MAGA: Scott Presler Is Coming To Newark To Pick Up Trash

Scott “The Persistence” Presler is a good example of the type of “New Right” conservative who has flourished under the Blompf presidency:

A few weeks ago, Scott went to West Baltimore to clean up the mountains of garbage left behind by black people after Blompf was accused of racism:

May I suggest a trip abroad?

This is what Pretoria, South Africa looks like since the end of apartheid:

As with Baltimore, Detroit and Newark, Pretoria has made enormous progress since its transition from white supremacy to liberal democracy. If you feel the truth is otherwise and the place has declined, well you are a racist. There’s also “no place” for you in the conservative movement.

Seriously though, the Overton Window shifted and it was Scott Presler who waltzed through it. It is the same old conservatism except that now it is gayer and more pathetic and politically correct than it was before. Why should we want this to be associated with nationalism?

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  1. Frustrating to see that image of Pretoria. It still has the highest white population of any large metropolitan area in SA. However, it also has the largest white squatter camps growing in the outer town ships next to blacks. Those white squatter camps in comparison are keep clean and orderly compared to the blacks. Saw a documentary from the History Reviewed Channel from Yan on how they discretely hid they have power in their make shift shanties so they are not targeted by blacks.

  2. Shouldn’t the niggers be cleaning up their own neighborhood? I hope they make fun of those white faggots, especially Miss Presler.

  3. We’re told Blacks are equal to us in every way. Why can’t they clean up their own trash? Well, that’s the fault of evil whitey. Environmentalists and Blacks should get along splendidly in the hoped for post White world.

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