Andrew Yang Interviewed By VICE News and Time

Editor’s Note: I’m probably the only person on earth who can explain what Andrew Yang and Theodore Bilbo have in common!

Andrew Yang appears to be listening to his supporters who want him to talk more about our insane foreign policy like Bernie and Tulsi have been doing:

Here is Yang giving some new interviews to Time and VICE News:

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  1. There is a huge disconnect between Yang’s rally numbers and polling. I’ve never seen a candidate before that gets big rally attendance with low poll numbers. Both Yang and Gabbard are getting a lot of attention that’s not translating into votes. It’s really strange.

  2. it’s funny to watch blacks and Asians mimicking Europeans.
    Especially in some american movies, blacks in nice cars, clothes, eating in restaurants, worrying about their wifes, children, jobs, pretty funny.

  3. They’re interviewing Yang because he’s Yang. If he were John Smith Cracker, saying the same things as Yang, he’d already be gone from the stage.

    They know that Yang isn’t going to make it onto the stage. He’s a huge threat to the Oligarchy and their rootedness in the Mid-20th Century. They’ll make sure that he doesn’t make it onto any of the primary or election ballots, and more importantly, that he and what he said, and what he represents, are quickly forgotten.

  4. Yang is gonna have to explain hit VAT financing to cross over. VAT taxes the power not the companies that sell the products. It’s a flat tax. It’s one way to pay for UI, but it’s no challenge at all business and banking. Sure, tax the everyone but us. We love that. I’ve watched a lot of his intereviews many of them on this blog, and he never explains how VAT is a good thing.

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