National Review: Why Iran Wants To Get Bombed

National Review:

“Rarely has a foreign country seemed so eager to get bombed by the United States as Iran does right now.

In its latest provocation, Iran seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday. It wasn’t a subtle operation. Revolutionary Guard forces rappelled onto the tanker from a helicopter, and if you have any doubt, it was all captured on videotape.

The act raised the stakes in the regime’s confrontation with the West. After the last round, when the Iranians shot down a U.S. drone, President Trump ordered a retaliatory strike that he abruptly cancelled, citing his fears of disproportionate casualties. Our natural instinct would be to hit Iran hard for its depredations and to establish a deterrent against such attacks before they get worse. But in this case, Iran clearly wants to provoke a reaction, which suggests the administration’s more cautious, “rope-a-dope” approach may be the right one. …”

Who cares?

Why is this any of our business?

Iran isn’t a military threat to the United States. We only exported $425 million dollars worth of goods to Iran in 2018. To put this in perspective, our trade with Cambodia is about 9x larger.

Note: I don’t even have to tell you why this is our problem.

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    • Libertarians get a bad rap but they have less of a backstabbing history then republicucks and demoncrats despite some of their wacky views

  1. The Jews don’t like Iran. I guess the Jews don’t have a problem with North Korea? America’s foreign policy really is a joke. Fewer and fewer countries and people respect America in the World. Deo Vindice !

    • What they don’t like is an Iran they can’t slice 5-10% off of. The pound of GDP so to speak.

    • It’s about the Oded Yinon plan, the plan for a greater Israel, just like the war in Syria. Israel is looking to expand it’s border and Iran is a fierce foe to the eternal parasites, not to mention that Iran has the audacity to be independent and refuse to have a Rotschild owned central bank. We know what happens to countries that refuse jew-controlled banks. General Wesley Clark explained it well.

    • Israel and North Korea have a history of conflict

      Read the wiki on “Israel–North Korea relations”

    • “DON’T FIGHT FOR ZOG!!! ”

      Easy to say, but a lot of young Whites don’t have a viable alternative.

      There’s no ‘affirmative action’ for Whites.
      ( designed that way.)

      • Arian,

        If young Whites are so desperate that they feel the need to join the zog armed forces, the coast guard is the best option. At least they’re not deployed to defend our greatest ally.

        • That is unrealistic, hyperbolic.

          In many instances guys or women need healthcare for spouse/children, the military offering the easiest access.

          There isn’t any training in can collecting.

          America doesn’t have national/widespread apprentice programs ( by design, to keep the goy impoverished and forced to enlist).

          • Well, Fred,

            While you are collecting cans for pennies, you may have the time to contemplate how to create jobs, and industries, and then apprentice programs, for one’s OWN Nation – which is one’s family and friends and citizens, instead of murdering people, on the other side of the planet, WHO POSE NO THREAT TO US, and getting oneself maimed or killed, thus leaving one’s spouse and children bereft. FYI – have you heard about the maltreatment that vets get from the VA? It is to bitterly laff.

            A Nation is one’s family and kin.

  2. “Note: I don’t even have to tell you why this is our problem.”

    No, you don’t. The answer, for any readers who’ve been marooned on a deserted island for decades, is simply

    Israel and Jews.

    Which explains most of “US” foreign policy.

    • Mestigoit,

      Jews and Israel explains both foreign and domestic policies in the jewnited state of zion. Think open borders, homosexual marriage, forced integration, anti-BDS legislation, speech and thought crimes….

  3. The ZOG military is in ruins and ZOG USA is no longer feared or respected by anyone. Trump may wind up being the American version of Gorbachev – in other words the last leader of a dying empire. Good fucking riddance.

    • Right as always, my dear Spahn.

      I am torn between avoiding yet ANOTHER ruinous war on behalf of Israel, and wanting war, so it’s FINISHED. The world is getting very sick of us, since we are the Golem of the Jew. I want to see this corruption burned to the ground.

  4. DC and media elites must have their heads really far up their a$$es if they can’t see the potential blowback from an Iranian conflict. Bloody nose for America (from Iran with help from their Russian/Chinese/Lebanese allies) could crack their stranglehold. Also note that Turkey is buying weaponry from Russia now.

  5. The jew media is lying by omitting facts. Iran seized the British tanker in retaliation for Britain seizing an Iranian tanker in the Mediterranean. The US and Britain have been provoking the Iranians.

  6. I’m not of the opinion that Iran is an ally of white nationalists, but they should be left alone. They may be provoking us, but that’s what we do, and I think aside from the Israeli guidance, a lot of Americans are still angry about the 1979 hostage crisis and want to get even, although it has to be said that Iranians are still angry about our CIA and oil companies overthrowing their government in 1954. In the movie Argo, it explained this Iranian anger, and of course the ‘conservatives’ denounced it.

    Iran would not be an easy pushover, and having just read a history about Rome, the Romans didn’t do so well with them. As for us, in the hostage crisis and our screwed up ‘rescue’, we got the worst of it, and it might be best to leave Iran alone, although i didn’t like Obama sending them millions of dollars on an aircraft…but no one says jack about the tons of money we send Israel.

    There’s also a belief if we ‘just go in there’, that millions of Iranians will flock to our side. I heard some radio interview with an Iranian Christian leader who talks of the oppression of Christians there, how millions of Iranians are dying to be fundamentalist Christians, and if we’d go in and topple their government, we’d have a devoted country. Yeah, right. He also asserted most of the refugees flooded into Germany are Christians…which doesn’t say a hell of a lot for middle-east Christians.
    But I remember people were always saying the same about Cuba…’if we just went in, Castro would collapse…’

    Britain seized the Iranian ship, likely on US orders. It does our bidding, as does most of Europe, despite all the talk of NATO not fulfilling its pledges to us.

    The problem is like what a Mexican friend of mine said, and that was Iran defied us, and we can’t get over it…much like we hated Castro because he also defied America.

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