TAC: Stop Pretending Democratic Voters Are Victims

Paul Gottfried:

“Most Jews dislike the Republican Party because they associate it with the idea of a Christian America. And since the 1960s, as Peter Novick exhaustively shows in The Holocaust in American Life, blame for the Nazis’ attempted extermination of the Jews has shifted in both Jewish and non-Jewish accounts from Nazi pagans to white Christians. The Holocaust is now routinely—perhaps most starkly in a book by Daniel Goldhagen—placed at the doorstep of Christian civilization. In my view, this shift is based on reckless generalization and feeds into an unjustified Jewish hostility toward religious Christians. But it’s nonetheless convinced many Jews that even Christians who appear to be effusively philosemitic are really anti-Jewish. Democrats, meanwhile, are supposedly friendlier to Jews because they are cleansing public life of traditional biblical morality, most of which ironically comes from Hebrew Scripture. From 2016 to 2018, while the Trump administration was trying to hammer home that Democrats were unfriendly to Israel and, by implication, to American Jews, Jewish identification with the Democratic Party went from 71 percent to 79 percent. …”

This annoys the hell out of me as well.

MIGA is a running joke on this website. It’s hilarious when you think about it. Bibi Netanyahu has less support in Israel than in the GOP. And yet, the Republican Party is convinced it can win over Jewish voters and bring about the Jexodus by running on Sheldon Adelson’s foreign policy platform while accusing Democrats of being the real anti-Semites.

As for the blacks, I was just talking with my wife about this. Can we blame the blacks for not wanting to vote for the GOP? Does the GOP have such a compelling vision and message that blacks are being duped into voting against their own interests because they don’t know about the old Southern Democrats? What is the GOP offering to black voters? What if the blacks are smarter than we are?

I don’t even want to vote for Charlie Kirkism. I would rather have $1,000 a month than mainstream conservatism. I don’t have any confidence in the GOP to win on the social issues. I certainly don’t expect it to do anything to help anyone but the ultra wealthy with its economic policies. As for its foreign policy, it is the Democrats who are pushing back against Blompf’s warmongering over Iran.

I’m thinking that it would be much easier to win support from the blacks with our platform: $1,000 a month, a VAT tax on Big Tech, an end to stupid endless foreign wars for Israel and Saudi Arabia, invest in infrastructure in our country, legalize weed, Medicare for All, student loan debt forgiveness. We could combine that with social conservatism. Wouldn’t this work better and have greater appeal to the blacks than appealing to them with the message that Dems R the Real Racists?

Look at it this way: at the end of the day, voting isn’t going to change what anyone thinks about race on either side, but if we both voted for the $1,000 a month over Charlie Kirk and mainstream conservatism then we could all get something out of the system.

Note: I’m using “the blacks” here as a joke. This is how Trump thinks of them. It is his term for them.

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  1. I did not understand the article. Jews have always hated Christianity. They murdered God and refuse to believe in him. As for the author writing about biblical morality? In Catholic belief the Old Law is dead. It was always an imperfect law to begin with. I mean stoning to death women committing adultery is barbaric at best. The only remnant of the Old Law would be an expansion of the 10 commandments etc. And maybe some general wisdom. The eye for an eye part is sickening as well.

    Even circumcision is a mortal sin for Catholic parents who allow their boys to suffer under that practice.

    I take it this caca is coming from a Republican? The insane asylum called the USA continues to get crazier. No one should be angry if i say that the government, the culture, and the belief system of the states of the Union are wicked beyond normal imagination.

    • The point of the article is that the Schmarter Jews have realized the their eons-long goal of exterminating Whites is nearing fruition, and replacing the White Christians that literally worship them, and do EVERYTHING for them, with the Dark Hordes that don’t is not such a schmart move after all. At best, the Dark Hordes couldn’t care less about the Poor Sufferink Jew. At worst – they kill them without a second thought.

      Jews have set their own course on auto pilot….

      • Denise,

        You have correctly stated this. No Mexican/mexican American that I know likes Jews. We only care for ourselves with maybe a few latin elites educated by Americans pretending to care. Perhaps some assimilated latins as well might care.

        I do not see how we can be indefinitely contained in the USA. We are already 24% of the population roughly double that of blacks. Blacks and whites have below replacement rates of births etc.

        I agree that replacing the WASP fundamentalists with us is playing with a lighted bomb. Their hatred toward whites is greater than their wisdom and caution.

      • If the White race goes Jews go next. Except for the “Schmarter” ones their hatred for us and everything White has blinded them to this.

  2. Candace and Charlie actually look evil in that photo, it also captures their shill pay me big money intentions we don’t really want to do this but we have no ethics glum face . This can’t be stated enough that candace owens wanted to set up a site that doxxs alt righters and conservatives then she joins trump as based black woman honk honk

  3. Christina- As you are a woman, a youth, and not even an American citizen, I have refrained from commenting on your posts. But your comment about the Law of God (“Biblical Morality”) is so blasphemous, I need to point out that Christ said (Himself) “Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, not one stroke or dot of the law shall pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” Matt. 5:17-18

    The RCC purposefully (just like the Jews did ) sought to absolve themselves from obedience to the Law, in order to allow all manner of evil to exist. Laziness, and sinfulness. Frankly, it is why we are in the mess we are in. I would ask that you all look up these articles.


    I’ve said that as America/the West departs from ANY sort of law based on the Bible, God WILL impose Sharia as a conquering pagan tribe, merely to make Mankind follow His law, even under the whip of slavery.
    You cannot have no law- It is always WHICH Law is dominant?

    • Father John,

      My comment is true according to the Catholic Faith. The Old Law is dead. The New Law of the New Testament is what rules us. I was/am condemning the idea that Judaism has any current value. It does not. I thought that was quite clear.

      It is obvious that the old law is gone or we would still believe in an eye for an eye and still be stoning women to death. Do you believe we should be stoning women to death? Or circumcision or in an eye for an eye? If not you prove my point. If you do then you are seriously in error.

      Your private interpretation of scripture means as much to me as a Baptist

  4. “What if the blacks are smarter than we are?”

    Black folks, in my experience, aren’t fooled by blatantly obvious nonsense, like many White folks are.

    The ordinary people know that White SJWs are controlled by Jews, and that both groups are lying to them, in order to use them as political weapons against Whites

  5. Jews are doing great in places like Malibu CA, Beverely Hills CA, posh, safe places in Manhattan and my Chicago and the state of Illinois. Chicago’s last mayor Rahm Emannuel is a straight out of central casting Macher Jew who served in the IDF – Israeli Defense Force and achieved great political power in moving through Black African American Lib Democrat/Obama circles. The new governor of Illinois is a rich Jew boy Pritzker.

    85% + Plus of American Jews push insane, White destroying mass immigration for the US and Europe, but they have ways to see that this mass 3rd world immigration goes some place other than their places.

    Malibu CA has a big sign as you enter the town:

    “Welcome to Malibu CA an undocumented sanctuary city”….. of course Malibu ain’t taking any 3rd world undoumented migrants unless they can afford $5,000 a month for a studio apartment.

    Ain’t many/any measles, TB infected Guatemalan migrants getting close to infect Rob the Meathead Reiners posh Oceanside pad in Malibu CA.

    It was/is in the lower middle Catholic/Christian working class in Germany and now a bit in Trump’s America that the Jews feel, see, sense resentment and opposition.

    The lowest Black and even Whigger/Opiod White welfare underclass can usually be bought off or confused, distracted with things like porn, stupid TV shows, movies and mass NFL, NBA sports. Since the Jews dominate the “American” mass media they can and do distract, depress the White masses with things like fake patriotic wars against Iraq. I had to do a one man truth crusade in Nashville TN to refute all the Neo Conservative/Zionist war propaganda in 1991 for the first of many fake patriot wars in Iraq. Plus the Jewish powers that be can and did pay off Country Music and ex Rock Stars Hank Williams Jr, Tobby Keith and Ted Nugent to push their Neo/Con Zionist war propaganda;

    Hank Williams Jr – “Don’t Give us a Reason”
    Tobby Keith – “An Amurikun Soldier”
    Ted Nugent – just endless “I love guns, let’s get Saddam he’s Hitler” propaganda

    Without some real economic collapse the American Jews think they are playing poker with a stacked deck and are holding all the right cards.

    Can’t really say they are wrong.

    But, we do what we can – try to live a healthy, positive life, pick our shots when we see some local openings and also enjoy the fantastic things happening in Central and Eastern Europe.

    I start every day with Russia Today. And yeah, I’ll be glad to tell most anyone that I will gladly….

    “Get in bed with the Russians”.


    • Mr. Ryan,

      One of my brothers directed me to Russia Insider which seems the best of the pro-Russian websites. It is generally pro-christian/white etc. It is explicitly anti-Jewish and anti American.

  6. @jaye Ryan

    @Christina Romana Alva H.

    The Russian news services, and to a lesser extent BBC and other European services, and NHK in Japan, are generally more truthful and more willing to report things, than the U.S. new services are.

    They’re trying to keep the American people in the dark about what’s really going on in the outside world.

    • James Owen,

      You are right. I check Yahoo News at times. All it does is glorify ultra liberal causes all the time. I have never seen an article that was pro white or anti abortion/homosexuality etc. And while I am lukewarm on firearms I recognize the strong gun control message all the time.

      The American main stream news services will rarely if ever favorably expose Americans to anything that threatens their international agenda.

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