Bernie Sanders Calls Out Boomerism

I can see Bernie’s power level growing.

The Democratic establishment is going to have a much harder time stopping him in 2020. They can’t even fall back on superdelegates anymore like they did in 2016 to put Hillary over the top:

Great answer.

Andrew Yang, however, has a better answer:

Yang’s power level is also rapidly growing:

Unlike Bernie, Yang is pulling together an unusual coalition from all over the political spectrum. He is pulling together people of all ages, races, incomes, geographical areas and ideologies, not just the stereotypical urban lefty White Bernie Bros, which is why he will go farther. In any case, I am not taking a shot at Bernie in this post. He is far closer to my position on student loan debt than Blompf and the GOP whose solution to the problem is essentially let them eat tax cuts.

Unlike National Review, I don’t think a mere lack of name id is going to be a much of an obstacle for Yang in the long run. The composition of his crowds, the nature of his online support, the sheer number of small dollar donations, the ratio of his poll numbers to the attention he is receiving, the ongoing meme war in his favor, the position of those supporters in the middle of the electorate instead of the fringe and the fact that so many of them voted for Blompf indicate to me he is the likely nominee.

Maybe I am wrong about this though and my unusual historicist perspective is throwing me off. The mainstream media could be right as it was about the 2016 election and the Russia conspiracy hoax. The polls which now suggest it will be Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg could be right.

Note: Pocahontas has a plan to address the problem even though I could never vote for her because she wants to burn me at the stake!

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  1. Biden is good for a joke, Butt plug is wishful thinking of the media elite, Harris, Pocahontas, Booker are puppets of the message and Sanders is just unimaginative thinking. Yang is something all together different, he has a plan, he actually has people showing up at his rallies and he is dangerous to the establishment.

  2. Even pagans don’t want a rear-rammer. Pete doesn’t stand a chance.

    BTW …how and why do blue stars show up by our name sometimes? I want more blue stars!!!

  3. How about a Jew 4 Prez/Chink VP 2020 Democrat ticket, HW? Would that get your little heart pitter-pattering?

    • I believe the government is capable of mailing checks and depositing money into my account. I believe it is significantly less capable of doing other things that lots of people seem to want it to do.

      • Just keep in mind that there will be strings attached to receiving the UBI, assuming that it happens at all. The Yang government would use this money as a way to control the populace more.

        I think the real reason Yang wants the UBI is to prevent Americans from protesting in the streets. Just a way to control us more.

        • I don’t think so at all.

          My view is that Yang is a technocrat who shares the predominant view in Silicon Valley which is that automation and the application of deep learning AI to the global economy will displace millions of American workers from the labor force. The projections are that 40% to 50% of Americans will lose their jobs over the next 15 years.

          If you listen to Yang, he always returns back to the Fourth Industrial Revolution which he believes is happening. He sees nearly every issue through his belief of what the near economic future will look like. In such a scenario, the only thing you can do to smooth the transition to the new automated economy of the future is to simply give people the money. It is what is going to happen in China as the Chinese economy automates over the next 20 years. Most people can’t grasp this because they are wedded to so many assumptions about the future and so focused on issues like immigration which have dominated the last 20 years.

          The next 20 years are going to be very different than the previous 20 years. It also doesn’t matter whether Yang wins or loses. If he loses, then the same transformation is going to happen regardless. It’s just that it will be harder landing instead of a softer landing. The issue is not going to go away by ignoring it.

  4. “Unlike National Review, I don’t think a mere lack of name id is going to be a much of an obstacle for Yang in the long run.”

    National Review are a part of the old guard. They don’t understand the nature of the internet, cell phones, digital cameras, etc, which can convey information in real, or near real time and with speed and scope that even television can’t match. Certainly, radio and print media are not any better.

    They’re thinking in old fashioned terms. They assume that because Yang hasn’t been written about in newspapers, or spoken of on radio and TV, nobody’s heard of him.

    Most people get the news online, before it’s on radio and TV, and way before it’s printed. They known who Yang is. He’s all over the net.

    I quit watching News and reading papers a long time ago. I get my news online, as do most Gen Xers and younger, do.

  5. American campaign politics just like a Playboy magazine. In this month’s publication of emotional pornography we have a centerfold of Bernie Sanders calling out the Boomers. Based and Redpilled!
    After Trump I really do not give a single f about absolutely anything these professional liars and cheaters have to say.
    You may as well meme pepe on a huge US-Mexico border wall with 1000 USD in his fist, and free college in the background–it ain’t gonna happen.

  6. My prediction is that Trump will re-win the White House in 2020, because the Democrats are not running any serious status-quo centrist candidates that would attract the White vote. Indeed, they have gone out of their way to run candidates that would turn OFF the White vote and, thanks to their identity politics, they are going to alienate a lot of Non-White people in their fragile Rainbow Coalition.

    Trump has NOT been helpful to the cause of White Nationalism, although I hold many of the WN leadership partly to blame for that. David Duke endorsing him (the political kiss of death) out the box and the antics of Richard Spencer with Sig Heil Gate right after he won the election are two examples that come to mind. You can’t convince me that these men’s stupidity is a bug in the feature but isn’t by design.

    Trump HAS improved the overall financial picture for everyone even as his creepy son-in-law Jared “Damian” Kushner is busy undermining all that with his foreign worker program. Too OTHER people of color are doing too well to elect Black Power Activists even to spite Whitey.

    Yang is a long-shot in 2020 and I think he is pragmatic enough to recognize that. I suspect he really has his eye on the White House in 2024 and he is seeding the ground right now to prepare for it. Yeah, he is Taiwanese, but Taiwan once part of China and the Chinese are all about the long game.

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