Handmaidens Of Conservatism

There appears to be a big divide within our community about how White Nationalists or the Alt-Right or the Dissident Right or American Nationalists or whatever label or umbrella term we are identifying with these days should engage with the Blompf presidency.

If I may characterize the broad contours of the current debate, there is one faction which thought it was a great idea after Charlottesville to wrap itself in the American flag, embrace American Nationalism, to break with the wignats, win over the normies through displays of superior optics and to bear hug Donald Trump and the MAGA movement in the hope of gaining mainstream traction. A year ago, these people were dismissing the rest of us as blackpillers for criticizing the Blompf presidency and rolling our eyes about how “Chad” it was to vote for the GOP in the 2018 midterm elections.

In the other corner, there is another faction which either dismissed Blompf from the beginning or have soured on him over the past two and half years of his failed presidency. These people tend to be extremely skeptical of infiltrating conservatism and working as unpaid apologists for the GOP. They don’t see any connection between mainstream conservatism and Republican electoral victories and either making any substantial difference in their lives. They don’t believe in the efficacy of optics. They have rejected the MIGA movement. None of them are supporting Blompf’s 2020 campaign.

The immediate question before the two camps is whether it is in our interest for the Blompf presidency to drag on for another five years. Are we going to support Blompf in the 2020 election? Are we going to do the “Chad” thing and vote straight ticket Republican? Are the “racists” going to take our seat at the back of the conservative bus in 2020 while Charlie Kirk rides up front? Are we going to go to CPAC in 2020 and wave around the American flag before getting removed from the building? Are we broad-minded and low time preference enough to look at the big picture and set aside our values and beliefs so that conservatives will respect us and Israel can continue its unprecedented winning streak?

Here’s why I am in the second camp:

The Blompf Presidency Is a Failure

The Trump presidency has been a disaster for our movement. The skeptics who predicted that having a Republican president in the White House would put all the normies back to sleep were vindicated. In the last six months, we have watched the U.S. border collapse and most Republican voters still think Trump has the situation under control and that he is doing a good job. In reality, the situation on the border is worse than it was under Obama who was a respite from the George W. Bush years.

The Alt-Right was crippled by lawfare, deplatforming and street violence. Blompf’s victory in the 2016 election radicalized the Left while doing nothing for the Right. He failed to protect his own supporters. In the last two and half years, the streets have become more violent and free speech has been wiped out on the internet. Everyone from Alex Jones to Identity Dixie has been deplatformed. We have nothing to show for it too. Instead of delivering “law and order,” Trump’s Justice Department turned a blind eye to Antifa violence and has prosecuted us. He signed criminal justice reform for the Koch brothers. We are worse off today than we were under Obama. There is no reason to believe he is capable of turning this around. It is more likely a second term will be even shittier without the deterrent of reelection.

From the beginning, we were shut out of the Blompf presidency because he immediately sold out to the big donors during the transition. The last two and half years has been nothing but conservatism at the trough. It has produced victories for wealthy people who got their tax cuts, Israel which annexed the Golan Heights, the Pentagon which has a soaring budget. Even by the standards of the MAGA movement, Blompf is a failed president who has delivered nothing in office but status quo conservatism. This time around he is openly running on mainstream conservatism too. He is moving the Overton Window in the sense that he is identifying America with militant Zionism and opposition to “socialism.”

The Alt-Right Has Only Thrived as a Critical Outsider Voice

We have been here before under a Republican president. The Alt-Right began and thrived when George W. Bush was president who has the same policies as Blompf. George W. Bush’s second term was a disaster that discredited mainstream conservatism. Why on earth would we want to identify our cause with a Blompf second term? In light of everything that has happened since 2016, what is Blompf most likely to do when doesn’t have to worry about reelection? Will he invade Iran for Sheldon Adelson?

The Alt-Right has had two good stretches over the past 15 years. The first stretch was its origins as a critical dissident minority that rejected mainstream conservatism during George W. Bush’s second term. The second stretch in which it gained a lot of traction was during the Trump campaign after the #cuckservative meme went viral in 2015 during the Republican primaries. After the 2016 election, the movement wilted and rapidly lost steam during the Blompf presidency when it was transformed from a critical voice with interesting takes from outside the mainstream into a handmaiden to conservatism.

How should we deal with Donald Trump? Instead of continuing to project onto him our various fantasies, we should respond to him the same way we critiqued George W. Bush.

American Nationalism Is Civic Nationalist Ultra Zionism

The people who wanted to transform the Alt-Right into an “American Nationalist” handmaiden to conservatism have nothing to show for it. They are as marginalized as anyone else. We’ve watched them get kicked out of CPAC. We’ve watched them get dumped by the GOP. Most recently, we watched them get excluded from the “National Conservatism” conference. The Alt-Lite, which was the next rung up the ladder of edginess, has been systematically dismantled by the ADL. Insofar as conservatism is rebranding itself as American Nationalism, it is Marco Rubio in American flags albeit with such a full throated embrace of Israel and Zionism that George W. Bush would have found it distasteful. Those teams of Orthodox Jews who were going to do all those wonderful things for us never materialized.

*I’m not saying it has always been this way. This is the way it is presented today though under mainstream conservatism. You’re better off reading a book about George Washington.

The Low Information Normie Is Asleep

It is a myth that we are alienating normies by criticizing the Blompf presidency. The people who say this offer no proof that this is the case. To put this in perspective, Charlottesville had zero impact on public opinion of the Alt-Right, White Nationalism, support for Confederate monuments and Trump’s approval rating. The normies went back to sleep after the 2016 election. The border itself is collapsing, the suicide rate is unchanged, the trade deficit is as high as ever, Antifa violence and censorship are worse than ever, we are debating child trannies and the low information normie overwhelmingly approves of Trump’s job performance. The low information normies aren’t reading our websites. Instead, it is high information, web saavy, disaffected people who are disillusioned with conservatism and looking for alternatives who are reading our websites. Those people are smart enough to see through Blompf’s charade. It is those openminded, persuadable people we should be reaching out to.

Blompf Is Probably Doomed Anyway

It is currently July 2019 and we are a little over a year out from the 2020 election. There is currently no evidence that Blompf is capable of winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin again. He is also underwater in the polls in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida. Those who want to go down on this sinking ship with Charlie Kirk and the Grift Right are free to do so. Even if we threw all our support behind Blompf, he is unlikely to win because his conservative policies are so out of touch with Midwestern swing voters. Also, there is no reason to believe his reelection would benefit us in any way.

W. and Blompf Are Excellent Foils

Obviously, I believe we should continue to engage with the mainstream. We should continue to follow the 2020 election. This is a great time in American politics to be mocking Blompf’s flawless track record of blustering impotence and failure and the GOP’s ineffectiveness. Our message should be that the last four years have discredited mainstream conservatism because even when conservatives are trusted with power over every branch of our government and the majority of state legislatures they are incapable of being reformed or doing anything but catering to the interests of their donors.

Blompf Doesn’t Have Any Ideas Or Principles

There is no such thing as Trumpism.

Blompf isn’t a man of ideas or action. He is a New York marketing executive who wants to be loved and respected. Little Marco and Lyin’ Ted were telling the truth when they said during the primary that he was an ego driven con artist with New York liberal values.

In hindsight, our biggest mistake was taking Blompf seriously when he talked about his ideas and positions. We took his “positions” at face value. Rhetorically speaking, he was strong on immigration, trade and foreign policy. He was against “globalism.” We didn’t listen to Blompf’s rivals who consistently attacked him during the primary on account of his poor character.

It is obvious that the man bullshitted his way to the White House. He is bullshitting his way through the presidency too. There is no 4D Chess here. There is no plan. There are no principles or ideology at stake. An ideologue wouldn’t have staffed the White House with his political enemies. I stood there on the National Mall and listened to him bullshit me at his Inauguration in Washington, DC.

The GOP’s principles and priorities are crystal clear: tax cuts and deregulation for the wealthy, open borders and cheap labor for big business, endless overseas interventions, doing anything Israel wants and stirring the pot of the culture war to accomplish these goals. This is how we knew last year that the rhetoric of the 2018 midterms would have no correspondence to GOP governance in 2019 and 2020.

Blompf’s role as Con-in-Chief is to sell this bait-and-switch to Republican voters. He is a shameless liar who is willing to say anything to stay in power and achieve these goals. The 2020 campaign is less than a month underway and he has already discarded his old rhetoric.

Con-Artist In Chief

Blompf’s attacks on The Squad is an excellent example of this.

If you listen to his rhetoric and follow his tweets, you can see what he is trying to do. He is trying to promote The Squad as the face of the Democratic Party to split his opposition. He wants the Democrats to defend The Squad in order to identify his likely opponents with them.

Blompf is saying these women are foreign looking and need to go back to where they came from … NOT BECAUSE they are non-Whites, BUT BECAUSE they have criticized Israel. His surrogates are careful to point out that he isn’t criticizing shitholers. Anyone from Somalia, Puerto Rico or Palestine is free to stay here so long as they are a pro-Israel conservative Republican. If they are homosexual pro-Israel conservative Republicans in MAGA hats, that’s even better.

Blompf thinks his base is “racist” and he wants harness and leverage and exploit and milk that to his political advantage and to that of his donors by channeling those feelings in the right direction, which is to say, against AIPAC’s enemies in Congress. This is why Mike Pence recently stopped at the Poway synagogue to denounce White Nationalism in a yarmulke. This is why William Barr and the Justice Department recently held a conference on its fight against anti-Semitism.

We’re not “attacking” normies by drawing attention to the fact that Blompf and the GOP are conning them. It is simply true that the GOP preys on racial resentment like a vulture with its dog whistles to do things like cut the corporate tax rate and secure the Golan Heights for Israel. “Conservative Populism” is a fraud and Blompf is simply the latest in an illustrious tradition of conservative demagogues who pick the pocket of the little guy while pretending to be his best friend.

Nail ‘Em Up

There is nothing new about conservative demagogues like Blompf preying on populist resentments of the White working class to further their own financial agenda. Historically speaking, these people have been the rule while true American populists like Huey Long have been the exception.

The following excerpt comes from Huey P. Long’s Every Man a King: The Autobiography of Huey P. Long:

“We managed to break what our opponents called the “solid North Louisiana vote.” It gave a slight majority for Parker. He was elected.

Governor Parker immediately addressed me a few letters, taking occasion to thank me for the support which I had given to his candidacy.

Before his inauguration, however, I was shelved. …

It was here I saw occur a phenomenon that has frequently presented itself in the after years. Those of us, zealous for reform and who had exhausted ourselves in the election, hied back to our work to give attention to our several neglected affairs. The crowd of wiseacres, skilled at flattery and repartee, surrounded our newly elected governor. Soon he was convinced that his insurmountable virtue alone had wrought the victory; before long he was made to see how much bigger his majority might have been but for the “hindrance” of such “objectionables” as myself.

The elements he had defeated, always in his easy view, broke into ecstasies of delight at which they had so lately found to be his words of wisdom. They had felt a divine spark. When the slaves of the campaign had the time to visit him, the element we had expected to oust were needed to introduce us to our late candidate.

He made his own program with the help of Standard Oil lawyers, who had been called in to write some of the laws affected that Corporation. He appeared to desire only such legislation as was agreed to in compromise on all sides.

Cain became his own judge. …”

Sound familiar?

I bet this one rings true.

The lesson of Huey Long’s political career in Louisiana is that conservatism has to be extirpated root-and-branch by populism. That’s also the lesson of the Trump presidency. The difference between Huey Long and Blompf is that the former was an ideologue who built his own movement and machine, staffed every level of government with his own people and destroyed conservatism. It was his own bitter and blackpilling experiences in Louisiana state politics in the 1920s that convinced him that he had to take on the system himself and build his own outsider movement.

“After Reconstruction, in all the Southern states the places of power were taken over by the upper income groups, the old planter class and the new and rising business interests. For generations these hierarchies ruled Southern politics, exercising their power through the medium of the one-party system, manipulating and combining factions in the Democratic organization. Occasionally rebels rose to challenge the existing order. They were men who claimed to speak for the masses and who demanded for the masses some voice in the councils of government and some share in the material rewards that government could bestow. In Southern historical writing they are called the demagogues. The demagogues made much noise and won some elections, but they did not alter in any fundamental way the nature of power relationships. Despite their violent denunciations of the ruling classes, they did little to raise up the masses. Some of them had no real interest in reform were easily deflected into race baiting or into collaboration with the hierarchy. Those that had a program were unable to put it through, and for a fundamental reason – they lacked the ability, or more probably the will, to destroy the organization of the oligarchy and were eventually overthrown by it

No demagogue had dared to defy the Louisiana hierarchy. Composed of the usual upper income groups and others peculiar to the local scene – the Standard Oil Company and gas and shipping interests – and allied with the New Orleans Old Regulars, the machine seemed especially strong and secure, and it was usually conservative and complacent. It was capable of meeting demands for social change and absorbing and blunting them.  …

If Long had simply created an efficient machine, his achievement, while noteworthy, would not have been unusual, nor would it have won him the attention he secured in his own time or entitle him to the unique place he has in the annals of American politics. He went far beyond the pattern of previous leaders in the South or any section. He was the first mass or popular leader to set himself, not just to establish a machine of his own or to bring his enemies to terms, but to overwhelm utterly the existing organization and force it to enter his own apparatus. He systematically deprived the opposition of political sustenance, until finally he brought even the Old Regulars to their knees. At the time of his death by assassination in 1935, he had compelled most political elements in the state to affiliate with his organization. Each had a place and received certain rewards – but he defined the terms. A Long henchman was governor, and Long appointees filled all the executive offices. Long followers dominated the legislature, and a Long majority sat on the state supreme court. More, a series of far-reaching laws passed by an obedient legislature gave the governor, that is, Long, a controlling influence over local governments …”

Having consolidated total power in Louisiana during the Great Depression, Huey Long was building a national movement with Father Coughlin and had articulated his vision in the Share Our Wealth platform when he was assassinated by the Jew Carl Weiss in 1935. If National Populism has a future in American politics, it will have to follow in the footsteps of Long, not Blompf.

Blompf is a conservative demagogue. He doesn’t have any ideas or principles. He isn’t driven by a sense of mission. He only cares about himself and his family. This is someone who has put Jared Kushner in charge of immigration policy, foreign policy and his domestic agenda. He has Ivanka going around the world using the power of the government to promote homosexuality and feminism.

Blompf Will Be Gone Soon

There is a lot of work to be done.

Once you realize that nothing that is meaningful in your life at all depends on Blompf, the Republican Party or the mainstream conservative movement, it tends to focus the mind. If these people triumph and are returned to power in the 2020 election, then nothing will change.


Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to conserve Southern culture. I can make a bigger difference myself by writing about it on this website.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to make me physically fit. I can have a greater impact by learning more about nutrition and developing better habits.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to make me a better Christian. I can make a bigger impact by reading the Bible and practicing my faith in church.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to stop the tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing our border. He is just going to suck up our time and energies which might otherwise have been devoted to our own movement.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to stop political correctness. We can have a greater impact by building a culture outside conservatism which rejects those norms.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to find a lonely man a girlfriend or a wife. We can have a greater impact ourselves through networking in our own community.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to reverse our deracination. Instead, conservatives police the boundaries of the Right in order to destroy anyone who isn’t a deracinated individualist devoted to Israel.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to somehow discredit classical liberalism. We’re having a far greater impact by ruthlessly critiquing mainstream conservatism and developing an alternative to it.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to make our movement financially better off than it is today. The MIGA movement isn’t even a credible pipe dream. There is no reason to believe that Blompf will not devote his second term to furthering the interests of Israel. We can have a far greater impact by keeping our limited resources within our own community.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to further the goal of creating a White ethnostate in North America. We can have a greater impact ourselves by creating networks of families in the real world. Posterity begins at home.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to further the cause of populism and nationalism. He wants to harness the energy of populism and nationalism in order to promote the interests of Zionism.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to save America. He is going to exploit your patriotism to advance the interests of his donors.

Charlie Kirk … isn’t going to end our political marginalization. Known AmNats will still be escorted out of CPAC by security.

What is there to be gained by playing the role of handmaiden to conservatism? The answer is nothing. We’re not going to make headway toward either our personal or political goals. There is no path to anything we want that runs through Blompf and Charlie Kirk.

Note: Before he was even sworn into office, I smelled a rat. I was right too.

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  1. Why not just stop caring about mainstream politics and focus on building a serious alternative? Specifically, focus on recruiting and redpilling the lumpenproletariat. That is what Farrakhan and the NOI did and became far more successful than any white nationalist group. But yeah I know “muh optics!”

    • I’ve been taking a nice long break from everything to sit back, study, and try to figure out what the hell is going on here.

      And, honestly?

      The Left (and I’m talking true Left all the way up to Bolshevism/Marxism) has a lot to teach us.

      Sticking to methods and operations pioneered by the cuckold right will be the death of us. Nobody young respects Conservatism aside from the few youngsters who get conned and hustled into the grifter circles.

      • Bob Whitaker gave us the Mantra and all the tools to fight anti-Whites effectively. Why do so few pro-Whites use them?

        • And then they complain that Whites aren’t motivated to do anything until it is too late. Its all so tiresome.

          “Tiina Wiik
          ? @SwanOfTuonela
          1h1 hour ago

          That exactly is the problem, a catch-22 of sorts. If the situation isn’t that bad, it’s more difficult to get people to become active in resisting this, and once it is bad enough for them to get active, then the situation usually is beyond repair.


  2. I hope you’re right about Zion Don losing bigly next year, HW. The shock, anger and hysteria that defeat would generate among his boomer fans would be absolutely hilarious. But at the moment the ‘demon-craps’ don’t have any candidates appealing enough to defeat that lying, superficial orange rat-bastard.

    • It would literally be the screeching Hillary supporter from 2016 just with annoying Cuckservative squares instead.

      I can’t wait.

  3. If Journalism Prizes were handed out on White Gentile standards…..

    Then, this piece would get the CROWN.

    I thought I was fighting the J-Left but the J-Left was the J-Right……..

    Call me Naive.

    I thought I was Woke.

    But, I finally get it NOW……

  4. Excellent article, with many great points made. We’re on our own, and we have to look to and support each other. We can rebuild and preserve the America that was worthy of the name, but it will have to be done on a smaller scale. Just as it was accomplished in the past, by a few pioneers willing to carve out a life in the wilderness. We’re in the figurative wilderness these days, those of us not willing to bow down to the rainbow goddess of multiculturalism and transsexuality.

  5. In this 2016 video Peter Hitchens explains the resentment that got Trump elected. He also said Trump’s previous behavior indicated he is not trustworthy.


    Me, I just looked at all the Jews Trump surrounded himself with, and thought the movement was so silly for supporting him that it is doomed. I thought that or the movement is fake, in that it only exists to channel White rage into (((Republican Party))) causes.

  6. Need to edit Candace Owens out of that picture. She was kicked out of TPUSA for antisemitism.

    Funny that antifa is nowhere to be seen when Charlie Kirk is running an event. Hazony nationalism seems to be off their radar too. Really strange.

  7. Note that at the forefront of “American nationalism,” telling you what is and is not American and what optics truly resonate with the average American is Andrew Anglin. A guy who has not lived in the USA since he left on an Asian sex tour almost 20 years ago. And right behind him is Matt Forney, another guy on a decade long Filipino prostitute binge (but he attends a traditional Latin Mass to repent afterwards, so it’s actually good optics). Then we have weev, the radical Jewish anarchist/botnet king living in eastern europe.

    These are the guys who really have their finger on the pulse of white America.

  8. The fact is, white identity politics is closer to bursting into the mainstream now than it has been in decades. The Trump phenomenon is a large part of the reason for this – despite the fact that WNs are not remotely his most important constituency. No Trump in 2015 and WNs would have still been engaging in the same old circle jerk on largely unread blogs. Why do you suppose a “National Conservatism” conference was held in 2019 rather than 2009? Because white identity politics are now viewed as a credible political threat in a way that wasn’t true ten years ago.

    Has Trump been disappointing? In many ways, yes. Is he beyond criticism? Of course not. Is there a superior viable alternative? Not that I can see.

      • I have my doubts about that.

        His absence is just as likely to lead normies to conclude that pro-whites had their moment in the spotlight, but that it’s now time to move on.

        What can I say? Politics is tough. It sucks that you can’t get everything you want in one election cycle, but that’s the way it is.

  9. “The lesson of Huey Long’s political career in Louisiana is that conservatism has to be extirpated root-and-branch by populism.”

    I’m not inclined to put such credence in populism. Populism makes the mistake of attacking the set of hostile elites, currently in power, yet refuses to accept the burden of establishing an alternative set of elites to govern wisely.

  10. It would be a grave mistake for camp 2 going forward to downplay or discard the “efficacy of optics.” I do not understand their basis for the skepticism of optics. What successful political or cultural has ever been led by people or made up of people who discarded optics? No historical precedent exist for that.

    • By the efficacy of optics, we mean smoke and firecrackers, waving flags and jump cuts in short little promotional videos no one cares about. It is no substitute for a compelling vision.

      • Is that how the left changed the entire culture, by presenting a grand compelling vision that went way beyond what most people could even understand or consider worthwhile? Or did they target achievable political gains by framing them as necessary adjustments which were still consistent with the American way of life? Just asking.

        • Are you trying to discourage us from taking this thing to the next level? Either lead, join or get out of the way, Silverman.

        • Silver is on fire in this thread! Great questions and observations! Leftists weren’t just about politics, they were first and foremost about culture. From Wilsonian progressives to the Frankfurt School to the Alinskyites, leftists were about establishing a base within institutions like education, media, and bureaucracy, and making sure their viewpoint was promoted and their power within those areas expanded. Which means only hiring leftists, and only treating leftist views as legitimate. There’s no comparable movement on the right. Right-wingers form think tanks and publications in reaction to the left, automatically ceding control of the dialogue on most subjects. That, imho, leaves two options for those not multiculti: destroy the institutions, or develop our own alternatives. The latter is much easier, but much more slow to bring to fruition.

  11. If there was hope, it MUST lie in the proles, because only there in those swarming disregarded masses, 85 per cent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together or even of identifying one another.

  12. “In reality, the situation on the border is worse than it was under Obama who was a respite from the George W. Bush years.”

    I can only imagine this in reference to the idea he deported more than Bush, which is a lie, and I’m surprised you’d say this. Under Obama, more people who were simply caught crossing were counted as “deported” than under Bush, hence his apparent higher rate of deportations. He deported fewer than Bush this is taken into consideration. Let’s also not forget how in early 2011 he openly mocked calls for more border security from republicans with that “moat with alligators” line and how nothing will ever satisfy them.

    But Trump has undoubtedly been worse than Obama with deportations.

  13. I would also dispute the idea he explicitly bullshitted his way to the presidency. If that was truly the case, he wouldn’t have had more outsider figures earlier in his presidency and been at his best at pushing nationalist/anti-establishment policies as well. Say what you will about people like Bannon, Gorka, Sessions, Stephen Miller etc. being charlatans, Zionists etc., but they were far preferable to who we have now. From what I recall, there was a considerable amount of infighting that led to the ousting, marginalization, and dismissal of these people that left no vestiges of anything resembling what he was elected on. If these people stayed the course, things would have likely been considerably better. Sure, we’d still have Zionism like never before, but the border wouldn’t be gaping open, we’d have hundreds of thousands of people coming in per year as opposed to 1 million+, and free speech wouldn’t be worse than it is under Obama. You know, things that would have given us a fighting chance at this point.

    But I also never followed these conflicts too well and I ultimately tuned out to them long ago. Even if what I outlined was the case, you can’t honestly come away without concluding that for him to allow things to turn out like this bespeaks to fundamental amorality and manipulability on his part. If he were to have stuck by his original outsider/nationalist platform, it would have had little to do with any worthwhile qualities of his. Swayed by nepotism on the part of his rat son-in-law and his cunt daughter, a delusion to try swaying the beltway republicans to his side, pressure to stay the course with establishment policies out of personal safety, I don’t know- something happened where he truly succumbed to his worst impulses and his presidency has become nothing more than a dying vanity project.

    At the end of the day, I still think he could have turned out better. I ultimately saw him as a gamble and that hasn’t changed. We’ve just seen him turn out to be about as bad as he possibly could have.

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