GriftCon: Nicholas J. Fuentes Debates Jacob Wohl

I would like to clarify something.

I do not believe that Nicholas J. Fuentes is a grifter. Nick is surrounded by grifters though in this photo. The only grifters who are missing are Cernovich, Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec and MILO. It is my understanding that Fuentes is debating Jacob Wohl on Israel tonight in Miami.

I largely agree with Nick’s takes on Israel. I also believe he has a worldview due to the content he generates. If I can find a livestream of the broadcast, I will share it here. Go Nick.

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  1. I don’t understand why this community does this never-ending interviewing and debating thing with each other. I don’t understand how you think this helps. It’s just self-promotion and entertainment to you guys instead of actually caring about a serious issue.

  2. Maybe we’re holding you back, Hunter. You’re missing your opportunity to be a conservative personality like these great young leaders. You, too, could say, ” I love jews” and collect money, far more money than you get here.

  3. Why does Nick keep taking photos with these alt lite shits? Disappointed that photo is pure cringe an personafies the scummy grifter (((alt lite))) scene

  4. I heard Baked Alaska on TRS. He seemed confused and unsure of everything. The TRS people were leading him on and putting words in his mouth. I thought to myself, this guy is a moron with no idea who or what he is getting involved with. Let’s learn something about people like that.

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