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  1. $2000 or $1800, at least, is more useful. In North Texas, outside of Dallas and Fort Worth, it takes at least $1600 a month to get by.

    • Again, James. This is not YOUR JOB. This is a ‘cushion’ to enable average Americans to be more effective in the job they already HAVE, or to help them LOOK FOR A JOB that they want. It is not a replacement/aid for your desire to sit on your ass, guzzling beer, and watching TV 24/7, to be blunt.

  2. As an aside, all the money that goes to the Jews, including the wars ZOG fights for them, plus the monies to bribe other countries not to fight, and to feed ungrateful Niggers in Africa, could be spent of giving us a hefty UBI.

  3. How about these Yang quotes?:

    ““There is no practical reason for citizens to have assault weapons (sic). We need to treat gun ownership as an awesome privilege and responsibility and regulate accordingly. Guns are more deadly than cars and we take tests to get drivers licenses.” Andrew Yang- Tweet, Feb 15, 2018”

    ““I’d start fining gun manufacturers $1 million for each person killed by their weapons.” -Andrew Yang- Tweet Oct 27, 2018”

    $1000 a month is your 30 pieces of silver.

    • No, I just don’t share your concerns.

      I’m not a conservative. I don’t need 20 assault weapons to fight drones. My politics and identity don’t revolve around the interests of gun manufacturers either. I already have all the guns that I want or will ever need. That has never been a persuasive enough reason to me to vote straight Republican.

  4. “I already have all the guns that I want or will ever need”

    Do you have any clue how short sighted and selfish that sounds?

  5. Never shot a gun. I’m 45. Don’t care about them at all. I want immigrants banished from the us. That doesn’t look like it’ll happen, so I’ll just not vote.

    I really don’t care what happens to guns or taxes or healthcare anyway

  6. “Yang told Observer during a phone interview on Tuesday. “I’ve been talking about problems that affect truck drivers, the opioid epidemic that’s killing Americans in many communities. I think some people took my concerns for all Americans as speaking to a particular group. But anyone who takes five seconds to look at me and my background and what we stand for would realize that this campaign is built on the opposite American ideals that are held by people with racist ideologies.”

    Yep. 30 pieces of silver.

  7. Voting? You really think that matters ? You really think ANYONE on that ballot isn’t home team approved? You actually think any of it makes a difference? Bolsheviks, Zionists, assorted white hating blacks, browns and yellows. That’s what’s on your ” ballot” Hahahahahahabahahahahahahahaha Suckers.

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