September 11th, Holy Day

OD Classic

It is September 11th again – the 18th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Muslim terrorist attack that slaughtered thousands of our people here in our country. This is our country. Among the thousands of people murdered on that day, there were 343 martyred (White) New York City firemen. While everyone else was fleeing the burning, collapsing World Trade Center, these 300 modern day Spartans were marching up the WTC. Thousands of years ago, 300 White Spartans faced the dark, swarthy Asiatic hordes from hell. The 300 Spartans of old gave their lives to save Western civilization from destruction, or worse, Asiatic slavery. The 300 + FDY Spartans did the same on Sept 11th 2001.

Sept 11th is a special day for me – it’s 9/11 is about everything I have worked for these last 27 years since I fled New York City. It’s a day of “I Told You So” to any and all, including most of my relatives and various cowards, Neo Conservatives, Christian Zionists, Libertarian open borders loons, conspiracy mongering nut cases and cuckservatives – also various assortments of nasty Jews that just hate our people so much they take the side of the Muslim migrant mass murderers.
American Jews, Diaspora Jews, Israeli Jews really suck on immigration (Link)

Our enemies know the importance of “holy days”/holidays.They remove any holy days/holidays honoring our heroes like George Washington’s Birthday; they wage a war against Christmas and are now desecrating Confederate monuments and Confederate graves.

The slaughter of our people in our country on 9/11/01 would never have happened if we had sane, patriotic immigration policies, sane, pro American foreign policies. But we don’t.

Every single regular person I speak with from Serbia, Poland, Russia or Japan agrees with me about 9/11/01 – just keep these as bad as they get ugly, hateful, murderous Islamic Arabs, Pakis, Turks out. They can’t mass murder us in our country/countries if we don’t allow them to flood in to our country/countries.

This seems simple to me – but for so many confused, mixed up, distracted “Amurikuns” they just can’t rap their minds around simple things – and then there is the “American” (yeah right) television boob tube spouting nonsense about Russian plots, Assad’s Syria gassing little children, mean racist Trump separating families at the border, BlackLiesMatter and various old cuckservatives are droning on and on about…..


That’s just the way it is.

But for those of us at OD in the know, Sept 11th is a special day, a clarification day. On this holy day – please honor our 9/11/01 martyred dead and please get in the face, maybe punch the face of all our enemies and traitors and idiots who defend or deny this terrible Sept 11th slaughter.


  1. Osama Bin Laden did nothing wrong.

    “If the Israelis are killing small children in Palestine and Americans are killing innocent people in Iraq, and if the majority of
    the American people support their dissolute President, this means the American people are fighting us and we have the right to target them.

    Muslim scholars have issued a fatwa against any American who pays taxes to his government. He is our target, because he is helping the
    American war machine against the Muslim nation.

    If the Americans have charges against me, I have charges against them. I am ready to go to the Taliban Islamic court, but not as an accused person. I have evidence against the Americans; they have absolutely no evidence against me. As for a neutral court, we do not believe there is any neutrality. There is a war waged by Americans against Islam and Muslims all over the world, and Americans themselves do not believe in neutrality. They want everyone to be their slave, or he will be considered an enemy.”

    – Shaheed Osama Bin Laden

    • A stopped watch has the correct time twice a day. So Osama Bin Ladin said some sensible things about the US government and the Israeli’s abusing the Palestinians and he opposed the US wars, interventions in Iraq.

      Big F*#&&$# deal.

      Wikipedia says this nasty ugly as* Afro/Arab/Afghan Mountain soap avoiding, TP avoiding unter has 20-26 children. He’s as ugly and hateful as Muhammed Ata and the 9/11/01 crew.

      These #*&[email protected] are never content to stay in “Their countries”. The whole concept of the Nation State is a White European concept, only sort of Islamic Turkey ever went in full for the nation state and even the Turks now are not staying in “their country”.

      No of course we should never go for the Neo Conservative/Zionist spins, wars, intrigues. But it’s beyond naive to believe we’re ever going to have peace with these Osama Bin Ladin types or that the Islamic world is in the right and has just causes against us, against what’s left of the White West.

      Here’s what ISIS really wants and these ISIS leaders trained in Australia.

      As most always, our kinsmen the Russians have the best policies for dealing with these people and this doesn’t entail prostituting themselves to the Zionists, Neo Conservatives etc.

      Russia backed the right side in Syria, the good guys, the Whiter guys and gals won.

      Russia now protects what is left of the Whiter Christians in the ME. That’s what we should do instead of wasting all our time worshiping Negro Felon League and going along to get along with the worst Neo Conservatives, Zionists or sexual degenerate White hating Libs.

      • “…the good guys, the Whiter guys and gals won.

        Russia now protects what is left of the Whiter Christians in the ME.”

        They aren’t white. Some of them are biracial. Light brown isn’t white.

  2. I don’t deny anything Ryan, the jews, Saudi Arabia and our own ZOG did 9/11! It disgusts me so much that us slaved Amerikans don’t do a damn thing about it and never will. I get the drift you believe the official story, amirite Ryan?

  3. I’d be reluctant to commemorate 9/11 in any capacity since it has only ever been used to justify neocon warmongering and to demonize the enemies of Israel. Sure it’s sad that innocent people lost their lives but that’s what happens when your nation is a global bullyboy that sticks its nose into every other nations business, occasionally you’ll experience a little blowback.

    The number of casualties was pretty small potatoes too when you consider the allied firebombing of Dresden killed up to 300,000 innocent civilians and similar attacks on Tokyo killed around 200k. In this context American navel-gazing about 9/11 seems particularly laughable.

    I’ll admit that when 9/11 occurred I wasn’t at all sympathetic to the United States. Back then I saw the US as the number 1 exporter of cultural degeneracy and so I was anti American. A short time later I learned that it was not actually American culture that I hated, it was jewish culture.

    • “I’d be reluctant to commemorate 9/11 in any capacity since it has only ever been used to justify neocon warmongering and to demonize the enemies of Israel.”

      I respond:

      No that’s just the spin that the Jewish neo Conservatives and Christian Zionists and just go along Cuckservatives did.

      Immigration patriots successfully use 9/11/01 to argue for sensible immigration restrictions. All that is needed is some Lee Atwater type political consultant to do what Lee Atwater did with the Willie Horton weekend furlough that election George Bush Sr.

      I always use it in my life, hard to find a White guy with a working brain that wants to keep on welcoming Muhammed Ata to go to flight schools in Florida on student visas.

      • That line of reasoning appears to make sense on the surface but you are actually arguing from a position of weakness. You’re essentially saying a non-white immigrant has a legitimate claim to America so long as he is well behaved. You are surrendering to the Jewish multiracial vision of the United States in a futile attempt to block one particular group of immigrants.

        America was literally founded and built from the ground up by white men. Those men never intended their country to be multiracial. What better argument than that do we need for exclusivity?

        • I’m saying no such thing. I’ve consistently advocated for Swiss, Hungarian type immigration policies – zero tolerance. Only healthy, stable White Europeans need apply. I’ve always advocated for Australia’s White Australia immigration policies they had in the 1960s. They JQ must always be addressed, handled in an intelligent way. I’ve also clearly showed the FACT that leading Jewish political/financial/media/academic elite has strongly backed mass Muslim immigration to the USA/Europe, UK – the White West. Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 or put under the Inquisition for taking the Muslim Moor side against Whites.

          Why do the Jews take the Muslim side against White Europeans, White European American gentiles?


          THEY HATE US.

          Again, this seems rather simple to me but for some reason, the crazy, mixed up confused, paranoid conspiracy mongering Kooks have all kinds of reasons to shout that nothing is how it seems.

  4. Just look at the photos of those nastiest urine colored Muhammed Ata mass murderers. Use this photo in your activism, ask others if you want to keep letting these people flood in to USA, Europe, UK, Australia. If they start hemming and hawing ask if they’ve been in a recent motorcycle accident with serious brain damage.

    • I agree. I do not believe 911 was an inside job in which the towers were brought down by previously placed explosives in order to pass the Patriot Act. Nor do I believe it was a MOSSAD operation. What I do believe is MOSSAD knew in advance and choose not to inform the United States because they want a U.S. military presence in the Middle East! Remember MOSSAD operatives were living in the same German apartment complex (I think in Hamburg) that the 911 hijackers were living in before they journeyed to America. They were obviously trailing them and knew what was coming because I am sure they bugged their apartments.I give credit where credit is do and recognize MOSSAD as the most efficient intelligence operation in the world! It easy to build up a spy network when your ethnic compatriots are scattered all over the world.

      • Heartland Separatist writes: “What I do believe is MOSSAD knew in advance and choose not to inform the United States ”

        I respond:

        Yes, this is most probably true. Israeli intelligence was monitoring, following Muhammed Ata – why was Israeli Intelligence monitoring, following Muhammed Ata? Answer: Because Israel intelligence is run and staffed by intelligent israelis. Hence the name Israeli Intelligence. In stark contrast our American government, intelligence agencies are run by very stupid people like George W Bush – he/they aren’t some secret sinister conspiracy more like just dumb asses the same as Jethro on the Beverely Hillbillies TV show.

        Israel with all their near by enemies rarely or never has any of their commercial airlines highjacked by Arab/Islamic terrorists – this is because Israeli intelligence, israel security does sensible things like profiling people who are more apt to slaughter people, especially more apt to slaughter Israeli people, jewish people. Thus they monitor Arab/Islamic extremists like Muhammed Ata, Osama Bin Ladin etc.

        Israel also has sensible, strong border walls to keep out 3rd world migrant invaders.

        Donald Trump won the GOP nomination and the US presidential election in large part on promises to build Israeli style border walls and implement Israeli style immigration policies.

        Again that’s intelligent, not stupid, not paranoid, conspiracy mongering Kook sh**.

        In a similar vein, sensible White European nationalists or just regular folks in countries like Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Serbia resist mass Muslim migrations, Muslim immigration, Muslims sexually grooming poor White girls like the Paki Muslims do in places like Rotherham England. All of this seems so simple to me a no brainer, but in the screwed up, mixed up minds of American Right wing conspiracy kooks, nothing is as it seems and nothing sensible can be done because everything is supposedly controlled by all powerful conspiracies THE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. Real Jewish anti White programs like replacing White Americans through mass 3rd world immigration, the rather open anti White genocidal programs of the likes of Chuck Schumer, Tim Wife, Bill Kristol and all the Jewish Neo Conservatives – this pretty much gets a free pass as American conspiracy nut cases are spouting all kinds of nonsense about 9/11/01 or else it’s obsessions with GUNS, GUNS, GUNS or some way out of date, race denying Constitution.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          You are to be commended for not only knowing your European history but in presenting matters in a calm and dignified response.

          • Thank you so much Christiana – you are my best, most appreciative fan…. maybe my only fan, student that listens to me, reads and understands what I write. Hey Christina, I broke a very long losing streak this September and have some attractive younger women giving me some attention. My salsa dance lessons are paying off. 🙂 I assume things are continuing to go well with you and your are handling all the attention of the boys your age, maybe distracting them a bit. 🙂

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I much appreciate your kind response. It sounds like your affairs of the heart are proceeding nicely. Skill in dancing is always an asset. If any of these women are Latin, may I ask what type?

          Remember. The key to a latin girl is the flirtation and the flattery. It helps when it is sincere. Also kindness has to come from a position of strength. In other words—–somewhere in between acting like a puppy dog and a drunk Yaqui.

          The new school year has just begun. I love school and I know most of the girls from past years. It has males. I like that in some ways and in other ways I do not. All- girl schools are more intimate, friendlier, and less complicated. After all, I can always meet guys through family and friends anyway. My school is in Texas. Yes, males are easily distracted. Most are awkward and immature.

          My father was thinking of sending me to an All Girl school in California or Mexico next year. I prefer to stay and finish school here with my friends.

  5. During the 90s many Saudis were angry at the US for having a huge military force of infidels stationed in their country. At the time of the 9/11 attacks I thought those Saudis were simply lashing out at America for that military presence. If you will recall there were several other major “terrorist” attacks against ZOG that lead up to 9/11, including the 1993 bombing of the WTC, the bombing of two ZOG embassies in East Africa in 1998, the 1998 Khobar Towers bombing and the attack on the USS Cole in 2000. The way I saw it 9/11 was a continuation or culmination of those attacks. Israel knew all about what was coming, I reasoned, but deliberately withheld their intelligence from Bush Jr. in order to permanently drag us into their never-ending regional conflicts.

    And for those of you with exceptionally good memories there was also a major UN conference on racism in late August or early September of 2001 that was held in South Africa, where attendees condemned the Zionist state for its jew supremacy and brutal mistreatment of Palestinians. The criticism of Israel was so bad that ZOG’s house negro Colin Powell had to be recalled in order to break it up. Then bam! The following week no more talk of Zionist atrocities, from that point on it was all about fightin them mozlum turrists over there so we don’t have to fight ’em over here. How convenient.

  6. 9/11/01 is a zionist holy day.

    Israelis will even find a dance partner to celebrate their holy day by dancing with the torah around a menorah.

    Onward Christian soldiers.

    • No problem, we don’t take things personally here at OD. Remember when Harold Covington got super pissed after he was found using a sock puppet here on the OD comments and he was suspended from making more comments? HAC proceeded to make our own Hunter Wallace the Lisping Lindsey Graham type homosexual, Christian Zionist Neo Conservative President of the United States character in his last Northwest Novel Freedom Sons. How petty was that? I like to keep Sept 11th as a special honor our dead day.

  7. And they still peddle the lies…and the hooples swallow them whole. This is a day of heartsick and depression for me. Death to amerikwa…or whatever.

  8. Who was the director of the CIA? Dual citizen Tenant.The Mossad is part of the U.S.truthworthy intelligence community,were given the task to safe guard from muslim attacks.Gas what.. The Mossad simply let it happened.That’s why there were dancing Israelies who were apprehended and released by the CIA director Jew Tenant.

    • We forget so easily but next time someone brings up we invaded afghanistan because of terrorism, rrmind them that the white house said don’t worry when the commanders asked for reinforcements to anihalate a fleeing taliban, allowing them to retreat to Pakistan in2001

  9. “sand farmers with box cutters did 9/11”

    hey Jaye, i can get you a real good deal on the brooklyn bridge HMU

    • SC writes”

      ““sand farmers with box cutters did 9/11?”

      I respond:

      The correct term is sand nigge**** not sand farmers.

      And yes all kinds of similar Islamic sand nigh****, toilet paper avoiding Afghan/Pakistan Mountain tribal people have done and are now doing all kinds of terrible, violent things to our White Indo European people, things like:

      Invading, conquering and occupying Spain for…. 700 YEARS!

      700 hundred years is a rather long false flag operation don’t ya think?

      Invading, conquering, occupying Sicily Italy, fuc***** up the White gene pool there to the point that once White Italians in Sicily now look like dark, swarthy, hairy Arabs.

      Paklstani Muslims sexually grooming, raping poor English girls in Rotherham England – do you think these atrocities are also made up to discredit Muslims or do the poor English girls deserve it for some Anglo American foreign policy, colonialism etc?

      Ever hear about the Battle of Algiers, the sack of Constantinople?

      Are you familiar with the Jannissaries – Ottoman Muslim policy of steal White Christian boys and turning them in to Jannisarry slaves?

      And again, just recognizing the reality of the Muslim migrant invasions, onslaught of the attempted Islamic conquest of Europe, the replacement of White European peoples in the West, this in no way diminishes our real problems with the Js. The worst Js all support the Muslim migrant invasions of Europe/USA. The Js got expelled from Spain in 1492 for basically doing the same sh*** they are doing now, taking the Muslim side against us, selling White girls in to sexual slavery to Muslims. The Js are the behind the scenes instigators, they are behind the curtain as the puppet masters, inciting Blacks, Muslims, Central American mayans against us.

      That’s what the js do.

  10. oaama was not a fundamentalist muslim fanaticwho attacked us for daring to not be muslim.tha tis a self serving narrative that pains US as if we were innocently minding our own business that glorious sept morn.osam saw himself as a freedom fighter.He opposed all middle east dictators including the Saudi arabian regime.They were enemies no matter what the media tells us. We say we won the cold war without a shot being fired; 9-11 was fall out from that cold war where for our cold war interests we had military bases in their holy land, supported that corrupt regime, and other tyrannical ME dregimes, we had sanctions on Iraq which harmed innocent arabs, we vetoed with a simple stroke of a pen every UN resolution that would have brought a modicumof justice to the Palestinians. They brought US to the knowledge tht there can be consequences to Us for our policies towards them, our relgion thad nothing to do with it.They laucedthe new mllenium; of the people , all people, not top down nation states. The us who septn the whole 20th cenuty dropping bombs on men women and children with impunity, got a tase of its own medicine that glroiousday

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