We’re Back

As of yesterday evening, we have raised $1,846 from 18 donors.

Last year, we were able to raise money through Stripe, Cash App, Google Pay and PopMoney. It is taking longer to raise money this year because now it has to trickle in from all over exclusively through the P.O. Box and Bitcoin. We’re nearly halfway to our goal though so if you haven’t already contributed please do so. This is also a much worthier cause than fighting off frivolous lawsuits. I don’t want to make a living off this site. I just want to be able to justify spending so much of my time here.

As you might expect, we were deplatformed again from Google Pay and Square by the haters and losers, so if you attempted to donate to us through those services and it didn’t go through that is why you were unable to do so. Corporate censorship is part and parcel of being a political dissident.

Seriously, this is what Little Molly talks about with her grandmother in the final years of her life: disrupting our fundraiser for sending my kid to a private kindergarten.

A few shoutouts to the mailbox gang who asked some questions …

1.) Yes, you can send me books and DVDs. I’ve gotten a number of recent books through the mailbox in recent months. I have a stack of new books ten feet high that I am reading through and reviewing. I believe you asked me what happened to Heartiste in a previous letter. As far as I know, he is back under his new domain in our sidebar although he isn’t writing at the moment.

2.) A big shoutout to our friend in Ulster who has sent us fascinating material on the Scots-Irish on several occasions. Thank you!

3.) A big shoutout to our friend in continental Europe. You know who you are!

4.) A shoutout to our reader from the Middle States. I’ve reviewed some regional culture books on Deep South and Tidewater. There is a book on the Middle Colonies in this series. I already have the books on New England and Appalachia which I will be reviewing. I will have to get that one as well.

5.) A special shoutout to all the good Yankees. Several of you have cracked me up as I have read your letters. The whole world has gone to hell under liberal democracy and we are all just trying to manage as best we can. I will be giving a speech about that topic soon.

6.) Finally, a shoutout to all the Southern Nationalists and other True Southrons who more or less see the world as I do.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

You’ve helped make our lives easier and in the process provided me with a ready response to all the nagging about spending so much time on the blog!

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  1. Good to see you’re back, sort or surprised you had to close the blog during your fundraiser but i guess people wouldn’t half as motivated lol

    Cute kid btw I could see why you’d want to be put in private schooling as he would be branded hitler in a public school because of your crazy racism and cause you support blumpf jk lol Though is tuition really that much? Jeez nothings cheap nowadays but thats quite a lot of money man

    • I’m glad you’re back posting, but surprised that you are resorting to a private school, rather than homeschooling.

      We found ALL the parochial/private/religious schools near us, were ALREADY INFECTED with the GloboHomo virus, because the ‘teachers’ (20-somethings who had not yet learned to differentiate between THEIR propaganda and real life) were the problem- not public vs. private, vs parochial. Without those who share your worldview, you are literally giving up your children to the altars of Moloch, when engaging in the primary grades- and it only gets worse when they go to the Chemical Sex Change centers known as High School-


      We HS’ed our kids until some point in their academic trajectory, and now, more than two decades later, we see that the lessons learned in HS, and having ONLY mom and dad as role models/teachers for the first twelve years, are the reason our kids aren’t rabid leftists, or sexual perverts. It also costs far less…..just sayin’. Even all their twenty-something friends note their practicality, sagacity, maturity (i.e., NORMALCY) and the concomitant ability to act as counselors to their peers. Of course, we still know they have a LOT of growing up to do, but after about 20, they have to learn that on their own….

  2. This socialist dog mom is a real nutjob after reading her twitter feed. Your average liberal with a white saviour complex who is also hopelessly alone and surrounded by her stupid cats and dogs

    • Thom,

      Most dogs are better company than other humans.

      If you’ve ever had a German Shepherd Dog, you’d know dogs are far from stupid, and they racially profile too.

      Remember that Uncle Adolf loved and cherished Blondi.

      • I love dogs but when we obsess over them it becomes unhealthy just look at socialist dogmom, if only white people loved each other as much as these damn dogs I’ve never had a German shepherd but i’ve had many different interesting dog breeds I knew adolf was fond of animals especially blondi

        • I hope November doesn’t take this wrongly, but it is pretty sad, albeit unsurprising, that you had to explain this to him. Taken in context of your whole original message, it is fairly obvious that by “stupid dogs and cats” you weren’t speaking directly to the intelligence (or the lack thereof, as it were) of dogs. Or even cats for that matter.

          This is merely one of multitudes of examples that could be cited in favor of whole-to-part education methodology (as opposed to the part-to-whole, “progressive” education model used in government and most private schools). Inasmuch as the method touches on reading and reading comprehension, whole-to-part methodology teaches that a sentence or a phrase (as well as paragraphs and whole chapters, but that is beyond the scope of what I’m trying to convey here) isolated from the context in which it was written and interpreted as a “stand alone” statement as it were is a fundamentally flawed interpretation method.

          The old adage stating that “a text taken out of context is a pretext” applies here as well, but not, I take it, in a malicious sense. It’s just that when one isolates a specific phrase (in this case, “surrounded by her stupid cats and dogs”), wrenching it from its broader context, a pretext (for correcting your faulty view of canine intelligence) is invariably established, whether it is the intent of your interlocutor to establish a nefarious pretext or not.

          Part and parcel of “seceding in your mind” involves freeing oneself from the palpably erroneous education philosophy and methodology of the “education experts” most of us were reared under during our formative years in the government schools. Our parents, as a general rule, weren’t well equipped to correct the inevitable results of this erroneous method because, well, they were reared under the same basic philosophical and methodological approach during their formative years as well. And once a bad habit is firmly established, experience has shown time and time again that it is virtually impossible to break it.

          In any case, I also disagree with November’s assertion stating that most dogs are better company than their human counterparts. That might be true in November’s case, but it certainly isn’t in mine, nor in the lives of almost everyone I know. I repeat, almost everyone I know. I certainly know a few people who have essentially foregone building proper relationships with other people, and have taken to surrounding themselves with domestic animals instead, but they are in the minority, and the reason they generally do so is because they are self-centered and narcissistic. Dogs can be, and are in many cases, wonderful companions – they tend to be loving and loyal to their owners and all that. That notwithstanding, building functional life long relationships within the nuclear family unit (by which I mean a man, a woman, and their biological children under the bonds of holy matrimony) is far superior to building relationships and bonds to domesticated animals.

          There is a very good reason people have become self-centered and narcissistic (to say nothing of hedonistic) in the modern era. I’ve spoken to it many many times over the last twenty-five or so years. The sexual revolution (which began way before the 1960s and the so called Boomer generation, by the way), which involves all sorts of self-destructive practices, is the biggest culprit. Women abandoning their homes and firesides for a career and assertion of their vaunted “equal rights”; “independent womanhood,” which is a contradiction in terms, but that is another story for another time; no fault divorce; contraception – men and women choosing not to have children, and so on and so forth. As R.L. Dabney once noted, the character of generations reared in such an environment are more likely to be more akin to demons than to men. And here we are. It didn’t happen overnight, or in one or two generations. And it won’t be fixed overnight or in one or two generations either. But we can nevertheless rest assured in this: Nature won’t long (in the grand scheme of things) put up with such a state of things.

  3. Only 16 people contributed?! Isn’t this blog worth supporting, people? I thought I would be one of at least a hundred sending in a check.

      • I wonder if multi-millionaire pundits who read OD like Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, and other worthies even considered sending Brad a few dollars. Do they plan on taking those millions with them? In the case of Roberts and Buchanan they will need a pyramid to fit all their loot into.

  4. In actually existing socialism, hard men like Erich Mielke pull your fingernails out with pliers for collaborating with enemies of the working class.

    In dog mom socialism, twitter radlibs work with the highest market cap multinational corporations in history to punish the working class if they don’t conform to the ephemeral norms of bourgeois status signallers.

    I think I would prefer the stasi tbh

  5. Hello, and welcome back!

    Hunter – I did not send any ducats this time. I’ve been feeling guilty. I’ve been on this site for years. after all. I have had a spate of very unexpected expenses, in the past few months. Including my old car dropping dead.

    You will receive a modest sum in the next month, from Yours Truly, though.

    Thank you for all your work and effort.

    Very sincerely,


  6. HW,

    A few shekels are headed your way.

    It’s the oldest cliche in the world, but the check is in the mail.

  7. Welcome back, Brad.

    This past week was very boring without OD. Hopefully, when all the donations trickle in you will have the goal at a minimum.

    • I’m not too worried about it.

      One of the reasons we aren’t closer to our goal is because several people tried to use Google Pay and Square and got deplatformed and had to turn around and donate through the P.O. Box. Last year, we were able to raise money faster due to Stripe, Square, Google Pay and Pop Money.

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