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  1. “…Max Boot, Bill Kristol”, I get it Tucker. I’m amazed you’re still on the air. Of course we have nothing to gain from this but it isn’t being done for our us.

    In his book, “The Dispossessed Majority”, Wilmot Robertson talks about how Israel could very well bring the start to WWIII. This was written in the 70’s. Prophetic.

  2. Impeach Trumpelstein.

    Look at his neocon and ziotard appointments, look at his Israel First foreign policy. He can’t be trusted to put our interests first. He is an Israeli puppet. He must go before he starts the Big One.

    • @Heartland Separatist

      Dare we can hope for a Tucker-Gabbard ticket?

      You can, but it’s gonna be Biden and some other White male running on a traditional, mid 20th Century, Rust Belt and Cornbelt labour politics platform.

  3. With Anne Coulter as press secretary and Patrick Buchanan as chief adviser to President Tucker?

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