Good Movies: Equilibrium

I highly recommend watching this movie.

It is the story of one guy, Tetragrammaton Cleric John Preston, who stops taking his meds in a stultifying conformist society. Ignore the action flick parts.

Note: I borrowed the pseudonym Prozium from this movie back in 2008. It just occurred to me that this wasn’t an ordinary action flick but was like a sly commentary on our world. I recommend resting on Sunday and just watching a movie and this is a very good one.

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  1. HW, Since you’re familiar with the whole Star Trek universe, you know that humans without emotions are basically Vulcans minus the logic.

    • Good point.

      As I watch the political debate unfold on Twitter, it has occurred to me that I can reach other people who don’t share our point of view by talking them in a language they understand. With very brainy people, it is Star Trek.

  2. Brainy people? Puhleeze. Star Trek is the UN in space. Besides, Trekkies are the lowest form of nerds. Get a life, basement dwellers! Even Captain Kirk wants you to move on.

  3. Best movie I’ve seen recently was “Game Night.” Very funny, very silly comedy with a solid pro-family message. Similar vein to Idiocracy (another great comedy), but without the miscegenation.

  4. Star trek is laughable.
    I love Saul & Ethel, A Holocaust Love Story. It’s the true riveting story of a Jewish couple able to find love and hope amid the Holocaust.
    Facing the gas chambers and Mengele yet still able to love and daring to hope.

  5. FYI

    It is a great movie but just know Equilibrium was written to specifically target Christianity with a common stereotype of Christians. The movie projects the conception of a “Christian society” who stamp out all forms of entertainment, expression, individual thought, etc.

    It’s a satire that stereotypes Christians as “spoiling” the fun of a a hedonistic society. If someone wants to be homosexual for example, we stoic Christians destroy them.

    I personally love this stoic characteristic. I call it resolve. We are grounded in scriptures and are resolved to proclaim truth, even if it takes radicalism.

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