Charlie Kirk: Democrats Are The Real Racists

Happy Juneteenth to all our Black Confederates!

It’s not too late to join the #YangGang:

The GOP has gotten so bad that Tucker Carlson is trying to talk Blompf off the ledge. SHEEEIT … Yang offers $1,000 a month. What the hell is Charlie Kirk offering?

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  1. Deport Charlie Kirk to Israel. He considers that a real country, not just an idea. Screw him and TPUSA.

    2% is peak Genghis Yang.

    Who are the idiots who still crowd into Trump rallies? They can’t all be ziotards.

  2. Chosen means racial superior by virtue of Gods will. The Jew religion is a racial supremacist ideology.

  3. That photo of “Captain” Kirk looks he’s channeling DiCaprio from the movie Catch Me If You Can, which I never saw but I understand was about a con artist, a fake pilot. Kirk’s less handsome, but he looks the part there.

  4. He must have no common sense and knows nothing about history. The Republicans literally have always hated the Southern People. I heard those idiot Republican lines for a while when I helped the Tea Party. It was obvious the Republicans / Tea Party will never ever ever become White Nationalists. Oh but those same people live in All White Neighborhoods and don’t associate with other races. Funny how that sounds….Racist? Hmmmmm. WPWW! Deo Vindice !

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