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  1. I’m a fairly fit guy, but that was beyond my power. Either I’m screwing up the technique, or I need to curl more.

    • Same here. I’m in decent shape, but apparently not with the muscles that he is using to do that. Curling has nothing to do with it, it’s more about core strength.

  2. Wow, that was impressive. Superman pushups are extremely difficult. Unless you’re very lean, I’d say they’re virtually impossible.

  3. Jared’s exercise is challenging — but he desperately needs sunshine to turn his pasty complexion brown!

    • He has beautiful white skin. Prized for thousands of years until Coco Chanel decided a new industry had to be born to create more wealth for the controllers. It’s all part of the control mechanism created by a higher intelligence. If they didn’t demonize white skin how could they ever get white countries to sit and watch as their lands were being conquered by dark skinned peoples?

      We think in years or decades, they think in centuries or millennia.

      • So you think the 70’s trend (or did it start in the 60’s) of glamorizing tanned browned skin as some american ideal was a jewish ploy to demoralize whites?

        I’ve never fully countenanced that idea. I got the sense that part of the phenomenon was the association of tanned skin with status signifying wealth and having the luxury of traveling south in the winter.

        But italian and jewish culture (obvious jewish that is) became popularized in that era’s mass entertainment and it’s their look, far more than a mainland european one.

        • Coco Chanel came back from vacation in the 1920’s all tanned. Yes, I’ve heard the notion decades ago that a tan is an indication of a leisurely life but do you really think that the demoralization of white skin is not part of an agenda? Trust me, it is. The idiots bake themselves and end up with freckles, age spots, and sagging skin not to mention cancer. The worship of tanning has made people forget that it’s the body’s response to excessive UV ray absorption. It’s a protection mechanism. With the right marketing campaign, they could make humans willingly eat their own feces. Many truly are cattle.

          It’s like the term “people of color.” Since when is monochromatic considered colorful? I believe Europeans with their different hair and eye colors are the real people of color. Many of us can naturally tan but can non-whites naturally lighten their eyes and hair?

          The actress Vivien Leigh was extremely fair and it added to her beauty.


  4. So Taylor declares himself as “uncle Jared” and shows off some distasteful bed gymnastics? Seems everybody is desperate to be part of the “clown world” these days (I am not too fond of this meme btw.)

    Nota bene: I always thought that Taylor (“jews look white to me”) was an enemy agent. So I am not too concerned that he has given up on the idea to be an “respected leader”.

    • Yep. Just try and hold the prone slow fire position for 20 minutes if you have back problems. I’ve tried working up to it only to have back pain. I’ll keep trying.

  5. Good for him. He is a great role model and too many white people trash him. Whether you agree with him or not, he a respectable white man. He takes the heat and keeps on swinging. Sure, I wish he was more militant but I wish all racially-conscious white men and women were. The key to genuine and continued success is a scorched earth policy aka the American way! And, the Vatican (Ninth Circle), Monarchs, Khazarians, Luciferians, Satanists, Masons, and all the other secret societies you barely ever or never heard of. Try beating that system of control.

    Competition is a sin!

    • If you don’t go after the root cause of most of the evil in our world as a self-declared political leader your influence is less than zero – it is negative. Since Taylor treated jews not as enemies but as potential allies he is either a complete fool or an enemy agent (much more probable). So he doesn’t deserve any respect.

      • Jews are not our only problem. Anyone who thinks otherwise is corralling themselves in limited thought or just not paying attention. Jews get far more credit than they should, they’re just not that good at what you think only they do. Investigate who or what really controls our world and there you’ll find the hint of an answer. All roads lead to Rome but it’s not the last stop.

        Taylor does what many of us would never do. He exposes himself and his family to the cruelty and the shackles of the machine. He has my respect.

        “When you see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s the train coming at you.” ~ Jordan Maxwell

        I wonder how many will even attempt to understand what he means.

  6. I’ve noticed over the past few years that many guys that used to train hard complain about bad shoulders and backs. Once your back starts to have problems, you are fucked. I swing the kettlebell, but I recently reduced the weight I use. Build or maintain the body, but don’t overstrain it.

    I can’t run (or even walk) too far because of my shins. I thought they got messed up running cross-country as a lad, but actually there seems to be muscle fiber wrapped around them. Walking beyond a certain pace makes my shins feel like they’re in a quickly-tightening vise. Does anyone know any remedy for that? I can’t find any answers online, and doctors are no help. Thanks.

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