Pete Buttplug Rapidly Becoming Darling Among Conservatives

Wouldn’t it just be great if 2020 finally at long last spelled the end for Conservatism once and for all?

As in, imagine a foreign policy that wasn’t an extension of Bibi’s Likud situation room.

Imagine a chance for Christianity to recover from the watered down, heretical, consumerist mess that it has become.

Imagine an economic agenda that would cater to those outside of the top 10% sphere of corporate hacks, desk parasites, and money changers.

And imagine political pundits that actually analyzed events instead of praising candidates just because of their love of anal sex with men.


He’s called the “Green New Deal” a “sound framework” for confronting climate change. He’s called for abolishing the Electoral College and has endorsed the idea of single-payer health care. And he’s openly gay.

But Pete Buttigieg is getting rare praise from some unlikely voices — conservatives.

Right-leaning pundits and politicians have taken notice of Buttigieg’s rising popularity, an ascent that began in early March after the South Bend mayor’s widely heralded CNN town hall performance, which garnered a sprinkling of compliments from Republicans. In the time since, a number of conservatives have shown a growing interest in Buttigieg and at times offered positive remarks about the Democratic presidential candidate, a treatment quite the opposite of what most of the mayor’s primary challengers are receiving from the GOP.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called Buttigieg “nice and refreshing” for his willingness to engage with those on the other side of the aisle.

New York Times columnist David Brooks described Buttigieg as “smart, modest and self-effacing,” portraying the 37-year-old gay millennial veteran with degrees from Harvard and Oxford as a deft politician with a unique background who could surprise people.

Newt Gingrich, former GOP speaker of the House, said Republicans should start paying attention to the mayor, who “may be the unknown outsider who grows into authenticity.” An op-ed in Commentary magazine celebrated the so-called libertarian ideals Buttigieg brings to the race.

Even talk show host Rush Limbaugh, an avid Trump supporter, said after watching Buttigieg’s town hall that he saw “no radicalism” in the “personable” candidate, whom he said would “make mincemeat” out of his primary challengers in a debate.

It should be noted that while Republicans have been steadily retreating for years on the homosexual front, it was 2016 that finally saw the walls crash down without any hope of repair.

It was the Trump Campaign that saw pandering to homosexuals on a scale never before seen, and it was the Trump Campaign that allowed an especially-depraved Jewish homosexual to linger on the fringes for God knows what reason.

There is no pandering, however, to those in the socially conservative and economically liberal portion of the electorate that see the bedroom behavior of Buttigieg as anything from tiresome to downright nauseating, and who would just love for all of this to just disappear one fine day.

We want results and change for those suffering – not praise and coddling of those suffering from a hormonal disorder limited to a small subsection of the population.

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  1. Recucks are praising someone that wants to destroy the electoral college, increase the number of judges on the supreme court, and thinks the anus is a sex organ? First the cucks made a play for the (((special people))), and now they’re dropping trou for the votes of the fabulous people? WTF?

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