A Wrathful God: Notre Dame Cathedral Burns To The Ground During Holy Week

This is a blow that hurts whether you’re a Catholic, a Sedevacantist, a Protestant of any type, or someone who just doesn’t adhere to religious faith altogether.

Something that has stood through the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, both World Wars (including indiscriminate Allied bombing), and the beginnings of a new Islamic conquest has fallen today – through something an insurance claim would call “an act of God.”

Daily Mail:

French fire chiefs have warned the devastating inferno which ravaged the world-famous Notre Dame cathedral this evening evening ‘cannot be stopped’.

An official in the French interior ministry said saving the building ‘is not certain’ after the spire and part of the roof collapsed earlier this evening – adding that it may not be possible to stop the blaze consuming yet more of the structure.

A spokesman for the cathedral said the entire wooden frame of the cathedral would likely come down, and that the vault of the edifice could be threatened too.

‘Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame,’ Notre Dame spokesman Andre Finot said. The 12th-century cathedral is home to incalculable works of art and is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

Photos showed huge plumes of smoke billowing into the city’s skyline and flames engulfing large sections of the historic building as firefighters struggled to contain the inferno.

According to French newspaper Le Monde, the fire broke out in the attic of the monument before spreading across the roof.

Officials in Paris said the fire could be linked to restoration works as the peak of the church is currently undergoing a 6 million-euro ($6.8 million) renovation project.

A spokesperson for the cathedral said the blaze was first reported at 5.50pm (GMT) and the building was evacuated soon after.

Police said no deaths have been reported although officials did not comment on injuries.

Just a disclaimer for everyone:

I’m a former Catholic, was raised Catholic all through my Confirmation, and still hold sympathy with the Church and the impact it has had on European Civilization for the best part of two thousand years.

I’ve said (and will continue to say) harsh words towards modern Catholicism, but let everyone who is still practicing know that it comes out of a desire to save what has endured through the centuries, and not out of a nihilistic fedora-wearing temper tantrum – I do the same with modern Protestantism.

That being said, I can’t help but wonder if out there in a time and place beyond man’s comprehension, God Himself is looking down upon those created in His image, and struggling to contain His rage.

What took our ancestors well over one hundred years to construct in honor of God is now lost forever – I’ll put the odds of rebuilding at about 1-10%.

It really makes you think if this tragedy symbolizes the destruction of religion itself in the West – suppressed, infiltrated, and watered down into a mockery of its original.

A mockery so awful and cartoon-like that millions have begun to abandon the faith of their forefathers in despair.

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  1. I don’t value that cathedral for its religious qualities but rather as a symbol of Western Civilization itself, of what White culture is capable of achieving. This is truly a terrible day.

    • Yes, I have ditched religion, but this structure was a beautiful thing produced by Western Civilization. The French aren’t very Catholic anymore, but they are crying now. This is completely symbolic of what is happening to our society.

      • Thank you for noting that the Wrath of God still is an active and punitive force for the sins of the ‘eldest daughter of the Church,’ now that the ‘Church’ is under the thumb of a godless antipope.

        I am Catholic- but I am no longer Roman. Nevertheless, this IS a judgment of God.
        May the French people arise and throw off the Moslem Yoke, and the Jewish overlords that burden them.

    • That is something understandable.

      One of the greatest monuments ever constructed by White Men, and something that filled even the most impoverished peasant with pride throughout the centuries.

  2. The destruction of such an icon of Western Civilization is a horrific tragedy but so apropos to our time. Truly this could be considered an omen.

    So what are the odds that a mosque is built on top of where Notre Dame Cathedral once stood?

    How will the Rothschilds’ marionette Macron lay the blame on the anti-globalist and nationalist Yellow Vest movement?

  3. I appreciate the article and the sentiments expressed. Probably the only non-Catholics who are truly upset by this are you white nationalist-some of you anyway. Politicians will just pretend. And their acting skills are bad.

    So it was either arson of as the article said—-the wrath of God who is tired of the degeneracy that abounds.

    Christina Romana

    • “You white nationalist”

      So you don’t consider yourself as such? Or go by a different term? Or just here to learn?

      • Powell,

        No, I am not a white nationalist. That is a WASP movement. I am probably a W but not the rest. White nationalists are the only major group against the evil American system that I am aware of. Other groups against the system and their ideas would make things worse. You people are against degeneracy and unjust wars and that means alot to me. Also, depending on how far you carry it your race views warrant consideration. Your enemies fear you. They have congressional hearings on you and they monitor everything you do. That means you are doing something important.

        I have sympathy for the anglo/nordic types of the USA but since I am not one of you there is only so much support I can extend you. Also, many statements made in the past and present on this website are repulsive to me. Some white nationalists are in the same moral category as your enemies. To me and every Mexican or Mexican -American that I have talked to about your cause means that you would try to destroy and kick out non-anglo types from America even citizens. Non-citizens I understand but you would do citizens as well otherwise you will be ultimately swamped by the higher birth rates of other groups.

        Your enemies however as a group seem worse than WN’s and they are ultimately a threat to all of humanity. Their wars and pushing hard against Russia and China and trying to control the world is like something out of a James Bond movie.

        If you reply I will get back to you tomorrow. I have to go to be since it is a school night.

        Christina Romana

  4. The Pope’s humiliating feet kissing of African Muslim men did not save this cathedral, and it will not save the other ones either. When Christianity turned anti-white, it signed its own death warrant. Good riddance to anti-whites! Burn in Hell traitors!

    • Isn’t he the black who was saying that Western Europe has to stop letting invaders in, or it will perish? He’d be better than what is in there now. Maybe these idiot whites need to hear it from someone else.

      • I remember hearing the same about (((Trump)))’s anti-immigration talk, which predictably turned out to be BS.

        A White Nationalist does not accept non-White rule. PERIOD.

        We’ll sell all our White anti-Whites to the coloreds as they leave.

      • Catholics are wordists, which means don’t want to keep the wrong races out of Europe, they want to keep the wrong IDEAS out.

        Some how these geniuses are going to let the entire 3rd world into Europe, except those with the wrong ideas. Have they invented a magical brain scanner that detects bad think?

        If this Black Pope cared about Europeans, he would set a good example and GET OUT.

        • Even the Dali Lama is more a honorary White European Nationalist than all the bought and paid for whores heading the governments in Western and Northern Europe.

          “Europe is for the Europeans.” – Dali Lama

  5. http://deicidedeniers.com/how_jews_changed_catholic_thinking.htm
    How The Jews Changed Catholic Thinking
    By Joseph Roddy, Look Senior Editor
    from LOOK Magazine, January 25, 1966, Volume 30, No. 2
    Malachi Martin was really a Jew. That is a FACT although denied. He was their agent at Vatican II

    Catholic Sedevacantism is the only version that allows Catholics to keep their communal race provided that can be done humanely (which it always can).

    But Christianity is gone. Jesus WARNED us about the Jews. As did the Epistles.
    Jesus would support OD, seriously. He WAS that GOOD. Churchianity as displayed with the Pope kissing black Muslims feet last week, THAT is an abomination.

    Our ancestral religion of what is known as Hinduism was UPFRONT racial and patriarchal.

    Marcus I believe the answer to the fate Whites are facing has been staring us in the face for quite a while now.
    I think an Aryan version of Islam, Muhammad was white guy after all, is the only antidote strong enough to revitalize Western man’s fighting spirit.

    What is needed is a warrior-saint archetype, not a Jewish hippie, which is what Churchianity is selling to whitey today.

    • Sort of on topic:

      They say that the Islamic Renaissance and their retention of Classical teaching was only because of their elites mingling with White subject peoples.

      In Spain, especially, the rulers became so Westernized that they would dye their hair black to appear more “Arab.”

    • I sure wouldn’t go around claiming Mohammed was white. There’s no evidence for that, and his teachings are just a more invasive form of Judaism.

  6. I am not a Catholic. Half of my family are Catholics. I was baptized a Methodist. I still have an enormous sentimental affection for Christianity. Every-one here understands, however, that White People made Christianity great. NOT the other way ’round.

    I saw the news reports, and felt a great, visceral pull, a yanking, a metaphysical gutting when I watched the Spire of that MAGNIFICENT structure fall. I lament not the ideology, embodied in that spire, falling and crashing to the ground. I mourn the GREATNESS of our Folk, the nameless men that created that beautiful, astonishingly, breathtakingly beautiful work of ART.

    I don’t mourn the ideology being consumed in flames though. Christian symbolism and metaphors are Semitic theft of OUR True Gods. OUR faith systems. Our Aryan Souls. The Christ is merely a dust covered echo of Balder. All I think of, when I hear our brother and sisters lamenting the death of Christianity, is what we’ve lost, what’s bene taken from us, centuries before this spiritual enslavement was fobbed off on us. OUT traditions are infinitely stronger, more beautiful and HEALTHIER than anything this cult of self abasement and self abnegation has ever offered us. To those us you who will deny my words – behold the scorched worlds we once called out own. The Jews have wreaked their Holocaust on US. You know it. You see it every day.

    I know those of you that still practice what’s left of Christianity feel fear and loss. Children wandering alone in the night. When someone like me speaks of our Long Lost Traditions – you can’t even imagine what that means. To you it’s like picking up shards of glass, dirty and broken and meaningless. But look deep, deep, deep within your soul. Your deepest Self. Learn what knowledge has been recovered. DNA has MEMORY. You begin to understand. You’ll begin to feel at home. We can build whatever has been torn down. We can build better than anything that’s been before. Set your Self free. Be what WE are.

  7. Honestly I was a little perturbed that the first response was to accuse Islamic terrorists for the burning of Notre Dame.. That is not to deny such a reality doesn’t exist but with the United States and indeed the entire world we should not automatically ascribe to malevolence what is plainly incompetence! Here is a good analogy of modern America. I texted a friend that Notre Dame was burning and he texted back that he did not care because he doesn’t follow football!!!!

  8. YHWH punishes those who turn their back on him! Real Christians know this and this is why I’m PROUD my ancestors come from the based Orthodox parts of Europe. Not the anti-Christian West.

    Orthodoxy is the true church.

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