Trump: In Two Weeks, We Are Deporting Millions of Illegal Aliens, Believe Me!

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Blompf said that millions of illegal aliens would be deported next week, but that has been postponed another two weeks.

What can you do but laugh at this point?

Donald Trump has become Blompf … a weak, do nothing, flailing blowhard who is obviously out of his league as president:

Blompf isn’t matching Obama’s deportation numbers.

Note: There are people who would prefer another 5 years of this to $1,000 a month. That’s fine … I am just going to take the $1,000 a month though and continue doing what I am doing on this website.

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  1. why no reaction from the natives?
    Lucan, responds, “only hunger frees enslaved states…starving, the rabble knows no dread “

    • Nah, I think they’re ticked off but the iron control of the gov’t is still too airtight.

      Things are getting a little more sporty, though. There’s a progression. Look at Oregon, for instance.

  2. Yea right. Never gonna happen. Who would the Republicans hire and work for $2 an hour? Stop being a Republican and become one of us…..White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

  3. Whoever still believes or trusts anything this bullshitter savant tweets.or says must be riding in the MIGA express train to delusionville.

    For the next year and a half Blompf and his minions at tpusa will try to convince boomers and CivNats that his first term was the best in American history. Blompf will assure the pathologically gullible that his second term will be nothing short of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    No matter who gets sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2021, it’s too late to correct the death spiral of the United States.

  4. If yang even enters the primary that is… Creepy Joe Biden is still leading, but i agree trumptards, MIGA boomers and christiancucks are the only ones dumb an gullible enough to still support him “promises broken and lies kept” keep voting for the lying orange potato dummies

  5. Trump ran the math and realized America can’t be saved? It’s too far gone?

    The moment the demographic decline stops and starts to reverse, the Other Side will rise up – that means fight them or fold forever.

    Imagine the riots of the 60s x 1000 where young brown skinned people burn anything and everything in sight.

    There goes the “economy”, there goes social order, there goes Pax American in the world and lots of opportunities for mischief.

    This can all be overcome, but not without the inner strength that you just don’t see anymore.

    PS A lot of this is trying to translate interpersonal concepts like will power, charisma, and bluffing to the world of billions and institutions where it doesn’t have any meaning. It’s like trying to use “Game” at work. It’s dopey and tragic.

  6. Trump is a clown president which means he may reverse himself on starting WWIII like he reverses himself on everything else.

  7. Now the excuse is, Blompf wasn’t going to get cooperation from sanctuary cities. (As if he was going to get any from them, anyway.) So, he’s giving them two weeks to figure out where to hide people?

  8. What is the problem here? The problem is we don’t have a white nationalist political party. Yang is just as much of a distraction from that as Trump.

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