Tucker Carlson: First Step Act Beneficiary Now Wanted For Murder

Way to go, Jared.

Providence Journal:

“A criminal justice reform advocacy group on Tuesday expressed its condolences to the family of a Providence man who police say was killed by a notorious crack dealer last week.

#Cut50, an initiative of the nonprofit Dream Corps, was a key advocate for the First Step Act of 2018. Joel Francisco, 41, cited that federal law to reduce his life sentence for dealing crack; eight months after his release in February, police say, he fatally stabbed Troy Pine, 46, at a Providence hookah bar.

The amount of crack required to trigger the stiffest penalties changed in 2010 under a law signed by President Obama. But those changes weren’t retroactive — until the First Step Act of 2018. That law passed with bipartisan majorities, even as it attracted conservative and law-enforcement critics. It was signed by President Trump in December.

Weeks after writing a petition from prison citing the law, Francisco was released in February. He had served more than 14 years. …”

It will be worth it when all of those ex-cons vote for Trump in 2020! Assuming that all of these felons can even vote in the first place!

Note: I believe they can vote in Florida in 2020.

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  1. more of the same | October 11, 2019 at 12:59 pm |

    Coddling criminals has been tried and failed many times before. How could anyone not see this coming?

  2. The statistics to come of these Fed prison releases, will hopefully be Nog on Nog crime mostly. However; with the illegals coming in, forget any cost savings with Fed prison releases.

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