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“Now, the temptation is to throw yourself down the hole of self-loathing, despair and Trump-bashing. The remains of the alt-right have chosen that course. Richard Spencer sounds like a racist Bernie Bro. Many White Nationalists are lining up behind Xena The Warrior Princess. The error here is these people think if they don’t show up, the Bad Humor Man will stop coming around. In reality, they will not be missed, as there is always a long line of normie whites willing to lick the turdsicle.”

Here’s how I would describe our current thinking and strategy for engaging with mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party which I have labeled positive accelerationism and destructive criticism:

1.) We should stop engaging in activities that do not add value. If an activity is a net loss to our movement, then we should not engage in it. This is why there are no more street rallies. The risk of clashing with Antifa and having more people get doxed, get sued or go to jail is too high. The costs of engagement outweigh the benefits. Also, if there are none of these street rallies, then there is no reason to argue about optics.

2.) We should double down on activities which do add value. The reason that the Alt-Right came into existence in the first place is because it offered a critique of mainstream conservatism that disaffected people found compelling in the George W. Bush years. This is what our supporters found valuable about the Alt-Right. We were offering them ideas, perspectives and takes which they weren’t getting from the mainstream Right. The only advantage of being “fringe” is being independent and completely free to tell the truth and this is our comparative advantage to conservatism. The people who are satisfied with conservatism and the status quo have no reason to read our websites or join our movement.

This is why our current strategy isn’t street rallies or violent accelerationist mass shootings or survivalism or mainstreaming and trying to impress and infiltrate and influence conservatism with displays of optics. It is what I call destructive criticism, which is articulating a relentless, thoroughgoing critique of conservatism and the values of mainstream society from our perspective, and positive accelerationism, which is expediting the demise of Conservatism, Inc. by discrediting it in the online space and by withdrawing our support from Republican candidates.

Destructive Criticism – From a strategic and tactical standpoint, I would recommend that a 3.0 movement adopt destructive criticism as opposed to, say, “optics” or violent accelerationism as its primary approach to the “mainstream.” Instead of doing that, I would study what worked in the Reformation and the Enlightenment which was simply a relentless critique and mockery of the intellectual foundations of the dominant social order. Luther and Voltaire had the right approach.

Positive Accelerationism – Now that we have accommodated ourselves to reality and accepted the fact that we live in the United States in 2019 rather than in some other place we fled to after becoming alienated, we’re ready to work together to accomplish our political goals:

The easiest way to topple Conservatism, Inc. and shake things up would be to leave the Republican Party and join the Democratic Party. We can have a greater disruptive impact by going into the other political party, pulling it back toward the center of the electorate and by cancelling out the votes of all the bigots and fanatics in that party who are our enemies. It’s strange how voting for a better Democratic nominee sees less obvious to most people in the 1.0 and 2.0 movements than violent accelerationism. We don’t want the collapse of civilization so much as the current political alignment. In this way, we can collapse the mainstream Right with minimal effort while possibly collecting $1,000 a month. If voting for a Democrat is too distasteful, however, then sitting out the election or voting for a third party candidate to collapse the GOP would have the same effect.

At the end of a day, the result of your politics is going to be either a blue dot or a red dot or no dot on a single day. The candidate who gets the most blue dots or red dots to win the electoral college becomes the president. Politics is a team sport and the goal is to assemble the greatest coalition of dots on your side. The race of the people behind the dots really doesn’t matter.

Is this a permanent solution? No, it is merely a temporary solution to the decadent state of the mainstream Right. It is the equivalent of using a plunger to remove Charlie Kirk.”

3.) The polls show that the Alt-Right or White Nationalists are currently anywhere from 3% to 6% of the American population. Pretty much everyone who is involved in this movement is a voting age adult which means we are a higher percentage of the electorate. We fall within the stratum of the White population that is disaffected. This stratum of the population is at least 10% of Republican-leaning voters.

4.) Republican electoral victories depend on activating voters motivated by White grievance. Anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of White Americans are motivated by White grievances. There is a divide between explicit White Nationalists over the racism or White identity question and between this larger swath of White voters who are resentful, but afraid to embrace explicit White racial identity and White Nationalist politics. Basically, this group largely agrees with most of our grievances, but doesn’t want to be called racist. It sees the anti-White hate though.

5.) The goal of Republican strategists is to inflame this vast group of voters who are motivated by White racial grievance and combine them with just enough racial minorities and White suburbanites to win the White House. As the White electorate has diminished and White grievances have grown, the GOP requires an ever higher bar of White voters to remain competitive and an ever higher level of red meat to maintain their interest.

6.) The Republican Party is controlled by its donor class who have bought the policies. The legislative agenda pursued by the GOP is totally at odds with its campaign rhetoric. We vote to Build the Wall. We get corporate tax cuts, saber rattling against Iran, criminal justice reform, etc. This isn’t an accident. The GOP is controlled by an oligarchy which is manipulating and exploiting its base in order to deliver the things its investors want.

7.) The donors who control the Republican Party are men like the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. Their worldview and values are totally at odds with White Nationalists. If we continue to vote to reelect the GOP, we are going to continue to get the things that these rich people want like spending the last six months accusing the Democrats of anti-Semitism. The Republican base is there solely to provide a platform for these people to stand on.

8.) Conservatism, Inc. exists to keep these people in power by remaining plausible to voters motivated by White grievance and to keep us out of power. In the 2016 election, we thought that Donald Trump was beating these people and breaking down the barriers between us and the mainstream. After the election was over though, he sold out to the Republican donors, took over the machinery of Conservatism, Inc., dropped us like a hot potato and pulled back the Overton Window.

9.) The growth of populism and nationalism in the United States isn’t being driven by Donald Trump. He is only one man who rode the wave to power. It is being driven by mounting social and economic distress in the White electorate which in turn is being caused by the breakdown of the liberal paradigm which reflects scientific and technological assumptions which are no longer operative in the 21st century. We’re still early in the process which will continue regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election.

10.) There are only two plausible ways that our relationship with Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican Party changes: either the GOP runs out of White voters and ceases to be viable after states like Arizona, Florida, Texas and Georgia slip away from the Republican column, OR, it ends prematurely in a White populist revolt. This is what Trump’s voters thought they were doing in the 2016 election, but their champion was a populist demagogue, not a populist ideologue, and sold out to the oligarchy like countless demagogues before him have in American history.

In conclusion, if we are serious about changing our relationship and status within the Republican coalition, then we are going to have to force it to change. We have to exploit our advantages over conservatism. These advantages are free thinking outside the parameters of the current norms (the -isms and the -phobias), independence from donors, the relative absence of grifters and careerists, thousands of hours of unpaid volunteer work and our ability to create and drive narratives in the digital space. It is within our power to become a serious headache for them by savagely critiquing and mocking their narratives and denying them plausibility in the eyes of disaffected voters who share our grievances.

“The right answer is a point Greg Johnson has been making. Instead of stomping off in a rage, the disaffected Trump voters need to engage more forcefully with those normies so they stop accepting the choice on offer. You can’t do that if you are on the sidelines or joining the other team. Things change when the Bad Humor Man is faced with a crowd that refuses the choice between the turdsicle and the fishsicle. When that day comes, he either stops coming around or he gets better inventory.”

We’re not stomping off in a rage.

We are highly engaged in the 2020 election cycle, but this time we are making fun of both sides. We’re not trying to reach conservative normies who are asleep and content to Trust The Plan because the only thing that will wake them up is Blompf losing the 2020 election. Instead, as was the case during the George W. Bush administration, we’re trying to reach the people whose eyes have been opened by the failures of Blompf and the Republican Party over the past two and a half years.

This is our objection to the AmNats and their mainstreaming strategy. The conservative normie is asleep and doesn’t care about displays of optics. It is pointless and high risk for dissidents to invest so much time and energy in displays of optics that aren’t attracting normies. It is a waste of time to carry water for Blompf and Conservatism, Inc. who are excluding us from representation in the Republican coalition and pushing policies which are sold to the billionaire mega donors. Insofar as mainstreamers have tried infiltrating conservatism, they have consistently been purged. Their strategy will not force Conservatism, Inc. to change anything. It will not force the GOP to change either because it can take their support for granted as it delivers the policies and rhetoric its investors want.

The funny thing is, the AmNats want the conservative normies to wake up. They want to impress the conservative normies with their optics. They don’t want to offend the conservative normie. The problem is that as long as Blompf is in the White House and Q is feeding them bread crumbs then they will be satisfied with that. Their attention is focused on their own personal lives right now which makes sense. Blompf has told them that they are winning as he takes their guns away and they believe him.

The only way to reach normies, as opposed to the disaffected, is to have a Democrat in the White House. As long as a Republican is in the White House, we only seem to reach the disaffected and for now at least that is who the Dissident Right should be catering to.

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  1. Low-carb-dieting for the win!

    You have no strategy so please don’t pretend otherwise.

    You are a private man who publishes his political opinions on a minor blog (and I find it interesting enough to follow it a bit, I will grant you that).

    Honest question: Do you work for a living or are you a trust fund man? Your blogging seems to be rather time consuming and then all those mainstream history books you read. So I am curious how you sustain yourself.

    • I try to engage in activities which add value.

      1.) The series that I did in July about low-carb dieting is one example of this. The leading cause of death in the South is heart disease related to obesity. There is currently a huge interest in the subject. So, I offered some tips on how to do low-carb dieting and Keto while eating traditional Southern foods with some variety.

      2.) As a Southern Nationalist, I know a great deal about our history, which I have studied for nearly 20 years. I know more about the subject than most college graduates. I have a decade of experience in blogging. So, I try to add value by educating our people who feel like they have lost their sense of identity about their heritage and roots.

      3.) It foolish of me to explain on this blog where my income comes from. That’s not something anyone here needs to know.

      4.) I’ve thought a great deal about our relationship to the Republican Party. My solution to this impasse, which I described in the 3.0 article, is positive accelerationism and destructive criticism. That’s my strategy. There are 22 other points in the same article. My strategy is not 1.) survivalism, 2.) violent or negative accelerationism or 3.) mainstreaming.

    • The arrogance of some of the commenters here is laughable. HW is a minor blogger without a strategy who needs to justify his existence, for reasons, to the superior intellect and self-appointed judge. Provide us with proof of your higher capabilities and knowledge, Gast. Put up or shut up.

      • @Rich L

        I never claimed what you said I claimed. To spell it out: I didn’t say that I have a working strategy for the White cause and I didn’t say I have a superior intellect (I think HW is wrong on many issues, though). So try to read with comprehension before going into a mindless rage, Mister.

  2. I was just curious. I you don’t want to tell the source of your income, fair enough, it is none of my business.

    For the strategy you offer I remain skeptical: You seem to overlook that Luther and Voltaire were very well connected with powerful people (inter alia the Prince of Brandenburg and the King of Prussia). So mocking alone would have not lead them anywhere. And the internet revolution has brought it with it that talk alone is cheaper than ever.

    In the end there was only one “strategy” ever in the WN movement: Propaganda till a mystical “critical mass” is achieved and then a even more mystical pitchfork revolution is sparked from some mystical event.

    I always knew that this “strategy” was BS and so it turned out.

    • That’s true.

      I wouldn’t say that was the decisive thing though. Luther’s relationship with Frederick the Wise developed as a result of his criticism of the Papacy. He developed a massive popular following because he tapped into a popular grievance. His ideals percolated and gained traction in northern Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. He was a nobody in a backwater province who developed a massive popular following. It was too dangerous for the princes to oppose him and they also shared his grievances with Rome. His ideas were useful to them.

      • The initial popularity of Luther among the German people was probably brought in to being by a jewish propaganda network. You should read Michael E. Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” or at least the chapters dealing with the Protestant Revolution to get some of the details.

        I think the jews were very supportive of Luther in the beginning as they were with various not so successful predecessors and they knew how to organize a mass protest even back then.

        • Jews supportive of luther gast? Don’t just say read Michael e Jones book explain this? Why would the jews be supportive of luther who wrote On the holy name and lineage of christ and On the jews and their lies?

          • Luther wrote his pamphlets against the jews late in life after he felt betrayed by the jews. In the beginning of his career he teamed up Reuchlin (a crypto-jew who was an expert of the Kabbalah) and he was generally supportive of them (wrote a book “Jesus was born a jew”).

            Jews in general wanted to break the power of the Catholic church and so were very supportive of the Reformation with money, weapons (well documented in the case of Hus) and propaganda.

    • The 1.0 and 2.0 movements had the same strategy: either drop out of society and become an anti-social survivalist or violent terrorist waiting for the “collapse,” OR, cozy up to mainstream conservatism with good optics and moderate rhetoric. This is the “mainstreamers” vs. “vanguardists” divide that has existed since the 1970s.

      The 2.0 movement briefly gained traction in 2015 after the #cuckservative meme went viral and it was engaged in a vicious online war with conservatism. It gained traction because the critique of conservatism was resonating. After the 2016 election, however, it shifted back to the old loser mainstreaming strategy and spent two and a half years apologizing for Blompf and the GOP.

    • A more profitable strategy for a small movement is to not worry about power. Develop your own networks of “fellow travelers” and keep in touch. Build relationships in every area of life with like-minded people, from personal correspondence to business. Don’t look towards getting power in a diseased and failing system; as much as possible, act as if it’s not there. Of course it is in fact (gov’t still pulls out the stops if you don’t pay your protection fee…taxes), but pull away from the rotting mainstream as best you can.

  3. I lump Conservatism Inc in with the Democrats and all of the other various enemies. They all haf to be defeated. None of them represent the South, anyway. They’re from a different country and world from mine.

    The 2016 election is the first time I’ve voted, since Bill Clinton. This time, I was essentially voting against the Clintons, again.

    Had somebody else run against Trump, other than Sanders, I wouldn’t have bothered to vote.

    I may not vote this time, if it turns out to be a 1980s style Biden Vs Trump campaign. Which I predict it’ll be. No matter who wins, we’re still gonna lose.

    If we can’t get a Southern Nationalist Party, than we need a party that represents the South and the Interior West and geared towards specifically defeating Yankeedom and the Left Coast, politically.

  4. The radical left has absolutely thrived under Trump, and the alt-right was much stronger under Obama. And, of course, what matters most is that the things we care about have all gotten worse under Trump. It’s okay to sit out the election, but it’s even more effective to hold your nose and vote for the Dem, as hard as that may be. I still think there is some value in having the GOP at least partially control congress to prevent the worst excesses of the Dems. They are useless under Trump, and will happily give him some type of comprehensive immigration treason during his second term if it comes to that, but they would actually resist a Democrat president who tried that.

  5. I’m not voting. The .gov is completely anti-White. People need to think that they are consenting to that if they vote.

  6. Blompf is simply the best actor to ever grace the stage of the Great American Political Reality TV Show.

  7. Empathy is our greatest strength. We empathize with the innocent ones, those who are persecuted tortured and tormented without end, by the inhuman cruelty of the Jews. We empathize with the innocent Christ, the Palestinians and the unborn. We know the pain and the suffering of the innocent ones who have done no wrong. and I believe God put us on this earth to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I believe this is our reason for being.

    • Great Op-Ed. I’m not voting for Blormpf and I’m not really interested in voting for anyone at this point.

      I don’t really have any particular animus towards Amnats but I don’t comprehend how they assumed they were superior and were going to divide and dictate the soci-political

      Not to beat a dead horse but males neurotically obsessing about ‘optics’ is fundamentally rooted in homosexuality. I’m not a big
      fan of Overly Tatooed, Missing Teeth, or Obese
      White People but there are far worse things. Behind the quiet and serene facia of White Suburbia lies serious bad ‘optics’. Like the young Kennedy female who died of a drug overdose.

  8. I could care a less what these people do in 2020. I have already made up my mind what I am doing and that is to attack conservatism and Trump nonstop. The Trump presidency is a joke and something to laugh at – not something to take serious.

    A lot of these guys much like conservatives they have zero credibility any longer to be lecturing dissidents when it comes to politics.

  9. Why can’t these AmNats just stay in their lane and do their thing?

    They want to pander to conservatives who are determined to pull the lever for the Orange Rabbi no matter how much he backstabs his base? Fine. Do it.

    I and the rest of the “WigNats” want nothing to do with that. We’ve seen how brain-dead conservative normies are. They are dead weight.

    Greg Johnson, Andrew Anglin, Weev, Nick Fuentes, Zman, and the rest of the MAGA loyalists need to piss off and leave us alone. They started this schism. They should own up to it and accept the fact that we’re a permanently fractured movement that will never reunite.

    Instead, they just seem like they want to keep arguing with us. Why? The debates are long over. We hate each other. There’s no logic in continually stepping on each others’ toes. We need a hard divorce and work in our own spheres.

    Besides, what does it matter if we “WigNats” want to bash Trump? AmNats disavow the “WN” label and identify as “conservatives”. So us bashing conservatism won’t affect them in any way.

    • To be fair Fuentes is more critical of trump then the rest of the names you listed but yes these individuals always come up with shrunken head hot takes. I follow Fuentes often despite him being a bit of a personality and he hasn’t had a good word to say about trump for months now

      While wanglin and schizo weev cheer for more mass shooters and continuing to believe in the false hope blumpf gets rid of jared and then good things will happen

    • All those people are agents. So meddling with the anti-jew opposition is actually their job besides spreading disinformation. So don’t expect them to stop.

  10. On election night, 2020, white Americans will see the establishment of an anti-white one-party state through race replacement immigration. When that happens, I want to be one of the people who opposed it, not one of the people who accelerated it. What side will you be on?

  11. Here is my own $.002 worth. Everyone. Vote. Don’t hold your nose and vote for a Democrat. Don’t hold your nose and vote for a Republican. Don’t do straight ticket voting if you find a candidate in either party that you trust. Only vote for that candidate. Find another party with candidates that adhere to your views the most closely and cast your vote there. But vote, because it is in your own best interest to vote.

    The duopoly discourages voting for “fringe” parties as “wasting your vote,” but fringe voting is not wasting your vote; not voting at all is wasting your vote.

    Neither party is going to make any effort for people who by not voting make it clear that they will never vote for them anyway. That is why pro-Whites sitting out an election is counter-productive. Voting is a head count. If you don’t vote, the politicians forget you are there. You want to let them know you are out there and you have been alienated by them enough to eventually replace them with the right “fringe” party.

    A careful study of the history of politics reveals that as the margins of victory get increasingly narrower, desperate candidates are more willing to pander to people they would never ever consider before. How do you think a small minority of 12 to 14 percent was able to make our country BRA (Black Run America)?

    As Malcolm X noted, Whites are pretty evenly divided between the duopoly. Blacks had the ability to be the swing voters. They organized as bloc voters and now you see endless White politicians pander to African Americans at the NAACP and you see White Democrats, in particular, line up to kiss the ring of racial grievance hustler, Al Sharpton, and promise to sell their own race into helot status to win the support of Black Lives Matter.

    They can do that to Non-Persons. When you stop voting completely, you basically un-person yourself and then a hostile elite can do what they want to with you without any protest from you that doesn’t result in putting yourself behind bars like those protesters after the Charlottesville Debacle.

    Both wings of the duopoly have demonstrated that neither side has any will or desire to build the wall. Trump and the Republicans believe they can fool desperate Whites into believing their Failure Theater, but we know better. Trump may get re-elected in 2020, but post-Trump is up for grabs. We need to get ready NOW.

    The best, most non-violent recourse we have is to vote FOR exactly what the duopoly tries to discourage. Voting for a “fringe” party instead. They call it “wasting your vote. What they don’t want you to know is that it is NOT voting at ALL is actually wasting your vote.

    If every disaffected White registers to vote and then votes for a “fringe” party, not even as a bloc but for any party other than Democrat or Republican, they Re-Person themselves. They let the politicians and the media know they are out there and they are very unhappy campers.

    Giving African Americans everything they want. More money, more money, more money and what amounts to White Slavery by any other name is going to bankrupt this country. Moreover, not only will the Whites rebel, but the Asians, the Latinx, the Arabs, and the Hindus they’ve imported will refuse to co-sign any program to set African Americans in clover. They will have to renege on reparations and are looking for any viable excuse as a way out. We have to make that possible for them.

    The Duopoly know BRA will ultimately destroy their sweet set up. That’s why they are importing Latinx like crazy. The Democrats know that the Whites, in particular, are angry with them and see electing a new people as a way of holding onto power. The Republicans know that the jig is about up where White people are concerned and are also trying to woo the Latinx vote.

    Of course, aside from wanting to take over what Whites have built, the voting habits reveal that Latinx resemble Whites. The have the same ethno-national divisions that White Americans have and their voting habits reflect the history of prior White immigrants. The majority start out voting Democrat. Those that establish themselves get more conservative. That leaves African-Americans, as unified bloc voters, in the catbird seat.

    So Pro-Whites need to re-establish disaffected White voters as an electoral presence, the bigger the better. If candidates with razor thin margins for victory (and desperate to pick up any and every vote they can to win) see all these voters out there just out of their reach, they will be forced to woo them. If all these voters are Whites who make it clear that they are only voting for their own racial interests, and they don’t give a damn what the Twitterati think of them, the politicians will be forced to deal or see their own political careers become irrelevant.

    The best way to defeat these people is to form a movement that is into voting for “fringe” parties. If we can establish a trend it will grow so quickly that it will be a tsunami. As the 49-51 percent margins who vote for the duopoly dwindle to 23-25 percent margins or less, we make the duopoly candidates so desperate that we render their donors effectively powerless. Donors like the Koch Bros, Soros, Singer, and Adelson end up throwing billions of dollars away to end up with nothing.

    This can be done. If any recall, House Majority Speaker, Eric Cantor, was ousted in the primary by Dave Brat by a twelve point margin even though the loser outspent the victor by a margin of forty to one.

    As more and more White politicians find themselves pushed out of the duopoly by diverse politicians, they will be more and more eager to join a new party of OUR founding. In the meantime, the fringe parties are already out there. Look for one that you like the most, register to vote and cast your vote as an effective protest. Tell any White who complains about which Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum candidate represents the Lesser of Two Evils what you are doing. Get the momentum going.

    I guarantee we can make this idea take off, because I also lurk at Leftist boards and the complaints of White Leftists are Chapter and Verse (albeit from a Leftist angle) identical to our complaints. And if you are noticing BOTH parties have divided causes that pander to the worst ideas of the progressives and the conservatives and ignore the best ideas of either group. And that is deliberate. Not a single idea they adapt benefits the American people. We can make Fringe voting Trendy PDQ. Let’s do this.

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