Andrew Yang: The U.S. Needs a “Restrained and Judicious” Foreign Policy

You know, I really like what Yang is saying on foreign policy.

This is what Making America Great Again sounds like on that issue. It sounds like Sen. George Norris of Nebraska. As I have explained, he was the guy who built the TVA in the Tennessee Valley and gave everyone electricity here. He also had the guts to vote against World War I.

Note: He is considered one of the greatest US senators of all time. BTW, Nebraska is now represented by Ben Sasse who wrote The Vanishing American Adult.

Steve Bannon is saying China is our enemy.

Why the hell is China our enemy? Is China going around the world starting wars on behalf of Israel like these losers? The Chinese want to get rich like we do.

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  1. The Chinese are sending out some of their excess population of males to build infrastructure all over Africa and Latin America. They’re making a lot of goodwill, getting massive influence and access to valuable raw materials, and lining up more countries to join their trade partnership. Their currency is slowly moving towards being gold-based, and Russia is joining a military alliance with them. Whereas we’re still: shoring up Israel, pursuing foreign wars for kakistocracy profiteering, and doing Reaganomics. The Saudis are even talking about leaving our petrodollar, which we started with the Saudis! But Blompf says we’ve got the best economy evah!, so we’re still number one…in self-delusion and living in the past.

  2. Is Yang serious? Voting age of 16? Talk about an emotional, ‘feelings-driven’ electorate, that would be far more like cat ladies on steroids, rather than reasoned discourse! It has been clearly demonstrated (in a variety of studies, polls, election records, etc.) that, if just US women did NOT have the Vote, the government would be FAR MORE CONSERVATIVE. There is a reason for this. Women are not rational, but emotive- they can’t help it. Add to that, the utter self-centeredness of adolescent women, and gender-confused adolescent males, and you would literally DESTROY the government, faster than even Hillary would have been able to…. and she would have been voted in, with this bloc of estrogen-addled voters, never forget.

      • Then who exactly ARE you trying to persuade?
        Or are you like Trump? Your supporters don’t matter? You’ve decided Secret Asian Man is the great non-white hope and seem to have put on the blinders to any other candidate.
        Is there room on Occidental Dissent now if a true White Southern Nationalist candidate entered the race? Or would they be too “regional” for you?
        I doubt they’d have enough “mass appeal” for you to reasonably support, would they? They would be too “polarizing”, wouldn’t they, Brad?
        Can’t have that…gotta prove we’re the real progressives, not RACISTS, right?
        “See, we support Yang over evil Notzee white man!! Look how nice and sterile we are as a political force!! Now be a nice oligarchy and let us still play on your playground, mkay..?!”
        Not me, mister. And not a lot of us “commenters”…..

        • Here’s the thing:

          1.) I don’t need to convince people like you of anything. That’s not the problem.

          2.) I don’t care that Andrew Yang is Asian. Why the hell should I care about that? Blompf and all these other Republicans are White, but what the hell have they ever done for us? Yang deserves enormous credit simply for drawing the attention of everyone to how artificial intelligence is going to change our economy and displace the White working class.

          3.) I’m sitting here every day and writing about the history of the South. I’m actually more productive than I have been in years. Is that not regional?

          4.) I’ve reflected on my experience as a Southern Nationalist and I don’t believe simply waving a flag around and asserting my identity as a White Southerner is a good enough political strategy. That’s because Southern identity is currently so weakly felt in the 21st century that too few people are going to rally around the flag. We’ve got to change that first.

          5.) I’m not a progressive. I’m a White populist and nationalist and have been so for the last 15 years. It’s true, however, that there are Southern progressives and there is nothing wrong with that.

          6.) I support Andrew Yang because I like his ideas. I’m also not a political retard. Why on earth should I support Blompf? Is it because of all the things he has done for me? Does he share my identity? Does he share my values? Does he care about people like me? Is Blompf going to give everyone in my community $1,000 a month or rebuild or infrastructure or unscrew all the Millennials who are burdened by student loan debt and who for that reason are unable to form stable families?

          7.) That’s fine with me. I don’t care because you aren’t the one who needs to be persuaded of anything. It is people who don’t share our beliefs and values who need to be persuaded to reason and bargain with people like us.

      • You are STERILIZING Southern Nationalism by your misleading support for Chairman Yang.
        Someone needs to take your place.

        • And..AS USUAL, my comment will be dead-ended, UNANSWERED and without response from you. I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t some cul-de-sac for political dissidents like myself.
          is this site even real or is it a politically correct mouse trap? Awful suspicious…

          • Yes, let me tell you … I AM POLITICALLY CORRECT.

            LMFAO. You are free to tell me in the comments how because Andrew Yang is an Asian that what he is saying about artificial intelligence and automation isn’t true or that he doesn’t have some good ideas. I’m also free to disagree with you. I have begun to study the issue and unlike you I have gotten past the fact that Yang is Taiwanese to explore what he is saying.

            Why on earth should I care that he is Asian? I sit here at my house and read the news from dozens of sources every day. I watch the news on television. I sit here and read and review books and have done so for nearly 20 years.

        • How so?

          Is there a better strategy to advance our goals? If so, I am all ears. I think putting a financial floor of $1,000 a month underneath everyone who gets doxxed or who is afraid of losing their job is a great idea. That’s really the tip of the iceberg. I think Yang has all sorts of great ideas which we ought to adopt as our own anyway even if he loses.

          • So why can’t one of our own rise to the challenge? Surely we espouse many of the same positions Yang has spoken about already,( WITHOUT all the globalist accessories like his stance on gun-control!!!) I’ll tell you why…
            Because if it comes out of a White Southern Man’s mouth, it is automatically “wrong”..
            Can you imagine a White Nationalist candidate saying the same things Yang is saying?
            They’d be accused ofall sorts of racist positioning. The “UBI” would be racist along with all the other “great ideas”..
            Does it take Andrew Yang to represent us…really?
            I DO CARE that he is Asian. There ARE racial differences, ESPECIALLY when it comes to national leadership and its implementation.
            I was one of the citizenry that NEVER liked the idea of Trump taking us to the promised land.
            I said, and have been proven RIGHT, that he was and is a trojan horse.
            If a damn yankee couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver, what makes you think going even farther away from our own demographic is going to do for us?
            Prove we have noone from our own ranks fit to lead?
            I don’t believe that.

          • 1.) I don’t know take it up with them.

            I’m not a politician. I am simply using my talents as a blogger.

            2.) Yang isn’t even president. It is April 2019.

            3.) Huey Long said many of the same things that Yang is saying like Universal Basic Income.

            4.) Does it really matter if Yang is Asian? If so, why? I would rather vote for an Asian man who wants to give the White working class $1,000 a month than a cuckservative who wants to give that money to Israel.

            5.) What are the racial differences? Yang is obviously intelligent, well educated and has sympathy for working class people. Can we say the same about Blompf? Does Blompf strike you as smart or educated or competent?

            6.) Yes, but the difference in 2020 is that it doesn’t matter whether Yang wins or loses. It doesn’t matter because NO ONE can stop artificial intelligence, robotics and automation from pulverizing the working class in the United States. It’s like saying you can stop electricity or railroads or the computer. The only real question is whether we are going to adapt to this new reality in 2020 or whether we are going to adapt to it further down the road.

            7.) If someone wants to run for office, go for it. Why the hell not? It is better than what we are mostly doing now which is sitting around all day and being mad on social media sites like Facebook.

      • And just so ye know, I’m not against dealings with China or any other nation( except for Israel),…as long as we have one of our OWN as a leader and negotiate trade or any other issues from a position of common practical sense and strength.
        I do NOT want one of their own ethnicity as our leader, no matter HOW well-intentioned, and I want a NATION of my own kinsmen where that is not even a possibility.
        It WILL BE a reality at some point in the future.

  3. Steve Bannon is saying China is our enemy.
    Why is the hell is China our enemy?

    Because somebody has to take the place of the extinct Soviet Union(K). How else could they update the Cold War for the 21st Century?
    Nobody would believe that the Kaiser has come back from the dead to threaten the English Speaking Union’s commercial supremacy. Which, except for the declining U.S., no longer exists.

    Besides, their education was in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They were trained to confront a Communist block that could only, as theory went, be broken by nuclear weapons, and would last until the big, world ending war.

    They didn’t read Toffler and they weren’t trained for the realities of the 21st Century. Every other advanced nation has recognised it, and taken appropriate actions to meet the new reality.

  4. We need a 21st Century policy that recognises the fact that money, influence and information are more powerful than bullets, bombs and gunboats. We also need to disassociate ourselves from the Jews.

    We also need statesmen who understand that it’s not whose army that wins, that matters, it’s whose narrative that wins, that matters.

    As Toffler points out in his final book, War and Anti-War, you can effectively destroy a country by manipulating money, symbols and information. More effectively than if you had bombed it.

    Which is exactly what the BRICS countries are doing to USZOG by dropping the petrodollar. It’s what Hong Kong has done to BRITZOG, by getting the East Asian countries to remove their gold from the Bank of England in London, and put it in the Bank of Hong Kong.

    John Bolton and his old fashioned ideas, as well as the new aircraft carriers, are useless.

    What are they going to do? Bomb the Bank of Hong Kong? The Trans-Siberian Railroad? Rio? A BMW factory in Germany, or a steel mill in Japan?

    A Russian Consortium bought Versatile, a Canadian farm machinery company.
    Don combines are now sold in North America under the Versatile brand. They’re already working in the U.S. wheat belt. Their new rotating concaves make them more than competitive with U.S. Brands.

    What are we gonna do? Have John Bolton Bomb St. Petersburg? Put sanctions on Russia? Invade Canada?

  5. My dad and his G.I. buddies were born in, or before 1930. They’re all passed away, or passing away now.

    When the Berlin Wall came down, they thought it was a Soviet trick. When that proved not to be the case, they thought that Russia would continue on with the Soviet Union’s foreign policy. And that the Cold War would continue, with the Russians simply changing their flag.

    When it became obvious that NATO was redundant, they insisted that we needed to keep it around, “just in case.”

    They couldn’t let go of the Cold War, or the past. Some of them were old enough, that they feared the resurgence of Hitler, and were haunted by his ghost.

    John Bolton, Joe Biden, and all the rest, were the younger brothers of my dad’s generation. They were born in, and grew up in the shadow of WWII.

    They can’t let go of the 20th Century, or live in the 21st.

  6. I loved Yang until I heard this interview. A Value Added Tax????? What the frick? There are so so so many other taxes (like a financial transactions tax) that would do the trick without introducing VAT to the United States. Yang? A VAT is NOT the way to go.

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