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  1. The Kochs can certainly be blamed for Republican ineffectiveness on immigration when in power. If you’re being broad, you might want to blame them for Amash’s unusual dogmatism. They cannot at all be blamed for Republican acceptance of characteristically Democratic policies, especially post-2016. Just look at this: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2019/roll240.xml

    These Republicans who are for unconditional amnesty aren’t politicians in the Koch orbit; they’re generic moderates.

    The Kochs certainly aren’t the “single most powerful figure in the Republican Party”, or even all that close to it.

    The Chamber of Commerce has better explanatory power for pro-amnesty Republican behavior than the Koch brothers.

    Also, while the threat of big tech, while surely large, is far from the size of that of the Federal government. Look at Assange.

    Despite all these (notable, but not disastrous) errors, I nevertheless approve of the Tucker clip. The Kochs are far more prominent in the GOP than is anything WN and getting congressmen and voters out of their stilted mindset is an important part of adapting to the present.

  2. He keeps calling them libertarian, but they are libertarian on everything except the most important thing a libertarian should care about, which is free speech.

    Hey maybe they aren’t libertarian at all? Maybe that’s just a cover they use to give themselves respectability. Maybe they are nothing more than psychopaths?

  3. I keep wondering how long Tucker can do this before they force him of the air. He’s getting way too close to home

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