off the cumulative effects of the inculcation of multicultural propaganda for generations, and come together for our own protection? God, I hope so.

    • Minnesota whites are trending in the right direction. Right now, the biggest outposts of white cucks are the in the pacific northwest and new england. We need to start targeting white men in states like Oregon and Massachusetts for ridicule.

  2. Ann Coulter retweeted some intersting stats a couple of weeks ago, concerning the attitudes of racial groups in America towards each other and themselves.

    As you would expect, non-whites had positive attitudes towards themselves and negative attitudes towards whites. While white liberals stood apart from all non-white racial groups and white conservatives, in that they had strongly positive attitudes to other racial groups, and a strong negatve attitude towards their own racial group.

    What was weird was the people discussing these stats focused only on the white liberals’ positive attitudes towards non-whites, but ignored the far more interesting one that showed they had a strong negative bias against their own racial group. This is sick. White self hatred is SICK!

    If white self hatred is a result of liberalism, how come white liberals stand alone on the planet as the ONLY group afflicted with it? Is this not a result of their genetics? IMO white liberals are attracted to self hating ideologies, because the pleasure centers in their brains light up when someone tells them they are sinners and are responsible for all the evil in this world.

  3. Unfortunately, kumbaya genes express themselves for the ‘other’ and not for in-group preference.

    At the end of the day, POC dislike us even more because they’re never going to be us no matter how much hand holding they receive.

  4. This is brilliant. And depressing. Whites seem determined to “save” every last Darky, down to the very Last White.


    Oh well.

  5. There’s a mistaken judgment in the way the writer lumps the British and American imperial examples together and makes them one target of the same broad criticism. It’s like the mistake of blaming the father for the misdeeds of the prodigal son. No, the American leadership over the years had a fair amount of leeway to chart its own imperial course at a high standard, and, instead, it chose the wrong course and the rejection of standards. And the fact that the American leadership failed, in that regard, should not be blamed on anything in the prior British culture, certainly not on anything in Kipling. One could even argue well the opposite case, that the British legacy was a major advantage, an object lesson of a sort, which should have (but didn’t) teach the American leadership the importance of aiming for true greatness, for the renewal, in the American century, of the old, British spirit of glory and adventure.

    • So your argument is “the article is wrong because although the American elite clearly followed the British imperial philosophy and carried it on into the future, they SHOULDN’T have followed it and continued it to its logical conclusion, therefore the article is wrong even though it’s right because the American’s shouldn’t follow the British pattern even though they did.”

      That’s not really a critique of the article. It’s a critique of the American ruling class’ actions and an attack on the article for pointing out their origins.

      In short, your criticism is illogical. You simply don’t like the idea that this is the continuation of the “White Man’s Burden” b.s. in a newer, more advanced form, and therefore attack the messenger. Even though you yourself admit the message is correct, in a roundabout way.

      • I think the article implies a view of history that’s too culturally deterministic, and that’s what I’m criticizing. By contrast, I’m saying that the British empire is to the American empire what, in Jesus’s parable, the father is to the prodigal son. There is a line of cultural descent between the two empires, but, overall, it’s better to judge each by its own historical character, rather than lay blame for the present American fiasco on the British imperial legacy, writ large, or on the particular inheritance of the White Man’s Burden.

    • Angmark: You have once again identified the real source of the problem succinctly, using an economy of words. Verbosity is of NO value to this discussion.

      • “Verbosity is of NO value to this discussion.”

        Yeah, but everyone Is becoming long winded, it’s the jwsh influence. An ocean of words, without a drop of sense, so kosher.

      • In short, “I’m stupid and I have a television attention span. I don’t like to think or explore ideas. If an idea is longer than three seconds of grunting, I’m too dumb to keep track of what’s being said.”

        Our entire history is full of very verbose writing, because Aryans are intelligent people. You reveal your ignorance of our great people with drivel like this, you insufferable dolt.

        Go back to watching Tom & Jerry or whatever you nigger-tier wignats do for entertainment.

  6. An excellent article. My complements to the author. I must confess I really don’t like the term White Nationalist. I much prefer White Separatist as we must separate from what is before we can possibly build what should be. We do not have a white nation so how can be be White Nationalists? (And by white nation I did not mean merely living in a nation with a white majority population but I mean one that is oriented towards the interests of white middle and working class individuals and the United States is not!) Where is the nation in nationalism? It does not exist yet! So a more apt term is a combination of the two as in White Separatist Nationalist as the separatist element creates the nation.

    • “Nation” is not a synonym for “country.”

      “Where is the nation?”

      It exists in the form of your people. A people of shared birth (natio), shared blood.

  7. This article should have been thoroughly gone over with a red pencil before publication. About the half the paragraphs are filler. And I’m still uncertain as to its premise. My attention as a reader was not engaged.

    Rating: 2/5 stars

  8. You should have included Kipling’s sublime prose within the article.
    “Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Ye dare not stoop to less–
    Nor call too loud on Freedom
    To cloke your weariness;
    By all ye cry or whisper,
    By all ye leave or do,
    The silent, sullen peoples
    Shall weigh your gods and you.”

    Then go read “If” and don’t bitch about the tasks you must shoulder as a man.

  9. Actually this problem is deeper. Lecturing how other people should live in their own countries is deep in average Western Europeans genes.

    It is funny to watch. There are lot of Western visitors to Eastern Europe. Tourists, business people, students, some white nationalists . In the beginning they all are ok, but after socializing, the patronage instinct kicks in and they all start lecturing, how we must run our countries, teach our children, drive our cars and so on.

  10. Fantastic Article!! Your insights on the White Man’s Burden are as powerful and original as any WN article I have ever read (and I have read a lot of WN articles). I would put this article up there with the best of Sam Francis.

    • Summation: White elites have taken upon themselves to martyr their race for the sake of the other, as a direct result of Christianity’s evolution into its universalist missionary phase, after it finally shook off the last vestiges of warrior-culture, nationalist paganism during the Wars of Religion, Reformation, and Counter-Reformation.

      This is due to the “meek shall inherit the Earth, martyr yourself for the downtrodden, wallow in sin, guilt, and masochist self-flagellation” of the Jewish infection, Christianity. Christianity is a suicide cult of self-torture and martyrdom. Right now, our elites are martyring their own race for the sake of the brown “meek,” who are holy through their “meekness” (“minority” status).

      The problem isn’t White people. The problem is the detestable mental poison known as Christianity.

      • “The problem isn’t White people. The problem is the detestable mental poison known as Christianity.”

        Oh really? Explain why the secular sjw nations of Europe are absorbing millions of muds, while traditional Christian nations are refusing the tidal wave?

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